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Arrow Valves Ltd – The Water Regulations Solution Specialist

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1 Arrow Valves Ltd – The Water Regulations Solution Specialist
July 2007 Arrow Valves Ltd – The Water Regulations Solution Specialist BACKFLOW copyright

2 copyright 2006-2012
What is Backflow? July 2007 “Backflow” means flow upstream, that is in a direction contrary to the intended normal direction of flow, within or from a water fitting Flow of water Backflow Back Siphonage Vacuum on supply Back Pressure Downstream pressure higher than supply copyright

3 The above diagram shows a bath with a submerged shower head
Backflow Example July 2007 Double Check Valve model ED235 Shower head Bath (1st floor) Sink (ground floor) The above diagram shows a bath with a submerged shower head If negative pressure should occur, dirty bath water could be sucked back into the pipework and be discharged from the sink as water used for hand washing, drinking etc Further (secondary) backflow protection should also be provided (see later slide) A Double Check Valve fitted to the shower hose would prevent the bath water reaching the sink and contaminating it copyright

4 Fluid Categories Previous UK Classification
July 2007 Previous UK Classification European/New UK Classification Backflow Prevention Examples (Used in Building Services) Class 1 Schedule A Risk European Fluid Category 5 Air Gap – AA AB Pipe Interrupter - DC European Fluid Category 4 RPZ – BA Pipe Interrupter - DB Class 2 Schedule B Risk European Fluid Category 3 Double Check – ED Class 3 Schedule C Risk European Fluid Category 2 Single Check – EB Wholesome Water European Fluid Category 1 No Protection Required (Except Secondary, at times) copyright

5 Types of Backflow Protection Point of Use Protection
July 2007 “The provision of zone or whole site backflow protection should be in addition to individual requirements at points of use and within the system” G15.25 Appliances of different types e.g. a washing machine and dishwasher, must have their own protection, preventing cross contamination copyright

6 Types of Backflow Protection
Zone Protection July 2007 “Any taps and fittings used for supplying water for non-domestic applications, such as commercial, horticultural, agricultural or industrial purposes should be provided with a. backflow protection devices appropriate to the downstream fluid category; and b. where appropriate, a zone protection system” G15.18 Where several appliances of the same type and same Fluid Category are used within a commercial building, water suppliers may accept single protection for multiple appliances. copyright

7 Types of Backflow Protection Secondary Backflow Protection
July 2007 “A whole-site or zone backflow prevention device should be provided on the supply or distributing pipe, such as a single check valve or double check valve, or other no less effective backflow prevention device, according to the level of risk as judged by the Water Undertaker…” G15.24 Whole site backflow protection should be provided on supply pipes to two or more separately occupied premises Arrow Valves Branch Valve model BRV – Servicing, Double Check & Drain Tap with Solder Union connections copyright

8 Fluid Category 3 Protection
Double Check Valve July 2007 ED Double Check Valve Category 3 protection ED is “non-verifiable” meaning there are no test points provided. EC is verifiable but none is approved and since protection is still Fluid Category 3, there is no benefit. Exceptionally low head-loss ED Device (Model ED132) Double Check Valve - model ED235. For fluid category 3 protection on shower hoses. Flow limiter option No Tools Required Applications – Supply to flats (whole site) Separate floors (secondary) Stainless Steel - exceptionally low head-loss – Model ED316 Numerous others copyright

9 Filling Heating Systems
July 2007 Fluid Category 3 (heating permanent connection) “Autofill” – Fluid Category 4 Model AFS Filling Valve – CA Device with Pressure Reducing Valve and inlet/outlet servicing valves Model CA297PRV Fluid Category 4 “Autofill” – Fluid Category 3 Model AFCA Optional wall mounting brackets (Model AFBRA) Automatically fill “house” heating systems or “non-house” heating systems less than 45 kW output Fills and pressurises “non-house” heating systems with output greater than 45 kW Accessories available include Expansion Vessels (EVCP), Expansion Vessel Isolators (BVEV) and Air Dirt Removers (ADR), Water Meter (WMV3P) copyright

10 Filling Heating Systems – Fluid Category 5
July 2007 Features – “Midi-Fill” Digital Model MFD All the features of the “Midi-Fill” Digital plus – Low chemical BMS warning Manual internal dosing facility External dosing facility – replaces need for dosing pot Advanced Pressurisation Unit “Midi-Fill” Digital with Automatic Dosing Features – Weekly self test – BMS alerts to avoid heating system shutdown Anti-seize daily pump pulse Integral water meter and excessive filling alarms No annual testing Dose & Fill – Model DF copyright

11 Fluid Category 4 Protection
RPZ Valve / BA Device July 2007 Applications Clothes washing machines Dishwashing machines Fire fighting equipment Printing and photographic equipment Water treatment Water softening Vehicle washing and many more RPZ Option B Upstream Isolating Valve, Strainer, RPZ, downstream Isolating Valve Compact RPZ Valve Model BA3T Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Valves – also known as BA device. Mechanical backflow preventer for Fluid Category 4 backpressure and backsiphonage protection Installation requirements Access height 0.3 m min 1.5 m max Adequate rear clearance Tamperproof environment Standpipe Freestanding watering point incorporating BA device Model SPBA copyright

12 Fluid Category 4 Protection
AF Air Gap July 2007 Based on diagram G SgV Outlet Air Gap Primarily to boost the supply pressure to Penthouse Suites and similar tall buildings requiring individual booster sets Applications Tall buildings (3 storey+) e.g. Penthouse suites Boosting low pressure “Combi” boilers and showers Drinking (“wholesome”) water – use optional jacket OPTIONS: Insulation Jacket Model BTJAC Wall Cover Model BTCAB3 Drip Tray Model BTDT1 “Pent-A-Boost” Fixed speed Compact Domestic Booster model BTAF Incorporating type AF air gap Variable speed also available Shown with optional insulation jacket Wall mounting brackets Model BTBRA Supplied as a complete package ready for installation copyright

13 Fluid Category 5 Protection
AB Air Gap July 2007 Based on diagram G SgV Outlet Air Gap Weir Overflow Primarily to provide Fluid Category 5 backflow protection and to boost water pressure for high flow applications Applications Non-domestic Hose Union taps e.g. Waste bin washing Wash-down Irrigation Laboratories Rain water Baths / Showers – Healthcare Bed pan washers OPTIONS: “Boost-A-Break” Fixed speed Break Tank and Booster Set model BTAB Incorporating type AB air gap Variable speed also available Suitable for all backflow prevention applications Wall Cover Model BTCAB3 Floor cabinet Model BTCAB1 Drip Tray Model BTDT1 Wall mounting brackets Model BTBRA copyright

14 Fluid Category 5 Protection Wall mounted Break Tank & Booster Set
AB Air Gap July 2007 Wall mounted Break Tank & Booster Set Primarily to provide Fluid Category 5 backflow protection and to boost water pressure for high flow applications Three models – Midi-1, Midi-2A and Midi-3A BTCAB4 - Wall Cover for “Midi-Break” Wall mounting brackets included Applications –  Healthcare premises (baths with shower hoses, clothes and dishwashing machines)  Bidet washing  Sinks with hoses  Non-domestic Hose Union taps  Vegetable washing “Midi-Break” Break Tank & Booster Set model BTMIDI Incorporating type AB air gap Stainless steel housing provides neat and hygienic installation BTDT3 - Stainless steel drip tray for “Midi-Break” copyright

15 Fluid Category 5 Protection
Care Shower July 2007 Supplies instantaneous hot water to an accurate maximum temperature Fluid Category 5 backflow protection Meets BEAB Care Mark Requirements as safe for use by elderly, young or sick Applications –  Healthcare (assisted bathing)  Nursing homes  Veterinary  Dog grooming  Medical  Mortuary  Butchery  Bidet  Toilet (paperless) Thermostatically controlled shower – Electric Shower & Booster Pump package (model CSABATLF) copyright

16 Fluid Category 5 Protection
Ablution Plant Ablution Plant – FC5 July 2007 Fluid Category 5 backflow protection Consists of - • Break Tank with Type AB air gap • Booster Pump • Storage Heater • TMV Assists with multi-cultural facilities Applications – Toiletry (paperless), animal washing, butchery Safe hot water with Fluid Category 5 backflow protection – Model BTHW copyright

17 copyright 2006-2012
July 2007 THE END For further guidance or to discuss your particular application, please contact us:   copyright

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