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Prestige 2.0 Commercial Thermostat with Internet Connectivity.

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1 Prestige 2.0 Commercial Thermostat with Internet Connectivity

2 Flexible Configurations: Single and 2-piece / 2-wire models REDLINK wireless enabled Heat pump or Conventional up to 4 Cool Humidify and Dehumidification cycles Internal and/or remote sensors Differential Temperature Diagnostics / contact monitoring inputs on Equipment Interface Easy to install, configure and operate: High Definition Color Touch Screen Operation & Setup wizards On-board context-sensitive Commercial Feature Save Energy: Built-in US Holiday & special event calendar Secure keypad & override options Outside Air Heating and cooling lockouts Economizer/Occupancy control relay Commercial optimized recovery ramps Override time limits Title-24 compliant / ventilation control Worlds BEST Commercial Thermostat system Single Piece Model (3H/2C) 2-Wire Thermostat + Equipment Interface (4C/2H)

3 REDLINK Communication REDLINK Communication with Remote Outside Air temperature/humidity Sensor REDLINK Communication with up to 6 remote space temperature/humidity sensors REDLINK Communication with Portable Comfort Control desktop module REDLINK Communication with RIG Internet Gateway (4 systems max) Wireless Outdoor Sensor Portable Comfort Control Wireless Space Sensor REDLINK Internet Gateway

4 REDLINK Communication Features 900 MHZ Frequency hopping spread spectrum to avoid interference Single outside air sensor & Portable Comfort Control may communicate with up to 16 thermostats Reliable 2-way transmissions with acknowledgement ~ 2 month warning for battery replacement - (2) AA Lithium batteries required for outside air sensor ~ 5 year battery life - (2) AAA Alkaline batteries required for space sensor ~ 1 year battery life - (3) AA Alkaline batteries required for Portable Comfort Control ~ 1 year battery life Wireless Outdoor Sensor Portable Comfort Control Wireless Space Sensor REDLINK Internet Gateway

5 Operational Thermostat Features Thermostat identification on Commercial home screen Plain language schedule configuration “occupied / unoccupied “ Plain language override operation Plain language alerts and reminders Contractor information and LOGO display

6 Thermostat Configuration & Diagnostic Features Plain-language configuration Context-sensitive Help Delta-T alarm setup wizard Dry-contact monitoring and alarming with pre-defined and custom text Data logging of selected user interactions (last 25) Data logging of system alarms and faults with details (last 25) USB Memory Stick interface - Parameter Download - Data Log Download - Parameter Upload - Contractor Logo Upload

7 PRESTIGE 2.0 Commercial –3 unit system with Delta-T QTY (1) YTHX9421R5069 2 piece / 2-wire thermostat and EIM with duct sensors and wireless outside air sensor QTY (2) YTHX9421R5051 2 piece / 2-wire thermostat and EIM with duct sensors QTY (1) THM6000R1002 REDLINK Internet Gateway (RIG)

8 Prestige 2.0 ZONE configurations Residential HZ432 / HZ332 with THM400R Redlink Adapter Maximum (4) thermostats / system Maximum (4) THM4000Rs / RIG

9 Redlink Internet Connectivity Features FREE user account at - WEB browser / smart phone access - Monitor temperature and humidity - Change setpoints, operating mode, initiate overrides - Receive e-mail alerts Connection via MAC - No firewall/port/TCP-IP issues - Fixed IP address NOT required User account may have multiple RIGs User account may have multiple sub- users with assignable privileges

10 Total Connect Comfort User Screen


12 Smart Phone App (residential mode shown)

13 Prestige 2.0 Future Enhancements Edit Schedules via Internet REDLINK remote commercial override switch (3 max / thermostat) Residential Override shown

14 Prestige 2.0 Commercial Thermostat Summary Flexible / Full featured 1 thermostat fits most commercial applications Commercial features with Holiday scheduling Lowest Cost to Install 2-piece / 2-wire installation for retrofit applications REDLINK wireless communication eliminates bus wiring Best Service Easy to use plain English installation, operation and alerts Predictive diagnostics with Delta-T configuration and/or custom dry-contact monitoring Lowest Cost Internet Connectivity Honeywell hosted server with no access fees Simple internet connection with no need to dedicate IP address


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