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Understanding 5S.

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1 Understanding 5S

2 5S philosophy focuses on
Work place organization Standard Operating Procedures Simplifies the work environment Reduces waste Reduces “non-value” activity Improves quality efficiency Improves workplace safety 5S philosophy focuses on

3 Sorting Set in Order Scrubbing Clean Standardizing Sustain The 5 S’s

4 Sorting Process to eliminate unnecessary items from the workplace
Tag and evaluate need Move occasional use items to storage location Discard unneeded items (scrap etc) Get rid of “J.I.C.” mentality Eliminate space taken up by unneeded items- huge toolboxes, benches, scrap parts Remove outdated papers and files Reduce cabinets, shelving, lockers that have no current use Eliminate outdated posters, wall boards, metrics, slogans, banners Sorting

5 A place for everything and everything in its place…
Equipment – shop and office Tools Cabinets and files Brooms and trash cans!! Set in Order

6 Scrubbing and Clean The cleaner the better
Clean areas where red tagged items were removed Remove dirt, oil, scrap, and garbage Look at lighting Clean on a daily basis Audit the cleaning process Improve equipment maintenance Scrubbing and Clean

7 Scrubbing and Clean Clean aisles, walkways, floors, machines, desks
Assign cleaning responsibilities Create target areas: equipment, floors, inventories Cleaning checklists Correct deficiencies Cleaning is a team effort Correct root cause of messy areas Scrubbing and Clean

8 Standard Operating Procedures
Implement “SOPs” in all areas Involve staff in developing “SOPs” Involve vendors Involve consultants Document all SOPS Standardizing

9 Step 1: Planning Step 2: Allocation Who does what and when
Assign resources to tasks Standardizing

10 Step 3: Act Step 4: Implement Step 5: Verify Standardizing
Train all employees Step 4: Implement Step 5: Verify Ensure effectiveness Standardizing

11 Most difficult of the 5 S Employees tend to return to “comfort zone” Need to monitor and influence until new culture becomes the “status quo” Takes time!! Sustain

12 Increased productivity Increased profitability Improved morale
Increased efficiency Increased productivity Increased profitability Improved morale A nicer place to work The Benefits of 5S

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