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Lumi - Mobile Market Research

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1 Lumi - Mobile Market Research
Real-time in the moment research

2 Mobile is Inevitable Consumer behaviour and expectations are already mobile – is your research? The technology is available today; reaching the respondent is getting easier; earning and then keeping their attention is the challenge. So is app approach

3 Advertising Placement
Measurement on Mobile Consumer Consumption Brand Engagement Advertising Placement Decision Insights Advertising Impact Brand Impact Spend Market Size Customer Satisfaction ROI Product Placement Sponsorship Impact

4 Benefits Of Measurement on Mobile
Recording Behaviors And Why They Happen Truer Real-time Insight Capture Ease of Communication Media Rich Validated No Recall Relevant To Respondents Fast Authentic Engaging Sticky Offline

5 Lumi Mobile Solutions & BYOD
Lumi Show – A complete mobile event and conference app that adds instant interaction to your sessions. Lumi Join – A convenient, real-time messaging and polling app that connects and empowers people anytime – anywhere. Lumi Say – A versatile app that helps you share content and capture insight in the moment - via surveys, rich media, location triggers, gamification and more. Event: Unprecedented in the M&E industry… best in class (Lumi & QM). Sight: Some unique, patented and incredibly clever features (geo, flow logic, scoring, video capture, notifications, etc). See demo examples.

6 Lumi Say promotes real-time insight capture, where ever and whenever it’s convenient
Native app technology works offline Works across Android and iOS platforms Patent-protected White label options if branding matters  Geo-triggering/fencing – surveys can be triggered at the entrance/exit of a pre–defined area HTML5 mobile web solution Variety of question types and displays available (single choice, multi-choice, open ends, ranking, slider scale, etc.) Image, audio, and video capture Video playback Advance routing and logic capabilities  Barcode scanning Behavior and time based notifications

7 Lumi Join connects you to your respondents in real-time, promoting meaningful dialogue and conversation in a secure and accessible environment Focus your focus group Enable your moderators Easy branding per event Let them know when they answer correctly to enhance engagement Share relevant content Capture behaviors, context, and emotion through real-time discussion, polling and image capture Works across Android and iOS platforms Patent-protected

8 Five Reasons Why Mobile Matters It’s In the Moment
Don’t rely on recall and old methodologies–record insights and behavior when they occur by using Lumi Say on a medium that is intrinsic to the user, their mobile device. It’s In the Moment It’s Accessible It’s Convenient It Enhances the Journey It Delivers Instant Insights The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

9 Five Reasons Why Mobile Matters It’s Accessible
With over six billion phone subscriptions active today, there are now almost as many mobile devices in the world as there are people. Mobile increasingly gives you access to those traditionally hard-to-reach demographics. It’s In the Moment It’s Accessible It’s Convenient It Enhances the Journey It Delivers Instant Insights The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

10 Five Reasons Why Mobile Matters It’s Convenient
With Lumi Say, participants can engage whenever, wherever. Panelists can share data during the in-between, on the subway, in a store aisle–when it’s convenient for them. Thus data collection is rich, realistic, frequent and subsequently more AUTHENTIC. It’s In the Moment It’s Accessible It’s Convenient It Enhances the Journey It Delivers Instant Insights The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

11 Five Reasons Why Mobile Matters It Enhances the Journey
Native features of Lumi Say provide context and significance to your data capture. It allows for multimedia responses including photos, videos, voxpops and sound–providing meaningful insight into the real-life experiences of the consumer. It’s In the Moment It’s Accessible It’s Convenient It Enhances the Journey It Delivers Instant Insights The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

12 Five Reasons Why Mobile Matters It Delivers Instant Insights
Moving to mobile in general, and Lumi Say in particular, is about collecting hard-to-find insights, in a faster, unobtrusive and more sticky way. It’s In the Moment It’s Accessible It’s Convenient It Enhances the Journey It Delivers Instant Insights

13 Making it Happen Add to this slide?

14 Levels of Service Self service On-boarding Full service Self service
We provide the software, an online manual and a support . You do the rest. Diarify your own research. Be a hero. On-boarding Consultation, training, project management. We help you apply Diarification to your research, from study design, scripting and fieldwork. Our involvement is focussed on up-skilling your staff and getting you to Diarification Guru status as quickly as possible. Full service Let us handle all the mobile bits. We'll diarify the research, implement it, source the sample and run the project through to a successful conclusion. You keep the interpretation of results, the client and the credit!

15 Dashboard A user-friendly dashboard with a unique script-once approach for both native app and HTML5 solutions.

16 Reporting & Outputs Real-time reporting, curation and data visualization

17 Making it Successful Add to this slide?

18 Keys to Implementing Mobile Make it Convenient
The agility of mobile is all about convenience. Allow your panelists to ‘dipstick’ and make use of idle time in a highly efficient, unobtrusive and accurate way–whether online or off. Make it Convenient Access Mobile Samples Offer Meaningful Incentives Utilize Diarification The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

19 Keys to Implementing Mobile Access Mobile Samples
As a technology company, we partner with all of the major panel businesses and can source panel for you, or integrate with the panel providers you already use and recommend. Make it Convenient Access Mobile Samples Offer Meaningful Incentives Utilize Diarification The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

20 Keys to Implementing Mobile Offer Meaningful Incentives
Mobile provides the unique opportunity to engage respondents in a relevant way. Make surveys matter with location-based incentives such as in-store discount codes, the option to donate to charity, or gamify the experience with scoring and media capture. Make it Convenient Access Mobile Samples Offer Meaningful Incentives Utilize Diarification The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

21 Keys to Implementing Mobile Utilize Diarification (di-a-ri-fi-ca’tion)
Allow panelists to consume content and create data in a way that lends itself to mobile with manageable, bite-sized chunks. This diary-based ‘dipsticking’ approach will improve speed, accuracy and the user experience. Routing and flow logic personalize and augment the user’s journey. Make it Convenient Access Mobile Samples Offer Meaningful Incentives Utilize Diarification The way we use devices has changed. 75% of the population own more than one mobile device

22 Diarification | Recording insights as they happen
The practice of applying diary mechanics, activities and techniques to modernise traditional research methodologies to aid decision-making and recommendations Simplification and application of usability principles to make data entry easy Using gamification principles – sectioning, rewards, leader boards & badges – to make the experience more fun and engaging Dipsticking ensures Data collection is context specific, in-the-moment and continuous Segmented and task based Optimised for personal preference Research Agencies We help research companies grow their business by applying diarification mechanics to enrich consumer insight leading to client retention, client growth and increased value; whilst demonstrating thought leadership in an increasingly mobile world Panel Companies We help panel companies grow their business (retain their existing clients, win new clients, increase their value) by mobilising existing panels, building new panels and creating stickiness through mobile apps. This reduces churn, increases engagement and allows panel companies to access hard to reach groups Syndicated Services We help syndicated services companies grow their business (retain their existing clients, win new clients, increase their value) by modernising their existing approach, mobilising existing panels, building new panels and creating stickiness through mobile apps. This reduces churn, increases engagement and saves costs by using modern technology

23 Keys to Success in Practice

24 Tracker Diarification | Jane, the large research agency
Jane is a global account director for a large, top 5 research agency. The company’s largest client has come up for review and Jane is challenged to convince the client that they should continue with their Tracking Study. BACKGROUND PROBLEM The client has said that although Jane’s company has run this tracker for over 10 years their customers today are all using mobile phones for virtually everything but Jane’s company is asking questions using online and face to face methods. SOLUTION Jane’s company proposed splitting their tracker into 2 parts – the first part is conducted at recruitment and measures opinion, attitude and some context via online. The second part via mobile app collecting purchase and usage across a 1 week period. Jane retains the business, client is convinced she has the best agency partner, agency grows the client, gains more clients off the back of award-winning new approach. Client gets much closer to her customer, captures much richer insight and makes better marketing and business decisions. RESULT

25 Healthcare Little Big Data | Davyd, the medium client
Davyd is the Account Director for a healthcare insight agency. They have been challenged to find new ways of providing insight and inspiration for their contact lens client – one of the leading producers of contact lenses in the World. BACKGROUND Historically the research Davyd’s company has done has been considered innovative so the bar is high. They need to find something else which raises standards and provides internal inspiration. Davyd’s company thinks that something that monitors contact lens use on an ongoing basis would be good, but they’re not sure how best to do it. PROBLEM Davyd has chosen to work with Lumi and utilise 3 uniquely mobile features – GPS, Push Notification and Camera. The simple methodology asks people about the comfort levels at random points during the day (using push notification), routes them through some simple questions and takes a GPS stamp. SOLUTION Davyd is the new superstar. The contact lens client is blown away by the solution and has already rolled it out across many of the major markets. It has created a new problem for Davyd – how does he top that? RESULT

26 Global Savings| Neil, the syndicated services company
Neil is an SVP at one of the premier syndicated services businesses in the world. They work with all the major companies providing syndicated data collection and analysis. They have been dominant in their market for the latest 100 years. BACKGROUND Always under competition from others and ongoing cost pressure, Neil’s company is open to solutions which allow them to either improve what they do or save money – so that they can continue to deliver strong shareholder returns. PROBLEM Neil has employed Lumi to move from their purpose-built hardware data collection tools to using consumer’s own mobile devices. SOLUTION It has taken a little while to get this rolled out and all the pilots and split-testing complete but this is now a serious company strategy. This has contributed to a 20% global cost-savings initiative whilst securing the future relevance of their data collection. The best result? The shareholder dividend! RESULT

27 Insight Transformation | Mohit, the large client
Mohit works for the largest research spender in the World. They work across all categories, with all major research agencies and are constantly sourcing the next shooting stars that can support their market leadership position. BACKGROUND Mohit is convinced his agencies don’t offer him the best thinking – they offer him what they consider is the best thinking through their eyes and for their approach, but this isn’t always what Mohit has in mind. . Mohit has to source best practice and then ensure that his agencies use that in his proposals. Mohit has to search solutions for him and his company. Mohit is concerned that whilst all his customers are on mobile, none of his research is. PROBLEM Mohit has chosen Lumi because they have a platform that can work across all forms of quantitative and qualitative research, and integrate with multiple panels and 3rd party technologies. Mohit knows that if it’s possible on mobile then Lumi can help. He is satisfied that they can offer a full service solution and do basically everything required, or they can onboard his agencies so that this becomes self-service. He has used Lumi with quant research – market measurement and tracking, for market research communities and they have just started using Lumi for cross-company brainstorming and conferences. SOLUTION Mohit continues to be a go-to guy within his company and is also gaining a reputation as a power user for new technology approaches within the market research world. He has been invited as a keynote for ESOMAR Congress next year. RESULT

28 Panel Mobilisation | Pierre, the panel company
Pierre is the MD of a top-10 global panel business. They have panels in all of the major markets and are pushing their development in Asia and Latam. They are aware some of their panellists do surveys on their mobile phones and they are relying on their survey providers to make it work for them. BACKGROUND The survey provider is content to push mobile web as an option because nobody has convinced him that anything else is worth doing and it minimises any change to his normal way of working. The survey provider knows that one day there will be changes to the online model but, for now, all continues to be well. PROBLEM Pierre’s company have discovered they can script once and deploy across all modes. More importantly, the new model they are going with – Lumi – works best for mobile apps and then is compatible simultaneously across all other forms. This is great for Pierre because it means no disruption to his current business and provides him choice for ‘all platforms’ or ‘online only’ (his current option). Pierre can finally bid for new business knowing his technology platform is future-proofed. SOLUTION Pierre begins winning more business and then suddenly it takes off beyond his expectations. He has a scalable platform, very engaged panellists and more clients than ever before. A win-win-win. RESULT

29 The Happy Panelist| Alana, the panelist
BACKGROUND Alana is on a few panels. She got interested in doing research so she could make a difference. Since she started she’s earned a few prizes, been nominated for idea of the month once and she does focus groups whenever she can. It’s great to give some of her ideas and opinions to companies whilst being rewarded at the same time. PROBLEM Although she uses her mobile phone for everything else, Alana hates doing surveys on this device. She gets sent surveys but they just don’t work. She usually drops out of those ones and she’s realised that by the time she gets round to doing them on her PC she’s sometimes missed her chance. SOLUTION Alana doesn’t know what’s happened but since she downloaded those survey apps she has received more sensible, relevant and interesting studies than ever before. Sometimes she even gets sent coupons for her favorite companies. Alana loves doing research, feels even better about the companies she’s doing the work for and has encouraged 3 of her friends to sign up too! RESULT

30 U&A Diarification| Andrew, the medium research agency
Andrew is a divisional head of quantitative research for a medium-sized research agency. They are famous for their Market Measurement approach which is well-known for providing specific, actionable recommendations. They have the opportunity to pitch for a U&A brief for a global client. BACKGROUND The client has never used a medium-sized agency for a global U&A before. Andrew’s company has worked hard to get the opportunity but the client has a track record of hiring big agencies – “nobody got fired for hiring IBM.” PROBLEM Andrew’s company has held its line on producing a pioneering, innovative approach. They recommend to the client to build on tradition and modernise the approach to market measurement. It does this by breaking the measurement into 2 parts – the first part is conducted at recruitment and measures opinion, attitude and some context via online. The second part via mobile app collecting purchase and usage across a 1 week period. SOLUTION Andrew wins the business and off the back of that builds some case studies which wins even more. Andrew gets offered jobs with other companies but stays with his pioneering employer and is delighted when they win Best Agency award at the local awards – voted for by Clients! RESULT

31 Instant Shopping Rewards| Cara, the panel company
Cara is the Product Director at a panel agency. She is tasked with sourcing and productising new initiatives that help secure her business’s leadership position. She has been wanting to do something with mobile for some time. BACKGROUND The vast amount of work her agency does is regular supply of panel and full-service survey project management. Her agency is now known for pioneering research methodologies – they are known more for low-cost, no-nonsense delivery. Mobile seems like it will be expensive and it ideally needs to leverage their panel assets and positioning. PROBLEM Cara has decided to combine a ‘shopper diary’ approach to data collection with instant incentives – provided by retailers. This works by geo-triggering a survey based on location proximity to target stores and then rewarding panelists / participants with an instant discount voucher when they have completed their survey / diary. This allows Cara to keep her costs low (the incentive is paid by the store) and to leverage their panel assets. SOLUTION Cara’s company is extending the use of their panelists, growing a new product stream and providing greater reward to panelists while keeping her costs low. RESULT

32 Richer Insights| Clint, the medium client
Clive is the head of research at the local financial services company. They don’t have the budgets of the large, global players but nonetheless have managed to keep themselves relevant and performing well because of their local roots and clear market positioning. BACKGROUND Clive wants to repeat his bi-annual U&A study, but his budget is even less than the last time and he is under pressure to deliver a presentation that (according to the new CEO) “confirms our strategic direction is right”. Clive is not personally sure that the direction is completely right so he is anxious that with low budgets the company might be sleepwalking to disaster. PROBLEM Clive spoke with Lumi. He is happy that Lumi will be able to source cost-competitive panels of customers and non-customers and for the same price point and let people decide whether they want to complete the research using mobile, tablet or PC. SOLUTION Clive is personally thanked by the CEO for stopping a potential train crash and helping clarify the strategy before they spent too much money moving away from the heart of the banks positioning. Clive’s work is mentioned in the Annual report, he got an Employee of the Year award and he is now a little bit of a celebrity within the business. RESULT

33 Beer Insights | Bill, the excitable researcher
Bill is the Account Director for a large research agency. They have been challenged to get beneath the skin of promotional spend effectiveness. The client wants to know whether it is worth putting the money into its on bar promotions – something that’s really difficult to measure. BACKGROUND The hunch is that nobody really can explain why they choose the beers they do. The research undertaken shows that promotions (price, giveaways, brand) are really effective at the bar but this has never been borne out through sales figures. How can Bill and his team solve this? PROBLEM Bill conducts a research study where people are asked to record what prompted them to choose any drink they had over a 2 week period – in pubs, restaurants, bars and other environments. This allows them to isolate the data which considers promotional effectiveness. As it turns out, brand and advertising are significantly more impactful than price promotions, special offers, giveaways – than people would claim in the sober light of day. SOLUTION Bill’s client is delighted that he can rationalise his promotion spend, focusing on the promotional criteria most likely to have an impact – and reducing his overall spend. Bill’s company start winning awards – internally and externally - and new business off the back of it. The results back up intuition and measure and explain behaviors in a way which was impossible without mobile In the moment. RESULT

34 Mapping the Unknown | Henry, the expanding retailer
Henry is a head of research for a large convenience retailer. They make a huge amount of money on convenience shopping in developed markets and are looking to expand their footprint. Their target for this year is Africa. BACKGROUND The retail landscape in Africa isn’t well understood by Henry’s company and it seems there is no reliable, consistent retail audit data available. Henry’s company needs to make decisions on where their locations ought to be, what the opportunity is and how best to make it work. PROBLEM Henry has armed local field agents, employed by a subcontractor and supervised by Henry’s company, to physically explore a number of territories and record their findings using Lumi. It automatically takes accurate GPS reads and then overlaid with photo, video and pre-designed forms to be completed, Henry’s company builds a very quick, real-time market mapping of the retail landscape, planned to their specific objectives. SOLUTION This is actually better than buying retail audit data because it is specc’ed out according to Henry’s needs, not to a broad syndicated service. Henry's company able to make sound, strategic data-in formed decisions about what’s best for the business and the route to market. RESULT

35 Measuring Event Impact | Violet, the sponsorship client
Violet’s company are sponsoring a massive, global event which attracts millions of visitors for a single day in one of the World’s largest cities. Violet’s company are spending several million dollars on this event and they would like to understand whether it achieves what they want. BACKGROUND Where do we start? Awareness? Measuring impact on brand without revealing who the brand is? Bringing findings to life from a muilti-sensorial event? Coping with mobile network overload with millions of people within a few metres of one another? Encouraging research participation when a once-in-a-lifetime event is happening before their eyes? All within a tight time and budget! PROBLEM Violet is using Lumi both as a self-complete diary and an interviewer-administered survey. The interview lasts an absolute maximum of 2 minutes and the self-complete diary lasts between 2 seconds and as long as the participants wants it to. Rewards, prizes, leaderboards, feedback, ideas and suggestions are all embedded within the standard diary format so participants can get involved however they like – video, audio, text, pictures – with incentives integrated throughout the event. SOLUTION Overall, Violet is delighted. The research does exactly what they hoped – provide a measure of success and a rallying call for internal alignment. This also provides Violet with a template for a new unique methodology, combining the best of research objectivity with the beauty and opportunity available from In The Moment research. RESULT

36 - Reineke Reitsma, Forrester Research
“It’s not a question of if you add mobile to your research mix, but when” - Reineke Reitsma, Forrester Research Add to this slide?

37 Beyond the Panel Real-time reporting, curation and data visualization

38 Lumi: Overview Who What Where
A market leader in real-time audience engagement and consumer insight technology on mobile An innovative technology company providing SaaS platforms to market research and media companies. Lumi has won a number of awards for our technology and contribution to research. We deliver Mobile Apps to enable media companies, market researchers and brands to engage consumers across all mobile device types Our patent protected platform links businesses with their clients through engaging surveys, polls, live event services, social networking and more. Based in London with offices in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, South Africa and Finland, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and New Zealand Applications live in more than 30 countries and over a dozen languages.

39 The Company We Keep


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