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(or Introduction to Microelectronics). What was going on last week… in Las Vegas.

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1 (or Introduction to Microelectronics)

2 What was going on last week… in Las Vegas

3 ations/2014/01/06/5-technologies-to-watch- for-at-this-weeks-consumer-electronics- show/

4 Imagine a world without electronics… Heck, just give up your cell phone… And no logging in FB, twitter,




8 ECE 4336 aka Physical Principles of Solid State Devicies aka Solid State Electronic Devices aka Intro to Microelectronics Objectives A broad and basic understanding of the physical principle and technology of solid state electronics so that one can: comprehend technical and semi-technical documents or briefings on solid state electronics to make informed decisions in practice use it as the foundation for more advanced (in depth) study of solid state electronics

9 ECE 4339: main lecture: special support to ECE 4119 ECE 4119: Dr. Wolfe: laboratory Website: 4119/sectionle/web/welcome.html 4119/sectionle/web/welcome.html Syllabus: (on the website) Recommended textbooks: Semiconductor Device Fundamentals by Robert F. Pierret Understanding Semiconductor Devices (or Principles of Semiconductor Devices by Sima Dimitrijev Solid State Electronic Devices by Ben Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee Please consult with instructor if you happen to have another textbook Quick Administrative Notes

10 Learning Approach Emphasize conceptual understanding over superficial nuts-and-bolts Classroom: interactive explanation & discussion. Computer-aided explanations and simulations are essential. The official software is Mathematica ® (free for students), required to observe lecture and demonstration but programming will not be required. (CDF is free) Homework and home reading assignment up to 3 hours/week Exams are take-home. Observe academic honesty principle.

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