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Hurricane Ike visits Galveston The Grand 1894 Opera House.

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1 Hurricane Ike visits Galveston The Grand 1894 Opera House

2 Sunrise on Stewart Beach Friday, Sept 12, 2008 as Ike approaches

3 The tide rises at Moody Gardens

4 On the seawall – One Last Photo

5 Ambulance Chaser

6 Storm Surfing

7 Water Rising Downtown Notice the Van

8 Water Continues to Rise Even Higher on the Van

9 Looking at 22 nd & Mechanic to Bay

10 Whitecaps in Moody Gardens Parking Lot Saturday, Sept 13, 2008

11 Debris On Mechanic St.

12 Debris floats at 22 nd & Mechanic St.

13 What A Sunset! After the storm, Saturday September 13, 2008

14 Help Arrives at Ball High School

15 Ball High Becomes Media Central

16 Gaidos Restaurant Feeds Volunteers

17 Sludge, Glorious Sludge!

18 Waterline at The Tremont House

19 View Down Postoffice St.

20 From The Grand Looking East

21 From The Grand Looking West

22 A Closer Look Inside The Grand

23 The Grands Box Office

24 The Grands Entrance

25 Waterline at The Grands Front Door

26 Waterline Across the Box Office

27 Hallway to Basement Concession

28 Waterline on East Entrance Wall

29 Basement Concession Area

30 Remnants

31 Ticket Wicket that floated to the Loading Dock

32 Cupola Trim knocked from the roof

33 Ednas Room Estimated Highest Point - 8

34 Ednas Room Under Construction

35 Water Rose to Orchestra Row L

36 Orchestra Boxes Under Construction

37 Scaffolding Inside the Theatre

38 Silt on the Stage

39 Orchestra Pit Repairs

40 Orchestra Floor Repair Begins

41 New Sub Floor Started

42 Keeping the mud off the carpet!

43 Orchestra & Mezzanine Lobbies

44 No Seats in the Mezzanine

45 Grand Tier Lobby

46 The Grand Will Survive

47 The Shows Will Go On!

48 Special Thanks to… Holliday Builders Rob Landes and The Rob Landes Trio Steve Smith The Galveston County Daily News Rosenberg Library The City of Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas City Manager Steve LeBlanc The Grands Board and Advisors The Grands Staff

49 Photos Provided By.. Maureen M. Patton Holliday Builders Kathy Van Dewalli Terra Dick Judy Webb Rich Dersheimer Weez Doherty

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