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2 Every patient matters Who are we? Teresa Hopley – Assistant Director of HR Kathy Ronan – SIP Project Support Officer

3 Every patient matters What is Lean? A mechanism by which we can give our patients great & efficient service Its a philosophy / way of working/ an ideal to be pursued It should be considered as dynamic and a journey rather than a fixed point Set of tools that can be applied to improve processes Its about creating the right culture to embrace change

4 Every patient matters Focus on what the Patient values Lean aims to focus the whole hospital on dealing with what the patient needs, when they want it. The lean approach is to maximise value adding activities in the process and eliminate what can be considered as waste or activities which do not add value The aim to is create flow in our systems

5 Every patient matters 1. Identify value 2. Map the value stream 3. Create flow 4. Establish pull 5. Seek perfection The Five Lean Principles

6 Every patient matters What is Waste or Non Value Adding? Waste/Muda is not just what we throw away Activities that consume Time, Resources and Space, but do not contribute to satisfying customer/patient needs Need to reduce or eliminate it

7 Every patient matters Types of Waste Unnecessary movement of patients and equipment around the hospital Excess stock levels/uncontrolled ordering Unnecessary staff movement – poor work area design Patients waiting for hospital appts or in waiting areas Recording same information on more than one system Junior doctors ordering too many tests Mistakes/not getting it right first time Not tapping into staff ideas to improve processes. T I M W O O D Y Transport Inventory Motion Waiting Over processing Over production Defects/ Reworks Your skills and unused creativity

8 Every patient matters Technical change Cultural change What happens if this balance is not achieved? Effective Change Programmes Need a Balance

9 Every patient matters Technical change Cultural change If There’s too Much Emphasis on the Cultural … …people feel different but the work process is fundamentally the same: results are limited.

10 Every patient matters Technical change Cultural change If the Emphasis is all on the Technical Side… … potential improvements in performance are hampered because the old practices are still in place: no-one feels involved.

11 Every patient matters Effective Change Programmes Need a Balance Leadership Technical changeCultural change Policy Deployment Value Stream Identification Value Stream Mapping Standardisation Lean Techniques Leadership, Coaching Lean Awareness

12 Every patient matters Satisfied staff Loyal & committed staff Staff that support the service values Satisfied patients Loyal patients and membership

13 Every patient matters Sound familiar? Don’t want someone coming in changing the way I work Haven’t got time for this It’s always been done this way I can see a better way…..but no-one ever listens Isn’t Lean just another “flavour of the month”?

14 Every patient matters 5S Sort Straighten/Set Scrub Standardise Sustain Throw out the junk and only be left with what you need. Organise equipment and materials appropriately according to frequency of use, quantity required, arranged to minimise movement and labelled so anyone can find them. Cleaning is inspection, so checking items are in serviceable and safe working order each time you need it. Establishing a commonly understood standard to which we maintain the work area Audit to keep the team focused on maintaining best practice standards and look for continuous improvement.

15 Every patient matters And now it’s time for a game………..

16 Every patient matters The Rules are : Only turn over the sheet when told to do so You must cross out from bottom left to top right of each number Do NOT rotate the page Finish as soon as the time is up

17 Every patient matters Round 1 : Current Workplace Everything all over the place….. Equipment, Christmas decorations, out of date documents, extra supplies (just in case)……you name it, it’s there! Room is so full, you can’t find what you’re looking for……..and so, you walk to borrow one from another department.

18 Every patient matters Round 2 : Sort The work has begun…. All old and out of date items have been removed. There’s now more space for the equipment.

19 Every patient matters Round 3 : Straighten One member of staff notices that improvements have been made…….and decides to carry on the good work and change the layout of the storage in the evenings when no-one else is around. Next morning, the staff can’t find the things they need COMMUNICATION!

20 Every patient matters Round 4 : Scrub An effort has been made to improve the environment – less stuff around but there is no standardisation. There is some system but no-one understands it. Gradually clutter starts to appear in the room. All the good work could slip away. How frustrating!

21 Every patient matters Round 5 : Standardise Now the staff have worked together and standardised the room Place for everything and everything in it’s place. Everyone understands the system

22 Every patient matters Round 6 : Standardise Is it there or not? Without a system, how hard is it to find whether something is missing or not ?

23 Every patient matters Round 7: Standardise 3 Second rule – identify what is missing or gain what information you need within 3 seconds  “Lean” process. Visual Management – shadow boards, pictures, defined areas for equipment. Everything at a glance

24 Every patient matters So, no excuses…… Don’t want someone coming in changing the way I work Haven’t got time for this It’s always been done this way I can see a better way…..but how can I make changes? ……The Lean journey can begin Isn’t Lean just another “flavour of the month”?

25 Every patient mattersSTANDARDISATION 5S & VISUALISATION Lean Foundations People are at the heart of the Lean Temple Build In Quality Documentation & Delivery SERVICE IMPROVEMENT CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE

26 Every patient matters THANK YOU

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