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Governance Framework for Integrated Service Delivery Improving Government Service Delivery through Single-Window Service Initiatives Sponsored by the PSSDC.

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1 Governance Framework for Integrated Service Delivery Improving Government Service Delivery through Single-Window Service Initiatives Sponsored by the PSSDC May 14, 2001

2 2 A Service Delivery Vision Meet Fred and Mabel... Recently retired … Moving to a new home … One car …Two drivers … Enjoy sport fishing...Thinking about starting a small business

3 3 A Service Delivery Vision Fred and Mabel want convenient, accessible, seamless information and services from government... With a choice of easy-to-use channels … Internet Secure, reliable access with privacy ensured … and counters … telephone Ministry Federal Dept Municipality Regional

4 4 Integrated Service Delivery Information and Services Access & Inquiry Publications Ontario GICs ESD - Business Ontario Business Connects ESD - Individuals ServiceOntario

5 5 What Do We Mean By Governance? Governance refers to the processes through which individuals and groups exercise influence and authority in decision-making and implementation. Governance includes the routes to good decisions, who makes the decisions, and ensuring decisions are implemented.

6 6 Traditional vertical accountability in government is challenging enough Multi-party arrangements add complexity: –Accountability through different ministers and deputies –Accountability of different governments In entering into arrangements with partners or other third parties, an additional set of accountability obligations has been added... among the members of the partnership. L. Denis Desautels, Auditor General of Canada, 1997 Complications of Multi-Party Service Delivery

7 7 Added Complications of Outsourcing Commercial entities have different motivations than governments Need to understand cultural and financial distinctions Need to formalize relationships through contracts Need for service management role inside government Indirect relationships with end customers

8 8 Major Governance Issues 1.Balancing shared and ministry-specific objectives 2.Managing accountability through different ministers 3.Stakeholder representation and input 4.How to resolve disputes and deliver accountability 5.Achieving effective service management without obstructing working relationships 6.Need for flexibility to broaden scope 7.Governance linkages with related corporate priorities

9 9 Balancing Shared and Ministry-Specific Objectives Objectives of integrated delivery of service could impact on the ability of individual ministries to meet their objectives (and vice versa) Policy impacts are more likely at the planning and implementation phases; issues management impacts primarily during implementation and operations.

10 10 Managing Accountability Through Different Ministers Adding horizontal accountability for service delivery to the traditional vertical program accountability – need to be clear on who answers for service problems and customer complaints Approach: –Policy/program changes – accountability clearly lies with the Minister initiating the policy or program changes –Service quality problems – accountability lies with MCBS but complaints may be directed to program Ministers; need strong relationship management

11 11 Stakeholder Representation and Input Ensuring the interests of stakeholders are brought to the table –Members of governance bodies are expected to wear a corporate hat while bringing their perspective to the table –Need to be clear who can speak on behalf of a ministry –The interests of customers are key –Consultation must be efficient and not unduly time- consuming

12 12 Resolving Disputes and Delivering Accountability Balancing common purpose with reality that disputes will arise among ministries Strong tradition of consensus-building instead of formal dispute resolution Approach: –Consensus with facilitation plus escalation if needed –Document duties and undertakings and reference in performance contracts

13 13 Decision-Making Clarity in who makes each kind of decisions Decision-making authority is delegated to lowest appropriate level Governance structure facilitates (not impede) decision-making The way decisions are made is easy to understand Dispute resolution mechanisms are clear in advance

14 14 A ccountability Clarity in political and management accountability Clarity in horizontal accountability among partners/clients Public transparency: agreements, responsibilities, reporting on plans and results Clarity in performance expectations and reporting requirements of each party Mechanisms to enforce accountability – to have consequences

15 15 Governance Models for Multi- Party Arrangements Three broad models found to apply for multi-party arrangements: –Service manager model –Managing board model –Steering committee model Three Phases –Planning phase –Implementation phase –Operational phase

16 16 Strategic Level Decisions Broad strategy and resources to implement (e.g. Over the Counter Strategy) Cabinet Management Board of Cabinet Minister of Consumer & Business Services Deputy Minister, MCBS DM Steering Cttee on Integrated Service Delivery Assistant Deputy Minister Integrated Service Delivery Proposal Submission Recommendations

17 17 Advisory forums/channels Interministerial Working Groups Operational Decisions Issues arising during operational phase (e.g., systemic customer service issue, proposed change in service methods, or a new product package) ADM Committee ISD Division (management & staff) & Service Providers Input and advice Proposal on significant changes or disputes Proposal Decisions Identify issues Solve problems within mandate

18 18 One ministry involved with service provider (e.g., customer complaint, or service provider or ministry proposing minor change in delivery methods) Service provider Bilateral issues management Partner Ministry ISD Division Service Manager Monitoring and flagging systemic issues Protocols & Frameworks Unresolved issues Routine Bilateral Issues

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