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Social service activities Usha Martin School, Dankuni.

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1 Social service activities Usha Martin School, Dankuni

2 In Usha Martin School Dankuni, we students have taken initiative in conducting different types of Social Service activities to help the lesser fortunate section of our society. We feel proud and honoured that for last three years we students of Usha Martin are attached with HelpAge India. HelpAge India is a secular, non- profitable organization registered under the Societies' Registration Act of 1860 was set up in 1978, and since then have been raising resources to protect the rights of India's elderly and provide relief to them through various interventions. This year also we have collected fund for them and donated them.

3 We the students of Class VII took the initiative to collect fund for the Homeless Kashmiri Refugees of India, who left their homeland and migrated to various parts of the country due to militant insurgency. We collected fund from students, neighbours in our neighbourhood and also from our teachers.

4 On 5th August 2013 we students of Class V have done a campaign to save fuel. We went to the fuel refilling centre at Gobra, West Bengal to educate people about the importance of saving fuel, the future consequences in the absence of it and appealed to them to save it.

5 On 5th August 2013 we students of Class I have done a door to door awareness campaign at the Bhushan Steel complex, Dankuni, West Bengal. We went door to door and urged all people to save trees, not to waste paper and not to use plastic.

6 We the students of Class IV have visited the LAL BABA Ashram, Bally West Bengal to distribute fruits to the orphans there.

7 We, students of Class V and VI distributed raincoats and umbrellas to the under privileged children in our locality. We distributed our old books to enrich our school library and also to the lesser privileged schools nearby.

8 We, students of class IV and V went to Kalyan Ashram, in Chetla, West Bengal, an old age home, on Independence Day to spend time with the elderly Indians.

9 We, students of Class VI and VII teach English to the caregivers of our school once a week, to help improve their level of confidence and their communication skills.

10 We also celebrate the Caregivers Day, to express our gratitude towards them, every year, and distribute gifts to them.

11 We, the students of class V went to Cheshire Home (Shrirampur, Hooghly in West Bengal), an abode run by the Christian Missionary sisters, for the aged and the mentally and physically challenged. We had a rare experience by sharing our thoughts and feelings with them and also distributed handmade cards, gifts, food items as a tokens of love from our School.

12 Our cherished moments with the sisters and inmates of Cheshire House. We pledged to be with them with all our love and support.


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