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FIRST-YEAR ADVISING Meeting Two: How Are You Handling College?

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1 FIRST-YEAR ADVISING Meeting Two: How Are You Handling College?

2 How’s It Going? Any problems? Have you resolved them? How? Do you know my office hours? Do you need directions to someone or some place that can assist you? Either come to me or use the Referral Sheet (available on Academic Services’ web site)Academic Services’ web site How did Family Weekend go? Did you go to the Study Abroad Fair?

3 Time Management Everything in moderation – balance work and fun Make sure you rest Use wall calendars, personal planners, electronic calendars, or a mixture – whatever works best for you Look ahead and plan – break up big projects or papers into manageable chunks (research, outline, write section by section, edit) and schedule when you will do each Check the Academic Services-Online Study Skills webpage for more helpful tips

4 Mid-Term Evaluations Actions you can take if Unsatisfactory: Go to your Instructor’s Office Hours Tutoring Study Skills Workshops Personally meet with a Dean from Academic Services (call x1010 for an appointment) If worst comes to worst, withdraw from the course for a “W” grade (check deadline dates) Some of you will have already received mid-term evaluations. Instructors are not required to do this, but many will report if students are performing Satisfactorily (passing) or Unsatisfactorily (failing).

5 Withdraw with a “W” grade Be sure to check the deadline date to withdraw from individual courses A “W” grade will appear on your permanent academic transcript next to the course for that semester The “W” grade WILL NOT affect your GPA Be sure to meet with a Dean from the Office of Academic Services if you will have below 12 credits because of the effect on full-time vs. part-time status

6 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Picking Possible Courses Review the General Education Requirements when planning your scheduleGeneral Education Requirements Review Possible Major Requirements Review Possible Minor or Certificate Requirements Overlap Requirements (if possible) Classes can fulfill a Gen. Ed., Major Requirement, and Intensive all at once or a mixture (Gen. Ed. & Major, Major & Intensive, Gen. Ed. & Intensive) Electives Requirements are Part of your Degree as well and can be taken P/F

7 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Searching Spring Course Offerings Later this week go to the Registrar’s website or EagleNet to look for classes:Registrar’s website Use the Scheduling Worksheet and Course Registration Request form to design your schedule, be sure to select back up class options. The forms can be found on the Academic Services-Forms webpage.

8 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Individual Advising RPN – You will need an RPN (Registration Pin Number) in order to register. I give you this after I review your proposed schedule at our individual meeting during the Advising Period. Advising Period – how to sign up for an appointment with me. KEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS ULTIMATELY YOUR RESPONSIBLY TO ENSURE THAT YOU FULFILL ALL DEGREE REQUIREMENTS WHILE AT UMW.

9 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Registering in Banner Registration Appointment Times - Appointment times are determined by the number of completed credit hours one has. You can find this on your transcript (“Earned” column, “Overall” row in Banner). This number does not include courses you are currently taking because you haven’t completed them yet. Once the appointment time ends, you will not be able to alter your schedule until the Schedule Adjustment Period begins. Find the time when you are permitted to register at: and-registration/registration-appointment-times/ and-registration/registration-appointment-times/

10 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Registering in Banner Materials needed: Your filled out Course Request Form (with CRN Numbers) and Scheduling Worksheet with First and Second Choice Classes Registration Steps: 1. Log into EagleNet 2. Click on “Banner Self Service” and click on “Student and Financial Aid” 3. Click on “Registration”, click on “Register or Add/Drop Classes” 4. Choose correct term and Submit 5. Enter your RPN when prompted and Submit 6. Enter CRNs for all First Choice Classes and Submit (it will say Web Registered next to them if they are successful) 7. Repeat as needed until you get the number of credits desired

11 Creating Next Semester’s Schedule: Tips to remember Keep track of why you want a particular course (i.e. for a Gen. Ed., Intensive, Major, or Elective) so that you can use that as search criteria for alternates if your first choice is full. Anything taken for your Major or the General Education Requirements MUST be graded. You may take a maximum of 1 P/F and 2 SA/UN courses in the same semester. If you aren’t in the course in Banner, you aren’t in the course. Print your schedule after you register, and again each time you log in and make changes. If Banner is not working properly, for example you have a prerequisite on your transcript, but it won’t let you register for the following course, contact the Office of the Registrar (654-1063).

12 Reminder don’t forget MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Meeting Three November 12th

13 Important Dates Before the Next Meeting October 17 – 26: Advising Period October 21 – 22: Homecoming (take advantage of the opportunity to mingle with alumni) October 26: Last day to withdraw from individual courses October 29 – November 9: Advanced Registration for Spring 2013 semester November 12: First-Year Advising Meeting Three

14 Let’s Play a Game.

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