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Spring 2012 Pre-Professional Checklist Workshop. Part 1 From Pre-professional to Professional Student in the Perdue School of Business.

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1 Spring 2012 Pre-Professional Checklist Workshop

2 Part 1 From Pre-professional to Professional Student in the Perdue School of Business

3 1.Complete a total of 56 credit hours 2.Complete 8 of 10 Pre-professional core courses, with: 1.Minimum Pre-professional core GPA of 2.5 1.Based on the 8-10 courses Pre-professional courses taken. 2.Includes transfer grades. 2.No D or F grades 1.Can repeat pre-professional courses one time only. 2.A course taken at another institution counts. 3.You may not repeat a course taken at SU at another institution. NOTE: All 10 Pre-professional courses must be taken. Perdue School of Business Professional Student Requirements

4 What courses must be completed? Math 155 Math 160 ECON 211 or 212 ACCT 201 24 credit hour minimum to take ACCT 201 CMAT 260 or 100 ACCT 248 ECON 212 Pre-req. – ECON 211 ACCT 202 Pre-req. – ACCT 201 INFO 211 Pre-req. - INFO 111 or COSC 116 INFO 281 Pre-req. - INFO 111 or COSC 116; MATH 155; MATH 160 * Remaining 2 Pre-professional courses must be taken during the first semester after entering Professional Program

5 When You are Eligible To Apply for Admission into the Professional Program: Visit Perdue Advising:Apply online! Visit Perdue Advising: Click Current Students Click Admission Application deadlines: –May 1 st for the summer or fall –Dec. 1 st for the winter or spring

6 Part 2 The Course Registration Process

7 Course Registration Process 1.Determine program status 2.Plan your next semester course of study 3.Register for the next semester

8 1. Determining Program Status Update Your Pre-Professional E-Checklist Using your Academic Requirements Report 1.Pre-Professional E-Checklist 1.Download from the Perdue advising website (search: Pre-professional registration) 2.Or open from your P-Drive 2. Academic Requirements Report (GullNet) 1.University source for your academic information 2.Indicates which areas (e.g. general education, pre- professional requirements) you have already fulfilled in terms of your academic career

9 Links to find Pre-Professional E- Checklist/Academic Requirements Report Pre-Professional E-Checklist – services/advising/Course_Registration/pr eprofessionalregistration.html services/advising/Course_Registration/pr eprofessionalregistration.html Academic Requirements Report (under Self Service)

10 Your Checklist Contains General Education Requirements Pre-professional Course Requirements Elective Requirements

11 Example of Pre-Professional E-Checklist

12 Your Academic Requirements Report VideoVideo: How to read your Academic Requirements Report

13 Example of Completed Gen. Ed. Area in Academic Requirements Report

14 Example of Completed Academic Requirements Report

15 Your Schedule Typical schedule: 4-5 classes per semester If you need help, see your: Professor Student Business Leaders Peers Tutoring Advisor- Check your advisor in GullNet

16 Find your Advisor! Go to Self Service, then click Student Center

17 2. Plan Your Next Semester Course of Study 1.Complete and Submit the Program Planning Form on the Perdue Advising site under Pre-Professional Registration. 2.Once your advisor receives your Program Planning Form and E-Checklist, he or she will review your entries, activate your registration record, and notify you via email as to when you may register for classes. 3.Or, you may make an appointment with your advisor. You must be prepared for this meeting by having already completed and submitted your Program Planning Form and your e-checklist.

18 3. Register for the Next Semester! 1.Access is based on the number of hours you have already completed (Does NOT include the current semesters hours!) 2.Your first possible date of registration can be found on your Gullnet account or the Registrars Office website 3.Start early! Pre-registration opens at 7:00 am on your specified day!

19 Find your Registration Date! Click Self Service, Click Enrollment, Click Enrollment Dates

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