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Introduction to NetStation and V-DRS

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1 Introduction to NetStation and V-DRS
Alnet Systems Introduction to NetStation and V-DRS

2 Alnet Servers Alnet NetStation Open Platform Video Management Solution
NetStation is an Advanced System for video and sound recording from IP and Analog Cameras The System is based on the highly reliable VDR-S application by Alnet Systems The Alnet servers are Windows based The system are fully supported supported locally (South Africa) and remotely via ADSL 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

3 Alnet Servers Alnet System Features
VDR-S is the software application installed on each of the Alnet Servers H.264 Compression is used. This is the replacement for MPEG4. H.264 is a standard for video compression, and is equivalent to MPEG-4 Part 10, or MPEG-4 AVC User Friendly GUI Camera configuration menu allows precise parameters settings for each of the cameras. Each camera can be set up individually. Archives are available instantly and supply a user friendly time line to find incidents. These archives are available to anybody on the network that has been granted access to the material. Advanced motion detection Interactive electronic map (e-map) is an optional feature which shows floor plan and corresponding camera locations. system alerts to managers: signal loss, camera disconnected, user login and logout, start-up and shutdown of system etc. Alnet Client software for remote viewing via the LAN or ADSL (both Server and Client must be connected to same LAN or ADSL) 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

4 Alnet Servers Specific Features Server
Windows 7 (32bit) based server, core i7, 4GB RAM, Intel MBD, ATI graphic card Max video resolution HD Analogue, 10 Megapixel IP (camera dependant) Browser management interface NetStation IP software, VDRS Server software, CMS Professional Client software Remote access Yes, up to 16 servers simultaneously Number of concurrent users 999 Compression Method DJPEG, MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG (system dependant) Storage capacity Expandable to required capacity Storage and Backup type DVD, USB, HDD External storage + HDD extendible Yes Video Inputs 4, 8, 12, 16, 32, Hybrid, IP (max 32) Recording Mode Pre and Post recording, motion, schedule, always on alarm input Type of protection & levels Username + password, multiple levels Data export JPG, AVI, proprietry VSD Network/Internet connectivity TCP/IP Video outputs VGA, HDMI (system dependant) System operation Mouse, keyboard, joystick, touch screen Certifications CE, FCC Warranty 3 years 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

5 Server Recommendations
Provision should be made for an industrial UPS to run the entire server system. Power for the system should be provided through a dedicated "RED CIRCUIT" (NOT THROUGH EARTH LEAKAGE) with UPSs at each Power supply point. Maximum distance from PoE switch to furthest camera: 100m. Power must be provided for the PoE Switches [220VAC]. All Alnet servers should be housed in a lockable server cabinet with the following recommendations: Depth 800mm Equip with a fan Rear Extension Closet for cable management The cabinets should be in an air-conditioned environment to prevent the server equipment from overheating. In order to comply with the required installation standards the cabinet must be positioned in an air conditioned room and on a raised platform. The cabinet will need a clearance area of 1m around the perimeter to allow technicians unobstructed access. 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

6 Remote Viewing Client Application (CMS) Mobile Client
CMS Professional is an advanced client application that works in conjunction with NetStation servers. The software provides the capability to view multiple sites remotely via an ADSL connection. Client software is also able to record footage offering further redundancy. Recorded footage can be accessed through the Archive module which has all of the same functionality as the Server User limitations can be set on Client applications by the system administrator Client software is distributed free of charge. Mobile Client Video client software for mobile devices CMS mobile is supported by iPhone, android, blackberry and windows phone 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

7 VDR-S Introduction Camera Configuration Viewing Archives PTZ Control
Exporting Video Footage E-map 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

8 Camera Configuration VDR-S software enables the user to setup and define individual camera characteristics. The process is very simple as illustrated below. 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

9 Camera Configuration After selecting configuration >> Cameras from the drop down menu the following ‘Camera settings’ window will appear . Select Camera Select Configuration tab Name Camera Appropriately Click Apply when done 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

10 Viewing Archives Archives can be accessed instantly by clicking on the archives tab (top left corner of screen) as shown below. 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

11 Viewing Archives The Archives window will open displaying a time line at the top of the screen. Dragging the mouse along the time line will display a date, time as well as the corresponding video images. Time Line Select Date 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

12 PTZ Control Select the PTZ icon to the left of the screen to bring up the PTZ control interface 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

13 Exporting to AVI Enter the Archives and click on the export icon as shown below 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

14 Exporting to AVI Fill in the required parameters before exporting the video footage to an AVI file 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

15 E-map Interactive electronic map (e-map) is an optional feature which shows floor plan and corresponding camera locations. Clicking on a camera icon will open full screen view of camera on adjacent screen (dual screen) A red ring around the camera indicates motion detection An alarm icon can be placed at any point where an alarm input is in use and will flash when activated. For example a door being opened. 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

16 E-map 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

17 Contact Alnet Africa Raicom Tel: Fax: 4/1/2017 Alnet.Systems.Netstation.IP

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