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Energi Panel. Introduction Kingspan aims to provide solutions to meet the construction industries needs Growing emphasis on building greener buildings.

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1 Energi Panel

2 Introduction Kingspan aims to provide solutions to meet the construction industries needs Growing emphasis on building greener buildings as a result of - Escalating fuel prices - Commitment to reduce CO 2 emissions UK Merton Rule - 10% renewable energy contribution Need to advance the environmental aspect of the construction industry Innovatively combined existing structural panel expertise with an environmental need to develop the Energi Panel

3 Energi Panel Product Description Energi Panel derived from existing Five Crown profile. Hollowed crown made possible by patented manufacturing technique Void dimensions specifically engineered to ensure optimal air flow to heat transfer Optimal thermal and structural characteristics of the Five Crown panel maintained – added foam thickness Energi Panel has dual functionality

4 How Does It Work?


6 Energi Panel Component Parts Number of features associated with the solar functionality of the product 0.5 mm steel solar collector Profiled Foam fillers Mesh Inserts Stepped Energi Panel drip flashing Internal crown access holes

7 Energi Panel Component Parts Stepped Energi Panel drip flashing Internal crown access holes

8 Energi Panel Collection System Double Chamber Arrangement Mechanically affixed back to liner tray using peel rivets Pre-drilled holes encapsulated inside plenum chamber Air tight seal achieved using expandable foam tape First chamber runs continuously the full length of elevation behind main steelwork Plenums units are lapped at either end Secondary chamber houses low energy fan unit

9 Energi Panel Collection System

10 Energi Panel System Functionality The Energi Panel system works on a closed loop control system Internal temperature and collector air supply temperature dictates fan activation/deactivation Thermostat activates controllers when internal temperature is below preset level Fan activation is dependant on collector air supply temperature Fans create uniform negative pressure ensuring balanced airflow through crowns System continues to deliver heated fresh air until deactivated by thermostat or reduced levels of solar radiation

11 Speed Control Function Integrated speed control function to maximise heating capability Internal temperature requirements are programmed into controller Speed of the fan is dictated by the temperature differential between 1.The minimum internal temperature requirement 2.The air supply temperature from collector Low solar radiance intensity – low fan speed High solar radiance intensity – high fan speed

12 Test Houses Two 250m 3 identical test houses constructed at the R&D centre Both controlled to within the temperature range 16-19ºC Control Building – utilises a standard gas fired heater Energi Panel Building – utilises a combination of Energi Panel SAH system and the gas fired heater Test house doors opened daily 8am-5pm to simulate industrial factory/warehouse environment

13 Test Houses (Energi Panel House)

14 Test Houses (Gas Fired Heater)

15 Monitoring and Data Acquisition DT800 Data-Takers installed in either test house. Data-Taker serves two purposes 1.Control the internal environment of the building 2.Record sensor readings at 5 minute intervals Internal air temperature sensors, electrical power and gas meters installed in both test houses Cumulative kWhr usage recorded for both test houses

16 Monitoring and Data Acquisition A range of sensors were applied to the Energi Panel SAH system with the purpose of 1.Investigating the Energi Panels solar collector performance 2.Calculate total kWhr solar heating delivered to the building Air temperature sensors air placed at inlet and exit of collector Solar Radiance sensors attached to collector surface Weather station erected – chart the effect of changing weather conditions on Energi Panel performance

17 Test House Results The test houses have been monitored form Oct 15th- Present Control Building: 13162kWhr Energi Panel Building: 10069kWhr To date the Energi Panel test house has utilised 24% less energy than the control building, in maintaining the same heating performance The Energi Panel building has reduced carbon emissions by 685kgCO2 Test data validated by Battle & McCarthy

18 Test House Results


20 Energi Panel Performance Characteristics Rigorous testing carried out on external rig to establish Energi Panel performance curve Various flow rates tested and corresponding temperature curves establish Temperature curves enable an operating efficiency to be assigned to each flow rate Using the range of operating efficiencies a characteristic performance curve can be generated

21 Energi Panel Performance Characteristics Characteristic logarithmic curve representative the operating efficiency of the Energi Panel Solar Collector

22 Energi Panel Destratification System In conjunction with the Energi Panel Kingspan offer a destratification solution Destrat system reduces roof temperature minimising heat loss from roof Generates 4 air movements per hour resulting in a max temperature differential of 1ºC between roof and floor Benefits both Energi Panel SAH system and standard heating by evenly distributing delivered heat

23 Energi Panel Predictive Calculation Model Using test data it was possible to develop an Energi Panel predictive calculation model The model can be used to carry out a pre-feasibility study on a given project specification The model generates predicted energy savings associated with the installation of; 1.An area of Energi Panel 2.Energi Panel Destratification To carry out a standard proposal the model utilises; - A basic building heat loss model - RETScreen International weather database - RETScreen International Solar Energy Model A questionnaire is provided to customers for submission upon request of a project proposal

24 Energi Panel Advantages Compared to the traditional Bolt On solar air collectors, Energi Panel has the advantage of being an integrated part of the insulated panel, therefore does not have the typically associated; - Additional steel single skin - Supporting steelwork - Extra Panel Fixings - Additional Install time and labour - Extra Install costs - Increased Carbon Footprint (associated with extra steelwork, transport costs etc.)

25 Summary - Key Benefits Low cost Reliable renewable energy source Provides good payback on investment Large scale test buildings have shown heating costs can be reduced by up to 24% The building CO 2 emissions significantly reduced Increased chance of gaining planning permission (Merton Rule) Future proof building asset value Achieve a better EPDB rating Unique proposition – ONLY structural insulated panel providing renewable solar collecting potential

26 Other benefits Flexible system i.e. can be utilised in a standalone heating capacity or can be integrated with the buildings HVAC system. Is available with the Kingspan TOTAL Panel Guarantee Uses low maintenance long life components Kingspan Envirocare Technical Services are available to assist with building design to optimise performance Is available in a range of colours (obviously the darker the external colour of the panel the greater the solar absorption and subsequent renewable energy yield)

27 Questions QUESTIONS?? 0800-PANELEN

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