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APRIL UK Corporate Services Employee Benefit Specialists.

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1 APRIL UK Corporate Services Employee Benefit Specialists

2 Strength behind the name We are part of the APRIL Group who operate in 30 countries and look after some 3 million policyholders worldwide The APRIL Group are valued in excess of £859 million In 2009 they paid out claims totalling £174 million APRIL UK is regulated by the Financial Services Authority Worldwide Credibility We are part of an international organisation. The APRIL Group operates in the following countries: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Spain, Ecuador, United States, France, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay About APRIL UK

3 Why Use APRIL UK Established in 1997, our Management Team have over 50 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry One of the fastest growing providers in the UK with significant presence in Ireland Working with major blue chip UK companies Outstanding levels of customer service provided by UK based Head Office About APRIL UK

4 Statistics More than 2.2 million people in the UK have been off work for at least 6 months due to sickness and disability Over 1.6 million people are claiming Job Seekers Allowance 23.4 million days were lost due to ill health and 5.1 million days lost due to work place injuries There are over 233,000 reported injuries at work every year Over 2.5 million people are claiming state benefits due to incapacity The average cost of raising a child from birth to the age of 21 - is over £184 a week Source: Department of Work and Pensions, Liverpool Victoria 2010, Health & Safety Executive 2009. Statistics

5 Benefits to YOU – the Employer Be seen to look after your employees welfare Happy staff = better morale and productivity = MORE PROFIT! Perceived high value benefit Attract and retain high quality staff NO cost to YOU to provide – we do all the hard work! Why Offer Employee Benefits

6 Protecting yourself should be a priority But why do so many not do it? Lack of access Lack of knowledge Lack of time Confusing market place So many products and providers – who to trust? Why Offer Employee Benefits

7 Our Market Leading Income Assistance Plan 4 Cash Benefits: Monthly Income Benefit – up to £2,500 Hospitalisation Benefit – up to £250 a day Serious Injury Benefit – up to £125,000 Accidental Death Benefit – up to £125,000 Introducing Sovereign

8 Benefits to YOUR Employees Peace of mind against Accidents and Sickness Policy has Immediate Acceptance NO medical questionnaires or medical underwriting All premiums the same regardless of: - Pre-existing health conditions - Age - Occupation - Hobbies / Sports - Smoker status Introducing Sovereign

9 Cover starts from just 20p a day Example Benefits Based on Accident and Sickness cover, 14 day deferred period, 1 year benefit period Introducing Sovereign Monthly Benefit Daily Hospitalisation Benefit Serious Injury/Death Benefit Weekly Equivalent Premium £300£30£15,000£2.80 £600£60£30,000£5.61 £900£90£45,000£8.41 £1,200£120£60,000£11.21 Payments must be made by Direct Debit. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the policy for more information.

10 The KEY Benefits summarised Increase staff morale, loyalty, retention Establish image as caring employer Ultimately - More profits for YOU! Financial security for employees Hassle FREE - we do all the administration LASTLY – OUR SERVICE IS COMPLETELY FREE Employee Benefits that WORK

11 As part of our Corporate Package your employees get FREE Membership to Best Doctors: A market leading Expert Medical Opinion Service Access to expertise and knowledge of some of the leading medical specialists around the world Peace of mind that your medical diagnosis and prescribed treatment is correct Best Doctors – FREE of Charge!

12 APRIL UK (Insurance Services) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, registration number 308655. PRCOMP 04/10

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