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Welcome! Nick Ellis Director, CERN Schools of Physics.

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1 Welcome! Nick Ellis Director, CERN Schools of Physics

2 Welcome also from the hotel! Freddy Brémaud – Director of the Jardins de lAnjou Note that you are very welcome to ask the hotel reception for help and advice on general and practical matters

3 Organizing Committee members (those present at School today) Philippe Crochet (Member, Local Committee) Jean-Baptiste de Vivie (Member, Local Committee) Tatyana Donskova (Administrator, JINR) Nick Ellis (Director, CERN Schools of Physics) Helene Haller (Administrator, CERN Schools of Physics) Sophie Henrot-Versillé (Chair, Local Committee) Martijn Mulders (Deputy Director, CERN Schools of Physics)

4 Programme for today 09h00 Welcome 09h15 Lecture – Cosmology, Pierre Binetruy 10h45 Coffee break – served in entrance of restaurant 11h00 Lecture – Introduction to the EW Standard Model, Jean Iliopoulos 12h30 Lunch – served in restaurant Free time [see later for available activities] 15h30 Coffee break – served in entrance of restaurant 16h00 Lecture – Practical Statistics for Particle Physicists, Harrison Prosper 17h30 Discussion session 19h00 Welcome drink – served in entrance of restaurant – Offered by the commune of La Pommeraye – We will be joined by the mayor of the commune and his deputy 19h30 Dinner – served in restaurant Bar (near hotel reception) will be open after dinner

5 Lectures Lectures last 1h15, plus some time for questions – Please dont be shy to ask questions, even if they seem basic! – Handouts before each lecture Insofar as possible Make notes on your handouts

6 Discussion Groups Six discussions groups A-F – Each student is assigned to a group Letter on back of your badge tells you which one List will also be posted outside of the auditorium together with map of rooms – Discussion Leader stays with the same group for the full two weeks – Lecturers are invited to visit the groups Help answer detailed questions on their courses – Discussion sessions should be driven by questions from the students Please make note of points that you did not understand in the lectures or other questions that you might have Make use of the lecture hand-outs in preparing your questions

7 Discussion Leaders Discussion Groups (list also posted outside auditorium) – Group A: Andrej Arbuzov, JINR – Group B: Jean-Baptiste de Vivie de Régie, LAL Orsay, France – Group C: Alexey Gladyshev, JINR – Group D: Gregory Moreau, LPT, Orsay Univ, France – Group E: Maurizio Pierini, CERN – Group F: Jan Winter, CERN I would like to meet the discussion leaders after lunch to explain a few points – Meet in the auditorium at 14h00

8 Organization Secretariat – Helene Haller (CERN) and Tatyana Donskova (JINR) – Please come and talk to them in case of questions or problems or requests They will do their best to help – Our secretariat is up the stairs from the auditorium Go all the way to the top of the building Notices – Check notice board outside of auditorium We will put up a note if we need to talk to you

9 Internet Free wireless internet – In public areas of the complex Including hotel reception, bar, restaurant, auditorium, etc Also works in some of the bedrooms – No password needed Only to be used outside of lectures and discussion sessions! Given the large number of participants we ask you to show restraint in your use of bandwidth! – Avoid uploading and downloading big files, especially at peak times – Consider Skype with audio only rather than video calls – Etc At present there is a temporary problem…. – We are paying to have Internet with 10 Mbps in both directions, however… The ISP wrongly installed only 2 Mbps! – Thankfully we identified the problem already yesterday morning and a partial solution is already in place (8 Mbps download, 1 Mbps+ upload) – We have been told that the correct bandwidth should implemented on Friday morning – In the meantime, please show restraint and avoid uploading big files, especially at peak times! Even with the full bandwidth, dont expect miracles – show restraint and solidarity!

10 Please! Lectures and discussion sessions – Attendance is compulsory – Arrive on time – No laptop computers – No phones or other electronic devices

11 Lunch and dinner Buffet service – Two self-service points Parallel processing! Dont all wait in the first line You can go back and get more food later – People who indicated special diets in the questionnaire should contact Helen Haller if they dont know the arrangements In some cases the choice of dishes in the buffet may already cover their needs Drinks included with meals – Lunch – one soft drink per person + coffee – Dinner – one soft drink or a beer or a glass of wine per person + coffee Bar – You must pay in cash – no charges on your rooms!

12 Sports, leisure, practical issues (see also the handout you were given yesterday) Sports and leisure facilities include – Table tennis (rackets can be borrowed from the reception) – Tennis and Badminton – Very big indoor sports hall (basketball, handball, etc) – Small indoor swimming pool Need swimwear, your own towel and a swimming cap (cap can be bought for 1 Euro from reception) Football using the towns facilities – Check the timetable of activities that you were given yesterday Laundry – there are machines that you can use – see hotel reception – For the washing: 3.7 Euros per load + 1 Euro for the washing powder – For the drying: 2.5 Euros per load Available in the centre of La Pommeraye (about 10 minutes walk) – A bank and ATM (cash machine), pharmacy, bakery in front of the church, etc There is also a « superU » (small supermarket) @ 1 km (beyond La Pommeraye)

13 Practical Announcements (not in handout!) Please keep safe the invitation that was given to you yesterday in the welcome pack – You must bring it with you on the ½ day excursion on Saturday afternoon Otherwise you will miss the Welcome Drink offered by the Mayor of Angers and the city council!

14 Enjoy the School!

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