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Space Query and Extract System

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1 Space Query and Extract System
SpaceQry Space Query and Extract System Steve Boswell Space Administrative Software Division

2 Acronyms & Terminology
FMS : Frequency Management System SNS : Space Network System SRS : Space Radiocommunication Stations SWIC : Space Weekly International Circular IFIC : International Frequency Info Circular NSL : Network / Station List GIMS : Graphical Interference Management System GIBC : Graphical Interface to Batch Calculations IDWM : ITU Digitized World Map E E E

3 Space Software Suite SpaceVal SpaceQry Capture NSL IFIC Ap7Cap
Exported html & ascii text SpaceVal SpaceQry Capture Exported tables NSL IFIC Ap7Cap SPS (MSPACEg) SRS SpaceCap GIMS GIBC (App7 / Tex) SPS SpaceCom GIMS DB SpacePub Draft CR/D export GXT Local DB ESCC IFIC TSUM

4 What is SpaceQry? The BR’s Space Data and Publication Circular Query and Extract System, known as SpaceQry, is a software package that supplies both the BR’s internal and external users with a tool that accesses and queries all BR formatted Space Databases.

5 What does SpaceQry do? Reads Electronic Space Circular Publications
Queries the SRS/SPS/SNS databases Creates Subset Databases (Space Network / Earth Station Lists) Updates SRS/NSLs from Space IFIC data Maintains a “query database”

6 What can SpaceQry Query?
SRS/SPS/SNS/NSL Databases Electronic Space IFIC Publications Show only data relative to Publication (IFIC filter on) Show all data for networks (IFIC filter off) SpaceCap Output (Capture databases) SNS-Online Download Databases

7 Types of Queries Standard Perusal Queries
Frequency Overlap / Slot Queries Predefined “Quick” Queries AdHoc SQL Queries

8 Standard Queries Intended for perusing the data
Standard query criteria: Notification Reason Administration, Organization, Country Satellite / Earth station type Satellite / Earth Station names Orbital position / geographical location Publication number & part

9 Frequency Overlap Queries
What networks overlap a given frequency band? What networks operate within a freq. band (slot)? Overlap/Slot query criteria: All criteria available to Standard queries Multiple frequency bands Beam type (receiving / transmitting) Group-level publication numbers BR (examination) findings values Date of receipt / date of protection

10 Frequency Overlap Queries (cont.)
Overlap query results displayed as… List of Networks with overlapping frequencies List of Networks with a sample overlapping frequency List of Groups with overlapping frequencies List of all overlapping frequencies Overlap query results printed as a report Overlap query results exported as… Fixed-length, delimited, or HTML text files Network / Station List MS-Access database tables MS-Excel spreadsheet

11 “Quick” Queries “Quick” or “easy” = minimal info required
Display specific information about a network Examples: List frequencies by emission/reception, beam List BR findings for all frequency groups List Special Section publications for all groups List unique frequency bands and the beams in which they appear

12 Ad Hoc SQL Queries Allow you to design your own queries
Allow you to modify generated queries Supply aids for query design “select” statement templates database table and field lists NB: Require a basic knowledge of the SQL “Select” statement syntax & SRS database Structure

13 Ad Hoc SQL Queries (cont.)
Supplement SpaceQry’s pre-defined queries When to use Adhoc Queries: need to specify additional criteria additional sorting order required specific result required

14 Using the Queried Data... Produce query-extraction databases (NSLs)
Update NSLs from Space Circular Publications Update SRS from Space Circular Publications Produce paper report (per network) Export subsets of the data to ASCII & HTML files Export results of queries to MS-Access tables Export results of queries to MS-Excel spreadsheets Display related Graphical data Display network structure diagram

15 SpaceQry: Other Features
Direct link to GIMS for graphics Direct link to Space Publication system Access to BR space data on any (?) ODBC32 database platform

16 Current Version Version 6.1 for Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP and Vista
Reads MS-Access databases Reads Ingres and SQLServer databases Interfaces with GIMS (gimapi32.dll) Interfaces with SpacePub Interfaces with SRSConvert Interfaces with SpaceCap (RES49 capture wizard) Interfaces with SpaceVal (validation report)

17 SpaceQry in the Software Suite
(Val. Report) Exported html & ascii text SpaceVal Capture SpaceQry Exported tables NSL (RS49) (updated) IFIC lists & images Ap7Cap SRS GIBC SpaceCap GIMS SPS (MSPACEg) SPS GIMS DB SpacePub IFIC TSUM export GXT Local DB >

18 Space International Frequency Information Circulars
SpaceQry Home Page (1) Space International Frequency Information Circulars Space Radiocommunication Stations on DVD-ROM version 6.1 enhancements software download SpaceQry updates SpaceQry Query Guide

19 SpaceQry Software Download
Installation image File SpaceQrySetup.exe …currently no updates to SpaceQry version 6.1

20 SpaceQry documentation
SpaceQry Home Page (2) SpaceQry documentation

21 SpaceQry Documentation Page
What’s New in version 6.1? New61.pdf SpaceQry Query Guide SQryGuide.pdf SpaceQry presentation (BR Seminar) SpaceQry2008.ppt SRS database (v6) description srs-dbv6.doc BR Preface to the IFIC & SRS-DVD preface_e.pdf

22 SpaceQry Web Page

23 SpaceQry Demonstration...

24 Acronyms & Abbreviations: for BR Space Software Presentations (1)
AP30 - Appendix (of RR: Broadcasting Satellite Services Plan) AP30A - Appendix 30A (of RR: Broadcasting Satellite Services Plan) AP30B - Appendix 30B (of RR: Fixed Satellite Services Plan) AP4 - Appendix 4 (of RR: characteristics of data and their use for SRS) ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange BR - Bureau des Radiocommunications (Radiocommunication Bureau) BSS - Broadcasting Satellite Services CR... - Radiocommunication Circular ... (circular letter number …) CSV - Comma-Separated Values file (spreadsheet import/export format) EIRP - Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power FMS - Frequency Management System FSS - Fixed Satellite Services GIBC - Graphical Interface to Batch Calculations GIMS - Graphical Interference Management System GXT - Graphical Exchange Text format (GIMS) IDWM - ITU Digitized World Map

25 Acronyms & Abbreviations: for BR Space Software Presentations (2)
IFIC - International Frequency Information Circular IFL - International Frequency List MIFR - Master International Frequency Register NSL - Network/Station List ODBC - Open Database Connectivity PFD - Power Flux Density PDF - Portable Document Format (Acrobat file format) PXT - Planning Exercise Team (special PFD calculations for BSS) RDD - Radiocommunication Data Dictionary (Study Group I) RR... - Radio Regulation ... SNL - Space Network List SNS - Space Network System SQL - Structured Query Language (for querying databases) SRS - Space Radiocommunications Stations database TSUM - Transaction Summary Report WIC - Weekly International Circular

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