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Team 7 Channing Wong - 8113 Ali Afzal Malik - 4838 Trung Nguyen - 5279 On Campus.

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1 Team 7 Channing Wong - 8113 Ali Afzal Malik - 4838 Trung Nguyen - 5279 On Campus

2 Topic Description A digital menu for restaurants Need –Slow Service –Complex Menus Solution – Interactive Touch Screen Menu Distinguishing Features –Customizable Profile –Customizable Dishes –Suggestions –Feedback

3 System Requirements The system shall allow customers to view todays menu and specials. The system shall provide a description for each item (a more detailed description of the dish including pictures, ingredients, feedback, etc). The system shall allow customers to view suggestions (users will be able to see recommendations from the menu based upon their profile). The system shall allow the customers to select the dishes of their choice with any special requests (e.g. without cheese). The system shall allow the customers to customize their own dish (select ingredients of your choice and the way you want it to be prepared). The system shall allow customers to place an order. The system shall allow customers to provide feedback for the dishes and view feedback from other customers (give ratings based upon a score system of 1-10). The system shall allow customers to make a payment when done. The system shall allow customers to manage their profile.

4 Navigation Map

5 User Profile Checklist (1) Psychological Characteristics –Cognitive Style: Spatial/Intuitive –Attitude:Positive, Neutral –Motivation:High, Moderate Knowledge and Experience –Reading level/education:Simple reading ability –Typing/computer skills :Low –Education:No degree required –System experience:Novice, Moderate –Task experience:Novice in field, Moderate –Application experience:No or One similar systems –Native language:English –Use of other systems:Little or none –Computer literacy:Low, Moderate

6 User Profile Checklist (2) Job and Task Characteristics –Frequency of use:Low, Medium –Primary Training:None, Manual –System use:Discretionary –Job categories:Not Applicable –Task importance:Low –Task Structure:Moderate –Turnover (e.g. training new users) High Physical Characteristics –Color blindness:Not Applicable –Handedness:Left, Right, Ambidextrous –Gender:Both –Age:All age groups

7 Dialogue Interaction Styles Dialogue Style selected –A combination of Menu and Direct Manipulation –Users will need an easy-to-use interface –Turnover will be high so interface must also be easy to learn –Simple point and touch

8 Task Analysis

9 Task Analysis (2)

10 User Characterization User characteristics: –Casual diner with basic reading ability –No restriction educational level or job category User Tasks: –Interact with the system through a touch screen interface –Choose the options in the interactive menu (similar to withdrawing from an ATM) User Workload: –Casual (Ordering a meal in a restaurant) User Environmental Consideration: –Sitting comfortably at a table in a restaurant

11 I/O Devices A Touch Screen Monitor –Ease of use –Convenient –Technologically advanced –Fun Card Reader –Login –Profile Access –Charging Account

12 Summary Style Guide Page design –The companys logo and restaurant name must be repeated on all screens –Logo, of size 96 x 96 pixels, should be placed on the top left corner of the screen –All pages should fit on one screen (no scrolling) Link design –Footer navigation links are repeated on all pages –Links for main sections are placed on top of all screens except the main screen and the payment screen –Current screen link is highlighted when available –Sub-menu links are present on the left side of the screen

13 Style Guide (2) Color design –Used consistent color theme across application –Background color is light yellow –Black Curlz MT font with bold font style is used on all screens with varying sizes: SectionFont size Title50 Salutation14 Left menu24 Promotion20 Footer12 Top menu18 Instruction12 Info button 8

14 Icons/Symbols Used Logo: –Company logo –Appears on upper left corner of each screen –Implies restaurant application (fork, spoon, and plate of food) –Binary aroma signifies digital nature of application –Yellow and red are vibrant colors that provide a good color combination and contrast

15 Icons Used Favorites –If menu item matches users favorites in the profile Level of Spice –If menu item matches users preference on level of spice Todays Special –Displayed on the welcome page

16 Use of Color Background color – Light Yellow: gives the user a warm environment Menu button colors –Each menu button has a different color to differentiate from others Menu: light green Order Submission: rose Customize menu: orange Profile menu: brown –Each corresponding screen will contain color theme of button

17 Common GUI Design Features Title of restaurant located at top, center-aligned –This will change with each restaurant using our services Footer links located at bottom –Small buttons due to infrequent use Help located at bottom left –Calling staff for assistance

18 Homepage Design (1)

19 Homepage Design (2) Salutation located top, right –Conspicuous Specials located in main section –Alluring the user Menu options on left panel –Traditional menu layout. Large buttons on side.

20 Homepage Real Estate

21 Our Menu Screen (1)

22 Our Menu Screen (2) Navigation menu located at top of screen –Current screen is highlighted Sub menu located at left –Indicates items found on current screen along with price Color theme of screen –Light green, including all buttons, sub-menu and highlighted menu option Check box used to select menu item –Quantity of selected items chosen on next screen Navigation buttons for additional menu pages (not shown) –Will allow user to navigate back and forth through menu pages with more than 6 items –6 items on each page so to not clutter main screen

23 Order Screen (1)

24 Order Screen (2) Navigation menu not displayed –Will not be shown on order page –To go back: user must click on Change Order button Color theme of screen –Pink for the sub menu and buttons Quantity select –User selects from pull down menus the quantity of items selected Finalizing order –When user is done selecting items in order, they will click Make Payment button at the bottom

25 Customize Screen (1)

26 Customize Screen (2) Color theme of screen –Orange color on sub menu, highlight on navigation menu and buttons Multi-select list boxes –The user will be able to customize their own dish by selecting all the ingredients from the lists that they wish to include Adding order –When done creating customized menu item, user will click Place Order button at bottom –System will now add order to the Order Screen where quantity of new item can be selected

27 Profile Screen (1)

28 Profile Screen (2) Color theme of screen –Brown color used for sub menu, highlighted menu item and buttons Screen options –User can adjust profile and save it for future visits Save button –When user is done making updates to their profile they will click on the save button

29 Tools Used Tools used: –Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (for prototype) –Parabens Icon Builder (for logo) –Adobe Photoshop (for icons) –MS Project (for project plan)

30 Comments/Assumptions Card reader will not be implemented in our prototype Special Requests feature has not been prototyped as yet Decided against using a keyboard for I/O –Advantages: User can type in comments –Disadvantages: Requires more skilled user

31 Future Plan (1)

32 Future Plan (2)

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