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VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

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1 VSE Corporation Proprietary Information
Diagnostics, Prognostics and Condition Monitoring for Energy Efficiency October 31, 2012 Rebecca Norman VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

2 VSE Corporation Proprietary Information
Overview What is diagnostics, prognostics and condition monitoring? How can this technology be applied to increase energy efficiency and reliability? What are the unique features and benefits of this technology? Who can use this technology? VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

3 Diagnostics, Prognostics and Condition Monitoring
Key Features: Diagnostic and prognostic interpretation of integrated system, equipment, and component data Hardware independent Integrates data from any source Scalable to any size system - supports a hierarchy of components and sub-systems Advanced model-based mathematical reasoning algorithms VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

4 Diagnostic Reasoning System Model(s) Monitoring Value D Requested
In Tolerance Monitoring Value D Monitoring Value A Out of Tolerance Monitoring Value A Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 System Model(s) Include System Design, Connectivity & All Data Points Monitoring Value D Requested Component 3 Failure Component 4 Monitoring Value B Component 5 Monitoring Value C Component 6 Component 7 Component 8 No Matter How Big the System, the Logic is the Same! Monitoring Value E VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

5 Coolant Pressure vs Temperature
Prognostic Reasoning Detects out of tolerance conditions for single, multiple and combinations of data points Predicts failures, detects degradation and under performance Determines the remaining useful life of components, equipment, and systems Coolant Pressure vs Temperature Temperature (oC) Pressure (psi) VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

6 VSE Corporation Proprietary Information
Condition Monitoring Condition assessment triggers: Control signal Reconfiguration for redundant systems, equipment and components Provides continuous load balancing Enables adjustments for increased efficiency Operational Impact Assessment – Operator Dashboard Can the system continue to function in a degraded capacity? Notification Alerts operators, management, and/or dispatch maintenance with specific required parts and tools Other options: Post Analysis of Failed Components Provides critical input to manufacturers for design improvements VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

7 System Application Health Management System (HMS)
Diagnostics & Prognostics for: Power Generators Power Transformers Battery Cabinet Battery Charger Environmental Control Thermostat Humidity Sensors CO Detectors Heat Exchanger VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

8 Diagnostics, Prognostics and Condition Monitoring
Energy Management System Monitors Data Inputs Correlates to D&P Model Performs Continuous Analysis Provides Ongoing Dashboard Monitoring Provides Actual & Future Failure Alerts Provides Output Control Signals Manages Maintenance Smart Meters HVAC Elevators Data Storage Indoor Air Quality Systems Central Monitoring Lighting & Other Electrical Systems Managers Fire & Safety Systems Mobile Technicians Parking Systems Plumbing Systems VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

9 Real-Time Dashboard Monitoring
Graphical Dashboard Example Vehicle Application Real time live data from remote assets Remaining Useful Life (RUL) predictions VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

10 Unique Features and Benefits
Generic scalable intelligent reasoning software Hardware independent Customized for each unique user application Benefits: Facilitates Increased Energy Efficiency Reduces Operational Cost Increases System Delivery, Reliability and Security Provides Advanced Control Support Monitors Remote Equipment Provides Ongoing Critical Decision Support for Optimal Efficiency VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

11 Diversity of Applications
Smart Grid / Energy Distribution Systems – keep systems working optimally, load balancing, maintain operations under duress Energy Efficient Buildings – integrate all building systems, monitor energy efficiency, keep systems working optimally Wind Turbines – remote monitor on-shore and off-shore wind turbines, keep systems working optimally Solar Energy Systems – remote monitor panels, efficiency of battery banks, condition of charger controller & power inverters Federal, State and Local Facilities Property Management Companies Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Data Centers Educational Facilities and Campuses Industrial Facilities and Processes Commercial Facilities Laboratory and Research Facilities Multi-Family Buildings Cultural Centers VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

12 Protect your investment,
Summary Protect your investment, guard against costly system failures, and ensure customer satisfaction. Better to invest in failure management and avoidance than spend millions repairing the damage. For more information on VSE’s Diagnostician & Prognostics Framework technology contact: Rebecca Norman VSE Corporation Proprietary Information

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