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Overview of “My Academics” my UH TheNew ________________ Your access to academic and business services online.

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1 Overview of “My Academics” my UH TheNew ________________ Your access to academic and business services online

2 “My Academics” Overview Students can access their myUH Self-Service to utilize “My Academics.” “My Academics” provides a centralized page for planning and enrollment, as well as viewing earned credits and ordering transcripts or enrollment verification.

3 Login to to access UH Self- Service, then select Student Center to enter “My Academics.” You can also select Enrollment from the left-hand menu and enter any of the available links to find the “My Academics” tab.

4 The “My Academics” page shows your specific Career, Program and Major. Any double major or minor will also appear here once declared. Click on the tabs at the top of the “My Academics” page and click on the links in the middle of the page to use tools and view student record information.

5 The “Search” tab opens up additional sub-tabs and find classes by Course Subject and/or Course Number. To narrow a search you can enter optional information. To find courses in a Winter Mini or specific Summer Session use the “Session” drop down.

6 The “Enroll” tab lets you add or drop classes to your Shopping Cart and class schedule.

7 For detailed instructions using the “Plan” tab and “View my advisement report,” Please see the “My Academics –Planner” Tutorial online. Note: All students have access to their Planner. Advisement Reports are only generated for students seeking their first undergraduate degree.

8 Undergraduates do not have an assigned advisor, therefore this link will not be used. To find walk-in hours or to set up an advising appointment, use the link in the left menu “Advising,” to locate contact information for your academic department.

9 Select “List of Advisors” to find contact information for each academic department This feature is still being developed for many colleges and you may not be able to use it as yet. At this time only Bauer College of Business, the College of NSM, and the History Department have appointments available through this online system. Students in other majors should contact their advising departments directly for assistance.

10 “View my transfer credit report” displays classes that have been evaluated and transferred. Note: Processing times to evaluate transcripts may vary based on institution and type of transcript submitted.

11 A class may be listed as “Posted” or “Rejected,” based on whether the grade earned met the transfer requirements. Visit the Transfer FAQs page to learn more. ate/apply-transfer/faq/index.php#credits Core Status is based on the core status indicated on the transcript from the external institution.

12 “View my course history” shows courses completed at UH as well as transferred courses.

13 Choose to include Planned courses, or “Hide” them when viewing course history. Each course will have a symbol representing its status. Only completed courses marked as Transferred or Taken will show a grade.

14 “View an unofficial transcript” allows students to see their transcript online. “Request official transcript” is used to order a transcript via mail or electronic.

15 You can choose to see a report that you have generated in the past. To view the most current unofficial transcript, select “go.”

16 Choose to have the transcript sent after the end of the term, or select Immediate Processing. You can either select “Send Electronic transcript” to choose from a list of institutions that are able to receive electronic transcripts, or select “Mail to Specific Address” or “Mail to My Address” to enter the mailing address.

17 “Request enrollment verification” enables you to obtain a certificate proving enrollment for insurance or lenders.

18 Select “Allow to Print from My Browser,” and then “submit” to print an unofficial verification. Or select “Request Institution to Mail” and then select “National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification” to print an official verification.

19 Once you have met all of your degree requirements, use “Apply for graduation” to submit your graduation application. Please consult the Academic Calendar to view graduation application deadlines. catalog/academic-calendar/

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