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Application Guide For Mesh AP – MAP-3120

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1 Application Guide For Mesh AP – MAP-3120
How to Quick Configure MAP-3120 for the first time? FW: 3.1.4

2 Preface This guide basically help to quick setup the wireless mesh bridge for wide coverage This install steps can also cover MAP-3100 at Layer 2 mode operation

3 Topics Basic Concepts Install Hypothesis The Install Steps

4 Basic Concepts - 1/3 Gateway
The Mesh node that connected to the wired network infrastructure In the same Mesh Group, only ONE gateway is allowed Relay The Mesh Node that bridging between WiFi AP interfaces and Mesh backhaul interface In the same Mesh Group, no limits in the number of Relay nodes

5 Basic Concept – 2/3 Layer 2 / Layer 3
MAC layer bridging or IP layer routing for Mesh AP nodes. The MAP-3120 supports Layer 2 bridging. At Layer 2 mode, all the packet forwarding are base on Layer 2 MAC address just like Ethernet Switches Backhaul The connection between Mesh APs. Basically, it is the same “group” of Mesh AP using the same SSID, Wireless Frequency / Channel, and Security settings No limits in the Mesh Nodes, BUT, the same Mesh Group will use the same backhaul bandwidth, say, a 54Mbps

6 Basic Concepts - 3/3 WiFi AP
The second RF interface of MAP-3120 that support standard Wireless Access Point features VLAN The MAP-3120 supports multiple VLAN (up to 15), when one more new VLAN enabled, MAP-3120 will automatically create a new SSID (a new virtual AP) for the system so that different wireless group can use different SSID to access different wired network (through 802.1q VLAN tagging) NMS Network Management Software, MAP-3120 supports central management through one software installed PC. The PC can find all the configured Mesh AP in one management screen

7 Install Hypothesis – 1/2 Network Environment Office Building
Users located in different floors Daily operation: , Internet surfing, data processing, etc. Mobile workers could walk around Network Plan All the Users use DHCP to get the IP Address ( x) DHCP Server locate at computer room ( ) Mesh Network Management PC ( ) Internet Router locate at computer room ( )

8 Install Hypothesis -2/2 Network Requirement
N x MAP (depends on the real environment, in this guide, Say: 3 Mesh Nodes, 1 Gateway, 2 Relay) 1 x Ethernet Switch 1 x Internet Router 1 x DHCP server (or Router with DHCP enabled) 2.4GHz b/g Wireless Coverage 5.8GHz a Wireless Backhaul Link 5.8GHz a Wireless Backhaul Indirect Link

9 Install Steps at Web Interface
With the Network Hypothesis, please follow the steps below to Configure your MAP-3120 one by one Step 1: Knowing the Default Setting Step 2: Operating Mode Step 3: Country Mode Step 4: DNS Settings Step 5: IP Settings Step 6: Mesh Settings Step 7: Wireless AP Settings Step 8: Reboot

10 Step 1: The Settings The MAP-3120 comes with the default setting
Operation Mode: Gateway IP Address: /24 Gateway IP: Country Mode: FCC Mesh Settings: RF Band: a Frequency: Channel 160: 5.8GHz Data Rate: Auto TX Power: 20dbm Security: Open Wireless Settings: RF Band: g Frequency: Auto

11 Step 1: The Settings Please setup the management PC to
Start up the Web page with HTTPS User name / Password: admin / admin Click on Radio button to pull down the command menu Hint: In this Guide, to quick install the three Mesh AP, we will start the settings from Relay AP first! That is: Setup Relay 1 -> Relay 2 -> Gateway Click on menu options to show up the command page

12 Step 2: Operating Mode Click on System -> System Hint: Hint:
Here should shows the configuration saved message Hint: In the following sections, please check “Configuration Saved” after you click on Apply button. And after all the configuration are settle down, we will reboot to activate them at one time. If this saved message do not show up, you will need to Apply again. Hint: You can also key in the meaningful message to the related column. For example, Name: Relay1 Location: Accounting Dept. Select the Mode to L2 Relay Click on Apply to save the settings

13 Step 3: Country Mode Click on System -> Advance
Scroll down to “Wireless” section Select the Country follow your location Click on Apply to save the settings

14 Step 4: DNS Settings Click on Network -> DNS Settings
In here we will setup the DNS and the Gateway Key in the DNS IP address of your ISP Key in the Gateway IP address. In this guide: Click on Apply to save the settings

15 Step 5: IP Address Settings
Click on Network -> VLAN In here we will setup the IP address Key in the IP address. In this guide: ~ 3 Click on Edit to modify default VLAN’s IP address Hint: By default VLAN 0 will be: Enabled and packet type is Untagged. If click on Inactive VLAN and enable VLAN1 ~ 15, then VLAN1 ~ 15 will be Tagged packets follow its VLAN ID. Please be ware of this and setup the VLAN of the Switch accordingly. Click on Apply to save the settings

16 Step 6: Mesh Settings Here to setup the Wireless Backhaul Hint: Hint:
Frequency could vary on different country. Hint: ESSID should be the same for the rest Mesh AP in this same Mesh Group. Different ESSID will results in another Mesh groups. Hint: If there are security concern, you can also turn on the Security options. And there can be: WEP or AES.

17 Step 7: Wireless AP Settings
Setup the Local AP interface Click on Edit to modify the Logical AP Settings. Click on Apply to save the settings if there is any change to the AP Logical Settings. Hint: If there is other VLAN enabled, you will find that MAP-3120 will automatically create a new Virtual AP here. Click on Apply if there is any change to Physical Settings above.

18 Click on Reboot to restart the device
Step 8: Reboot After the 7 steps above, you’d just configured the first MAP-3120 You can either Reboot this device or, Power off and on to make the settings applied to the system Click on Reboot to restart the device Hint: After the reboot process, please use the new IP address for further configuration or management.

19 Now, the three Mesh AP is configured and ready for services!
Step 8: Reboot Please continue for your second MAP-3120 (Relay 2) and third (Gateway) follow the 7 steps again Configured! Configured! Configured! Now, the three Mesh AP is configured and ready for services!

20 Summary This guide base on the topology right-hand side to configure the three MAP-3120 For more about the device setup, please also refer to the User’s Manual Or, you can get some more from App Guide 2. @ 2F @ 1F @ 1F

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