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EFFECTIVE ENTRY INSIGHTS. Mobile is the most compelling, accurate, and inclusive marketing practice today In the past few years, mobile has exploded from.

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2 Mobile is the most compelling, accurate, and inclusive marketing practice today In the past few years, mobile has exploded from an afterthought in marketing and advertising budgets to a top priority in every marketer’s campaign

3 The Smarties Awards is the only global awards program created specifically to recognize best in class mobile work from around the world

4 Winning a Smarties is validation that you are among the best, smartest, and most creative in mobile marketing, while also rewarding and enhancing client/agency relationships

5 There are many opportunities to win a Smarties We have introduced some new country specific programs and new regional programs, in addition to our existing global program

6 These new programs will provide winners greater levels of visibility within both local markets and on a global stage We encourage you to enter campaigns not just in multiple categories, but also across these multiple programs

7 This PowerPoint is a brief outline of effective entry insights for submissions. It is important that you read the General Rules on the Smarties website - smarties/2014/overview smarties/2014/overview


9 Read the entry overview and general rules, and note the requires and formats for creative materials Start building your entry offline first; once you’ve proofed it, then you can cut and paste each section into the online form

10 Entries should engage the judges and build your business case for winning a Smarties award Write your entry like a short story, but keep it simple, clear, and concise Be sure to articulate objectives, strategies, and tactics

11 Be sure your entry form does not have typing errors, is well-written, and has logical thought sequences Attempt to tightly edit your write-ups, using short, brief paragraphs wherever possible

12 Smarties are judged by four areas ¤ Strategy ¤ Execution ¤ Creativity ¤ Results All four areas make up 25% of the total score

13 Judges look for information and understanding of the business and/or marketing challenge along with a solid mobile strategy Build your story in this section of the entry form STRATEGY

14 Include strategic objectives ¤ Increased market share ¤ Brand awareness ¤ Time engaged with the brand ¤ Sales ¤ Leads STRATEGY

15 Who was the intended target audience? What was the creative and media strategy? Context - First year of campaign? ¤ If not, how has the strategy adapted to previous results and new technology? STRATEGY

16 Describe how the campaign was implemented and its level of success EXECUTION

17 How did the execution or enabling technology help achieve results? How was the mobile component or enabling technology integrated into the overall marketing strategy? How creative or sophisticated was the campaign in its use of mobile media? EXECUTION

18 What did the mobile channel or enabling technology bring to the overall campaign that other marketing channels missed? How was it matched to specific markets, demographics relevant to the overall campaign execution? What percent of the campaign budget went to mobile? EXECUTION

19 How well was mobile technology leveraged? Was the campaign compliant with MMA guidelines and best practices? What impact did the campaign have on the market? EXECUTION

20 Make it as easy as possible for judges to experience the creative as originally intended CREATIVITY

21 Judges will consider ¤ Consumer engagement ¤ Unique use of mobile media types ¤ Creativity dynamics and integration with overall campaign CREATIVITY

22 We strongly encourage submitting a short (2-3 minute) case study video OR Brief written case study (2 pages maximum) that captures the creative and actual interactive experience CREATIVITY

23 Include active URL to landing page or FTP site with links to each creative element of the campaign OR Multiple active URLs (separate each URL with a comma) Make sure sites are live CREATIVITY

24 Include qualitative and quantitative data to support claims of success RESULTS

25 Did the campaign achieve its objectives and goals? What impact did the campaign have on the market, if any? How innovative was the campaign? RESULTS

26 What impact did the campaign or enabling technology have on future utilization of mobile in their business? How did consumers receive the campaign? RESULTS

27 When providing results, hard numbers and context will have a great impact on how your entry is judged RESULTS

28 If your client won't let you reveal results in terms of actual response rates or sales, express results in relative terms ¤ Percentage improvement over control or return on investment ratio ¤ Index results against your allowable, your past campaigns' successful performance or another standard RESULTS

29 If you do index against past campaigns’ performance, be sure to explain what that standard is Index numbers are meaningless if out of context RESULTS

30 DEADLINES & ENTRY FEES Deadlines  Early Bird – May 16, 2014  On-Time – June 30, 2014 Please visit the Smarties website for Entry Fees and Multiple Discounts smarties/2014/overview

31 Smarties Awards Great Work That Works Great Show Us What You’ve Got Enter Now: smarties/2014/overview

32 Questions? Contact Barbara Parker or Your Local or Region Smarties Office

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