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Virginity and Choosing Abstinence. Virginity and Choosing Abstinence: What’s the difference???

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1 Virginity and Choosing Abstinence

2 Virginity and Choosing Abstinence: What’s the difference???

3 10 Reasons to Choose Abstinence

4 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 1-Avoid unplanned pregnancy: This is one of the biggest and most obvious reasons to avoid sexual contact with your partner. Unwanted pregnancy can be one of the most stressful and challenging events of your life. Choosing to NOT have sex is the only way to be 100% safe from unplanned pregnancy.

5 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 2-Avoid STD’s: Some STD’s can be fatal, some can stay with you for life, some are just unpleasant. Choosing to be abstinent is the best way to avoid getting an STD.

6 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 3-You want to save sex for that one special person and/or marriage: Marriage is an institution based on love, trust, faith and commitment. It consists of a mutually committed relationship with many benefits including companionship, emotional stability and many more.

7 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 4-You want to focus on your education or future career: It is very difficult, but not IMPOSSIBLE, to reach your educational and career goals if you become a teen parent.

8 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 5-Because you want to uphold your religious or moral or ethical values: Maybe religion guides your code of conduct…Maybe you are guided by your own moral compass? Either way you should consider how you will feel about the decision to be active based on your ethics and religion.

9 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 6-Because you might not be “ready” for sex yet: How do you know when you are ready? That is a very complicated question, and there really is no way to tell EXACTLY when you are ready. We don’t have a formula or a checklist that will tell you when you are ready. We will discuss this topic in a later unit, but since sexual contact isn’t something you should rush into, you should treat it with caution and put a lot of thought and consideration before you decide to become active with your partner.

10 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 7-So you can know the person likes you for you: Sex is not the only way to show love, there are other ways to have fun and show affection for each other. A relationship works best only if there is a solid foundation based on respect, honesty, loyalty and caring.

11 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 8-Keep your reputation: You can’t live your life to please others, so you shouldn’t get too wrapped up in what others think of you. But if everyone knows you sleep around with others and that you don’t respect your body, you may find that losing friends is a real bad consequence of being sexually active.

12 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 9-Emotional Consequences: Sex is a very emotional experience, and the results are largely unpredictable. It brings in its wake certain complications and that's why some people say it’s best to abstain until you are fully committed long term relationship adult relationship like marriage. It may lead to hurt feelings, regret, and may have unpleasant outcomes that you can’t undo. Regret, doubt, fear, anger, feeling betrayed, embarrassed, or feeling used are all common side effects of a teen who has sex before they are ready as an individual or as a couple.

13 Reasons to Choose Abstinence 10-Enjoy dating with Abstinence: Having sex might change the fun and innocent aspect of teen dating. If you abstain from having sex with the people you date, you can avoid the negative physical emotional complications that we have mentioned in this unit.

14 Define “virgin” in your notes. Consider your definition of “sex”. What counts as “sex” to you? Be prepared to explain your answer…

15 Virginity What criteria did you use? How many different answers are there in this class? Why can’t everyone agree on what a virgin is? Does it matter if we can agree on a definition? Check out this cool video: – /the-difficulty-in-defining-virginity-a-conversation- that-continues/ /the-difficulty-in-defining-virginity-a-conversation- that-continues/

16 Virginity Read “The Virgin Question-NO NEED TO STRESS” 1.Amber, 14, has a quote on the first page. Answer her question to the best of your ability. 2.Define hymen and how it is related to virginity. 3.Why are some teens tempted to lie about virginity? 4.Is there more pressure to lie about virginity for boys or girls? Explain the answer in one paragraph. 5.List at least five benefits of being a virgin. 6.Pretend you have a friend who is embarrassed to admit they are a virgin. Write a letter to them explaining why you think that there are reasons to be glad they are still a virgin.

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