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Wireless H.264 Mage-Pixel PT Internet Camera

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1 Wireless H.264 Mage-Pixel PT Internet Camera
ICA-HM220W Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.

2 Presentation Outline Product Overview Product Features
Product Application Management Product Comparison

3 Product Overview Front Panel of ICA-HM220W Tilt range of 120°
Infrared LED Focus Ring Microphone Tilt range of 120° LAN LED Audio LED WLAN LED Power LED View Angle Horizontal : 65° Vertical: 51° Weight 300g Pan range of 350° Operating Temp. 0 ~ 50 °C 20% ~ 80 ﹪(non-condensing)

4 Product Overview Rear Panel of ICA-HM220W 3.5mm Speaker Socket
RJ-45 LAN Socket SMA Type Antenna Connector WPS Button Power Jack Reset Button SD Card Slot Input Power Requirement Camera Power Support : DC 12V, 1A

5 Product Features Wireless H.264 Mega-Pixel PT Internet Camera ICA-HM220W 1.3 Mega-Pixel color Image Sensor 9 Infrared LEDs support up to 5 meters visible distance at night H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG multi video compression Pan range of 350-degrees and Tilt range of 120-degrees controlled over network 2-Way Audio supported with built-in microphone and additional external speaker Store to Samba function to save video files without operating software IEEE n Wireless LAN Capability Supports WPS function Build-in iPhone Viewer for iPhone mobile remote applications Supports SD card to save local recording video and image Cam Viewer Plus - Central management software supported

6 Management View Video & Administration Advanced Management
Pan / Tilt and Preset Control Provide 9 memory slots to preset point can also be cruise between all preset points automatically Pan/Tilt Speed Control Specifies the moving speed when PT function to point the camera to a new direction. Available options are 1 (fastest) to 5 (slowest). Streaming Type Choice of H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG on network demands View Screen 2-Way Audio Digital Zoom Full Screen View

7 Management 3 motion detection areas / Trigger 1. E-Mail 2. FTP
With the support for motion detection, once there is any moving activity in the specified area, the camera can soon send a message to the manager by or upload recording/picture onto FTP, , SD card or NAS server. 1. 2. FTP 3. SD Card 4. NAS

8 SD capacity indication Click to view selected picture
Management SD / SDHC (High-Capacity) Introduction File Management Flash Space Alarm Storage Status SD capacity indication Click to view selected picture Adjustable warning Compatible with 8GB class 2 SDHC card. Support Hot-Swapping.. Direct to change flash without power off.

9 Product Feature iPhone Viewer support
Allows multiple users login to view live video simultaneously. Maximum can up to 16 users access to the camera. For iPhone mobile user, the internet camera provides the most convenient way of monitoring their offices and houses. iPhone Viewer

10 Product Feature Store to NAS Event Triggered Motion Detected
No need for additional PC to store the image/AVI files, Store-to-NAS help to save the event trigger images directly to a specified NAS server (Network Attached Storage) or PC with shared folder. This shall help to reduce the installation cost for a powerful PC yet replaced by a normal 1-bay or 2-bay NAS or any existing Storage in the Network. Event Triggered Motion Detected Store to NAS NAS PLANET NAS-7201

11 Product Application Provide various surveillance applications
1.3 Mega-Pixel Less dead Spot CamViewer Plus Central Management Easy to complete Wireless Home Network via WPS iPhone mobile Surveillance 2-Way Audio Optional Outdoor Housing for Outdoor Installation

12 Product Application Provide various surveillance applications
Multiple User login Cam Viewer Central Management Store captured to SD card when motion detected Record to preset NAS server Wireless 11n Technology Long Distance 2-Way Audio iPhone mobile Surveillance

13 Product Comparison PLANET ICA-HM220W ICA-M220W ICA-M220
Model Features PLANET ICA-HM220W ICA-M220W ICA-M220 Sensor 1/4" Mega-Pixel CMOS Lens f=5 mm, F2.8 f=6 mm, F1.8 Sensibility (Lux) 1.0 / 0 Lux (IR on) 1.0 Lux Pan / Tilt Range Pan: 350 degrees Tilt: 120 degrees Image Compression H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG MPEG-4 / M-JPEG Max resolution 1280 x 1024 (15fps) 640 x 480 (30fps) Infrared 9 x IR LED - iPhone Viewer V Store-to-NAS Wireless IEEE n/g/b WPS SD Support 8Gb SDHC class 2 Built-in Microphone 2-Way Audio


15 Appendix Sales Target Target Markets Target Customers
System Integrator Reseller Target Customers Who buy our PT Camera ICA-M230, ICA-HM230, ICA-M220 Who buy Wireless PT IP Camera products ICA-M220W

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