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The social dialogue in the contract catering sector ILO 30/10/2007.

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1 The social dialogue in the contract catering sector ILO 30/10/2007

2 FERCO: who are we? The EU Federation of contract catering organisations FERCO covers 96% of the market 12 members : the national organisations representing the contract catering sector

3 FERCO members in: Belgium : UBC France : SNRC The Netherlands : VENECA Germany : VIC UK: BHA Ireland: AICC Italy: ANGEM Spain : FEADRS Portugal: ARESP Sweden: SHR Finland: MARA Hungary: MVSZ Negotiation with Poland

4 What is Contract Catering A sector providing food management services in a « B to B » environment A service delivered at the client premises A service defined by a long-term written contract

5 Contract Catering in brief (2006) 67 million daily customers 5,5 billion meals served a year (+3,2% since 2000) 600.000 employees Turnover = 21,4 billion (+3,7% since 2005)

6 Contract Catering in brief (2006) Consolidation: B & I = 53% Growth: Health / Welfare = 24% Education = 20% Others = 3% (army, prisons)

7 Contract Catering in brief (2006) High level of concentration: The 2 leaders = 48% of the market The 3 leading companies = 57% The 10 leading companies = 72% France + UK = 44,6 %

8 Contract Catering in brief (2006) Penetration rate : 30% (EUR 15) Italy = 54% UK = 42% France = 34% The Netherlands = 33% Germany = 17%

9 The EU Social Dialogue with EFFAT First contact in 1996 at the initiative of EFFAT: reluctance from the employers side Launch of the informal social dialogue in 1998 : project based / results oriented / complements the national social dialogues

10 Common objectives Better understanding of the functionning of the sector by both sides Promotion of the interests of the sector on the EU scene to the advantage of both sides Promotion of social values accross the sector

11 Main achievements (1) 1998 : joint declaration in favour of a reduced VAT rate for the contract catering sector 1999: agreement on employment and training in the contract catering sector 2000: joint declaration on food hygiene and safety 2002: survey on employement and training in the contract catering

12 Main achievements (2) 2003 : study on the national labour agreements specific to the contract catering sector 2004 : launch of the elaboration of the Guide to the economically most advantageous offer in the contract catering sector 2006 : publication of the Guide and launch of a specific web site

13 Main achievements (3) 2007 : dissemination of the Guide at national level January 2007: agreement on CSR October 2007: common statement on the fight against obesity October 2007: launch of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in the Contract Catering sector

14 Main challenges To increase the visibility of our social dialogue To be more proactive at the political level To insure a greater involvement of the national members

15 Main strenghts Mutual trust Cooperation spirit Flexible and straightforward way of working Concrete outputs and tangible results Longlasting support of the EU Commission

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