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Huron High School 10th Grade Parent Night. Administrative Team Room 4200 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Administrative Team Room 4200 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Principal Counselor.

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1 Huron High School 10th Grade Parent Night

2 Administrative Team Room 4200 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Administrative Team Room 4200 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Principal Counselor Secretary

3 Mr. Marcus Edmondson, Grade Level Principal (734) 994-2061 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Mrs. Jamilah Morris, Counseling and 2011 Class Secretary (734) 994-2061, 994-2325 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

4 Ms. RaShonda Jamerson, Counselor A-K (734) 994-2057 7:30 am - 3:00 pm Ms. Robyn K. Watson, Counselor L-Z (734) 994-2064 M, W, F : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm & T, Th : 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

5 Class of 2011 Admin & Guidance Support Ms. Darlene Clement-Breining, Guidance Secretary (734) 994-2325 Ms. Barb Moore, Records Professional (734) 994-2047

6 rkw=), Slide 6 June 5, 2014 Are you in the loop? Where to get info @ & about Huron. Curriculum/Capsule Night PTSO Meetings / Grade Level Parent Night(s) E-Notes Dr. Williams Weekly Phone Message Web Pages Ann Arbor Public Schools, Huron Info, Class of 2011, Athletics. Power School - Parent Access Portal Parent/Teacher Conferences Teachers, Counselors, Administration...

7 rkw=), Slide 7 June 5, 2014 What you can expect from your counselors... CAREER/LIFE SKILLS AND POST-SECONDARY PLANNING Michigan s Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program includes the opportunity for the counselor(s) to join teachers and students in the classroom to develop Career and Life skills. Skills such as knowledge of self and others, how to develop educational/career technical skills and post-secondary planning including college, military and employment are covered through presentations, discussions and activities led by the counselors. Educational Development Plans are created and maintained. Academic Opportunities available through the Ann Arbor Public Schools are also discussed. INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL SUPPORT Counseling at Huron is not just scheduling or problems! Brief counseling intervention and ongoing support is available for students experiencing problems to help explore solutions so the student may effectively alleviate problems in areas related to family, school, personal or social issues. Suggestions for external assistance for a variety of issues are available at request. Counselors also provide information and opportunities in the career pathways. Remember, your counselor writes your college recommendations. The better we get to know you, the better service and support we can provide. Stop by just to say Hi ! FAMILY SUPPORT The counselors are available for consultation about any concerns regarding their children. Family support strengthens families by improving communication, clarifying roles and responsibilities and mediating conflicts. Counselors work to advocate for YOU, the student. Administrator works to maintain AAPS Policy & School Expectations fairly for ALL students. If you don t know where to go, who to talk to or even the exact question... Talk to us, we can help!

8 rkw=), Slide 8 June 5, 2014 Class of 2011 Graduation Requirements Subject Area9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade English (4.0) (No Speech Requirement) 1.0 English 9-1 & 9-2 1.0 English 10-1 &10-2 1.0 Literature 1.0 Elective Math (4.0) (70% or above on state/final HSCE exam to earn math credit) 1.0 credit Includes Algebra 1A & 1B, Geometry and Algebra 2A & 2B. Most also have math in senior year.

9 rkw=), Slide 9 June 5, 2014 Class of 2011 Graduation Requirements Social Studies (3.0) 1.0 credit – World History & Geography 1.0 credit – U.S History & Geography 1.0 credit – U.S. Gov & Economics Science (3.0) Includes Biology, Physics or Chemistry, + 1 additional BiologyEarth Science or Physical Science AC 1.0 credit

10 rkw=), Slide 10 June 5, 2014 Class of 2011 Graduation Requirements World Language (0.0) (2.0 credit required for class of 2016) Physical Education (1.0) Health (.5) Personal Fitness.5 (No Waivers) Health.5P.E. Elective.5 (Waivers Accepted) Arts (1.0) (Art, Music, CTE or FCS).5 Art

11 rkw=), Slide 11 June 5, 2014 Additional Academic Opportunities Alternative courses State funds AAPS for 6 hour day. We try to offer as many 7th hour classes as possible. But, can not promise 7th hours for everyone. –Online Classes –CRs –Independent Study –Correspondence Courses - make up credit –Dual Enrollment –Split Enrollment –COE

12 rkw=), Slide 12 June 5, 2014 Additional Academic Suggestions College Preparation –4 years ALL Academic Subjects (Occupation) Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Language Some colleges re-calc academic gpa on a straight 4.0 scale –Extra-Curricular Activities (Leadership & Citizenship) Sports Clubs –National Honors Society, Exec Board, Anime, Chess, Inter-group Relations, etc... –For a full list of clubs please check the handouts available outside the general office Volunteer/Community Service –NCAA Requirements Approved courses Specific Division Course Credits/Requirements –Your Character or Way of Being College & Job Recommendations

13 rkw=), Slide 13 June 5, 2014 Class of 2011 Grade Level Sequencing & Retention Grade1 st Semester2 nd SemesterEnd of Year 9 th Grade - Freshman 5 credits 10 th Grade - Sophomore 5 credits7 credits10 credits 11 th Grade - Junior 10 credits13 credits16 credits 12 th Grade - Senior 16 credits18 credits22 credits

14 rkw=), Slide 14 June 5, 2014 What you can expect from us... Guidance Curriculum 9th Grade/Freshman Year Getting to know myself and my school 10th Grade/Sophomore Year Getting to know what they want (how do I prepare for my next level), Responsible & Respectful Self Advocacy 11th Grade/Junior Year Defining myself and what I want for my next level 12th Grade/Senior Year Making your next level happen.

15 rkw=), Slide 15 June 5, 2014 10th Grade - Sophomore Year Classroom/Whole Group Presentations Fall Semester: Who are They and finding out what they want Finding What Fits - University, Workforce, Military?, Freshman year checklist & stories of success, update Online EDP s, Interview Sheet, College vs High School Basics, Post-Secondary Research Resources, Career Resource Center, Testing, Process Practice WorkSheets-taking the steps toward what I want, Strategies for Success. Monday September 29, 2008 - Tuesday October 7, 2008 (make-ups 10/9/08) Winter Semester: Planning and preparing myself for the next level School Profile, Review graduation requirements, GPA, Course Sequencing & Options, Portfolio & Resumes, More Than Numbers-quality vs. quantity, Career Cruising & update Online EDP s, Managing Stress and Workload, Course Selection Sheets for 11th grade Mid-February - TBD

16 rkw=), Slide 16 June 5, 2014 Getting Ready for Testing! PLAN - November/December –A2 is funding for ALL 10th graders, Fall 08 semester. PSAT/NMSQT - Saturday, October 18, 2008 –10th grade = Practice, 11th grade = National Merit Qualifing Test –Registration Deadline October 10, 2008 @ Huron General Office MME - Spring –11th grade –Michigan Merit Exam for Michigan Promise Scholarship ACT SAT I (college entrance) & SAT II (subject area) ASVAB AP

17 rkw=), Slide 17 June 5, 2014 10th Grade - Sophomore Year Self Advocacy through daily interaction and expectations –Respect - Treating each other consideration and dignity. –Responsibility - Being accountable for something. –Initiative - The ability to act or make decisions without being asked. –Perseverance - To keep working when things get tough and to seek help when needed. –Character - your public reputation/ way of being Say what you mean... Do what you say! Sophomore Individual Interview - ongoing through end of May –Sophomore Interview Information –Thoughts about your next level... –Update 4 year Graduation Plan Parent(s) & Guardian(s) are always welcome to come WITH you! Your teachers want to get to know YOU!

18 rkw=), Slide 18 June 5, 2014 10th Grade - Sophomore Year Social Concerns to be aware of... –Stress and Time Management - how hard should I push my kid? –Extra-Curricular Commitments –Friends and Peer influence/The Second Family Dating Substance Use/Abuse How Teens Network - how do they find out about this stuff? What you can do... –PTSO/Parent Support Groups –Know your kids friends and their family –Talk to your student s counselor, admin, teacher, coach... What are they seeing? –Books for Reference & for Reading, Teen Shows (Degrassi?)

19 rkw=), Slide 19 June 5, 2014 There are many times and ways you will see your counselor Open Office - Walk Ins We keep an open office time during both lunches for walk-in questions. Get a Pass - Class and Passing Time Check in with your teacher first to get a pass during the school day.(If you do not come with a pass, we cannot write one for you) Know that we have other appointments, meetings or home work during class times... But we can set up an appointment... Schedule an Appointment! Contact your counselor in person or by phone, e-mail, handwritten note under the door, etc. or contact the guidance secretaries. YES! We are available during Parent/Teacher Conferences! Emergency! Safety is our #1 concern. Help us keep Huron safe! Be the Change

20 All services provided by your school counselors are free, voluntary and completely confidential, except as required by law to the students, families, teachers and school staff in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

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