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5S Workplace CI Department, Supply Cabinet March 2009.

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1 5S Workplace CI Department, Supply Cabinet March 2009

2 Objectives Going through all the supplies, materials, etc., in the cabinet and work area and keeping only essential items. Everything else is stored or discarded. Focuses on efficiency. For every thing there should be a place and every thing should be in its place. Standardized work practices or operating in a consistent and standardized fashion. Everyone knows exactly what his or her responsibilities are to keep above 3S's… Systematic Cleaning or the need to keep the workplace clean as well as neat. Everything is restored to its place. Sustaining the discipline: Refers to maintaining and reviewing standards. Once the previous 4S's have been established, they become the new way to operate.

3 Site Selection Criteria: – Establish the CI Department as a LSS leader that can coach/mentor/teach by doing. – Activity must have some level of financial impact. – Project size will allow for a quick ROI. – Use a common skill set that can easily bridge to other applications and projects. – Select a shared resource supporting multiple staff. – Area will allow CI to be the sustaining owner. CI Department Supply Cabinet

4 Current State Seemed organized … but the sort revealed large amounts of excess inventory and unneeded items.

5 Current State Hidden from view of copy machine.

6 Future State Visual workplace standards posted.

7 Future State Paper now located near the copy machine Items for copy support labeled for return and reuse (Shadow Box) Paper boxes removed from walkway safety hazard

8 Expense Time 3 hrs Cost of labor Supplies – Recycled used organizers – Label maker and tape; donated StaffRateHoursTotal 3$503$450

9 Results Completed project in 3hrs Items removed? – (Over 2 boxes (size of a box for printer paper) ) Organization achieved? – A search for 5 common items: Unorganized cabinet 0:3:11 5S cabinet 0:0:23 0:2:48 advantage per visit

10 Results Inventory reduced? – Inventory levels established by demand for 46 different supply items in the office inventory – Safety stack levels established to prevent stockout – Reorder points established by average weekly consumption and reorder period. – Reorders period est. once a month vs. by stockout Total cost of excess items$334.62 Total cost of required items($33.66) Net supply savings for the event$300.96

11 Results Room layout – reduced motion of copy station activities by at least 16 steps for needed supplies. Developed a transferable 5S skill set Anecdotally, the 5S standard workplace reduces the need to hoard supplies. (more items)

12 Lessons Learned Current state seemed well organized, but after 5Sing event it was understood that excess inventory while neat and orderly is only a distraction for essential inventory and consumes needed space and time while searching through inventory addition inventory. Task organization – Begin with a number of containers or bins on hand, a camera and label maker and a suitable area for laying out items during the sort. Find additional organizational supplies as needed. Allow enough space to conduct a sort with at least 2 distinct piles labeled as used often, rarely, never…

13 Lessons Learned Be willing to let go of equipment, stock or office furniture when the use cannot be justified. Sometimes this is more about function than appearance. This will also help to decide where items are placed for best use. Involve the effected population. Let all users of the area contribute their concerns. Document at each phase of the event. – Current state (Photos, timed experiments) – After the sort (# items removed, ect.) – Future state (Photos, timed experiments)

14 If the task is large design the layout on paper or use some type of simulation. Teach those using the new process how the system works. (Safety Stock/Reorder Point) Establish a standardization plan. (we used a monthly audit sheet and consolidation report tracking the scores over time. If 5S falls out of standards, re-5S and re-educate quickly. Lessons Learned

15 Questions Time Test: Pencil Highlighter Pen Notepad Paper clips

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