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DENON TU-604CI 6 zone expandable multi tuner

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1 DENON TU-604CI 6 zone expandable multi tuner
Ask if there are questions and refer to the support dide on www, escient Thank them for their time

2 DENON TU-604CI Key Features 6 independent tuner possibility
2 build in FM/AM Tuners 4 Expansion slots for Additional FM/AM or DAB tuners Independent triggers + master trigger Web interface for setup and remote assistance Ip/RS232 control with easy to understand RS232 protocol

3 DENON TU-604CI Front panel Shift button Tuner on/off indicator Tuner
select Tuning buttons Display With remote sensor Memory button Display Dimmer Mode button RDS PT PTY buttons Return/ Status button Power button + Indicator Tuner Module on/off selection Function buttons Setup button Band mode button Jog dail/ Push to select

4 DENON TU-604CI Back Panel Tuner module Independent Tuner module
Build in FM/AM tuner DAB/FM-AM Tuner Expansion slots RS232port Ethernet port Tuner module Independent Stereo line out Remote bus in/out 3.5mm jack Tuner module independent trigger 12v Master trigger

5 DENON TU-604CI Tuner modules FM/AM TUNER module Specification;
Fm 87.5 – MHz AM 522 – 1611 KHz Sensitivity FM 1.0 uV Sensitivity AM 18uV s/n Stereo 70dB F-type antenna connector Presets and line connectivity are on the TU-604 Ci for each module slot

6 DENON TU-604CI Tuner modules DAB TUNER module Specification; BandIII
– MHz Band L – MHz Sensitivity band III -98dB Sensitivity band L -94 dB s/n Stereo 90dB F-type Antenna connector Presets and line connectivity are on the TU-604 Ci for each module slot

7 DENON TU-604CI Tuner module installation Power off the unit
Un tighten the screws of the blind plates Take away the blind plates which cover the Tuner slots

8 DENON TU-604CI Tuner module installation Insert the tuner module
into the Slots You can add DAB or FM/AM modules in any slot Fit the screws back to secure the modules. The modules are direct recognized

9 DENON TU-604CI Web Interface The Web interface can be
accessed by entering the provided IP address of the router to the TU-604CI In the Internet explorer From here you have the ability to select between; - Unit control - Setup menu - Unit rename Default is the name of the module Slot

10 DENON TU-604CI Unit Control Use this page to control: -Power (ON/OFF)
-Tuner (ON/OFF) -Tuner Band (FM/AM or DAB -Frequency -Memory Preset Select tuner (module) Select preset and frequency Display Select memory Via select tuner you can select the module you want to control

11 DENON TU-604CI Setup Menu Assign Preset banks to the Tuner modules

12 DENON TU-604CI Main Setup Select Tuner module to prepare for control.
(FM/AM module or DAB) Tuner 1 and 2 are FM/AM build in

13 DENON TU-604CI Setup Menu Tuner Preset (A1 to G8) including:
- Memory Preset number - Radio Band (FM/AM) - Frequency

14 DENON TU-604CI Option Setup
Basic settings for the general control of the TU-604 CI: - Dimmer Level (Bright/Dim/Dark/OFF) - Remote ID (1/2/3/4) (set the remote code set for the module) - Remote Lock (ON/OFF) (to avoid remote control) Setup Lock (ON/OFF) (lock the unit to avoid changes) RS-232 Power (ON/OFF) ( Enables rs232 control from standby mode) - Firmware Update

15 DENON TU-604CI Unit rename Unit Rename Use this page to change the
name of Each tuner modules in the unit. This is a useful tool to identify the tuner modules in a project

16 DENON TU-604CI Save & Load Save / Load
Use this pages to save your settings and to restore in case of accidental erasing. You can also upload settings in another TU-604CI Your projects are stored in your computer.

17 DENON TU-604CI 6 zone expandable multi tuner
RS232 control Straight connection Pin1: GND, Pin2: TxD, Pin3: RxD, Pin5: Common (GND) Settings: Communication Speed : 9600bps Character Length : 8 bits Parity Control : None Start Bit : 1 bit Stop Bit : 1 bit Example: STMS*ANFM<CR> : Select analog tuner FM band TPS*ANUP<CR> : Select tuner preset one position up TMS*ANMANUAL<CR> : Tuning frequency manual mode. The complete RS232 protocol files are downloadable on the Denon web site: TU-604CI 

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