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Evaluating the online questionnaire

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1 Evaluating the online questionnaire
Students’ part

2 What foreign languages are included in your subjects at school?

3 Do you consider it important to know one or two foreign languages?
„Yes of course, I think it is very important. I think learning English is especially important so you can communicate with people from all over the world and that you can educate yourself with news in English and books that are only available in English.” „Of course, nowadays it is almost essential if one wants to work/study abroad. The knowledge of a foreign language might be important at some Hungarian entreprises as well which has connections abroad. We can take part in programmes like Comenius/Erasmus and get acquainted with other foreign students.” „Yes, because I think that it opens many doors in future, like better jobs or self-confidence in social life.”

4 Are you able to practise one of these foreign languages outside school context in a passive way?

5 Are you able to practise one of these foreign languages outside school context in an active way?

6 Can you give an idea of your level in this language?

7 Do you sometimes have contacts with foreigners who speak another language?

8 Were you involved in this project from the start?

9 Do you feel this project is useful for you?
„Yes, as it is a pleasant way to meet foreigners and make friends, visit interesting places on Earth and be informed about the issue of the project.” „Yes, because I got to know other cultures and obtain more friends while I was forced to use my English knowledge so it was a great practice and challenge.” „Yes I think this project is useful for me. I got to travel to a country I have never been before and learn about new ways of other cultures. That is very important to me because I think you can learn a lot from traveling and I think it widens your mind and views. I also am a proud feminist and to work with people towards equal rights was very rewarding.”

10 Did you accept responsibilities for part of the project activities?
„Yes. It's a matter of will and participants, like me, accepted duties they chose themselves.” „Yes, I accept responsibilities because the object of this project is not only do "vacations" and spend beautiful times with new friends. Everybody on this project should have equal obligations with the others because when you want be equal with the other you should be fair too.” „I accepted all the responsibilities. I was the leader of our group, so I had a lot of extra work, out of my school hours. „

11 Did you do extra work (outside school hours) for the project?

12 Are you proud of being a member of the team?
„Yes, always glad to be a part of something specially something like this that involves so many people from all over Europe.” „Yes!! I love the people I got to know and I am happy to have these new contacts.” „Yes, because it's a great project that's combining students from all over Europe and reducing prejudice.” „Yes, because I'm sure, that even if we've got many problems, we faced them together and found it successful.”

13 In what way do you cooperate in decision making in your local community (what area, how)?
„I do not make decisions.” „We are asked about our opinion in connection with certain topics.” „In my workplace and at home, I'm just treated as an adult so I get to be a part of it.” „I can vote in my district.”

14 Do you plan to be more involved in decision making at local level in the future?

15 Compare the participative structure and the teacher-pupil relationship in your school with those in your partner schools „It is quite obvious that our teacher-pupil relationship is way different than in the other countries. I think it's great. The teachers see us as young adults not kids and they treat us with a lot of respect. It is important for us, students, to have that so we are able to express our opinion. My country's teachers are spectacular, they have thought me a lot and it has been a privilege to take part in this project with them and I am proud to represent my country with my teachers.” „It was good to see that from each country the teachers were in close relation with their student. Although this is less suprising considering they chose the pupils they like.”

16 How involved do you feel you are in the running of your school compared with your partners?
„I think that my school is very involved in the project, all the time we want to now continue. I think that other schools are just as involved as we” „I have participated in the student council for 3 years and worked a lot at making the school better.” „Maybe a little behind, but I didn’t get the feeling that the others have much power either.”

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