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doTERRA Essential Oils 101

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1 doTERRA Essential Oils 101
© The Wellness Angel doTERRA Essential Oils 101

2 Table of Contents What are Essential Oils? How to Use Essential Oils How do Essential Oils Work? Are Essential Oils Safe? doTerra Quality Essential Oils Top 10 Essential Oils Single Oils: A-Z Oil Blends 1/44

3 What Are Essential Oils?
Natural aromatic compounds found in plants Extracted by steam distillation or cold-pressing Create powerful and safe benefits without side effects Oil sacs on peppermint leaf Return to TOC 2/44

4 How to Use Essential Oils
Aromatically: Diffuse in a room to purify the air or change emotion Topically: Apply directly to skin during massage or for topical therapy Internal: Consume as a dietary supplement for targeted wellness Neat: Apply the oil topically with no dilution Sensitive: Dilute with carrier oil for young and sensitive skin Dilute: Dilute before applying topically Return to TOC 3/44

5 How Do Essential Oils Work?
Inhalation Topically & Internally Absorbed into mucous membrane Passes the blood/brain barrier Brain tells endocrine system to secrete hormones and restore hormonal balance Your mood changes Absorbed into skin/organs Enters the bloodstream Oil molecules penetrate cells Systems are balanced and your physical symptoms are alleviated Return to TOC 4/44

6 Are Essential Oils Safe?
YES! They are very safe and gentle with few side effects. Skin sensitivity is the primary safety concern. Some guidelines: Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose. Dilute with a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, etc), not water. Follow directions on the label. Return to TOC 5/44

7 doTerra’s Superior Quality
doTerra are the best quality oils on the market today! All oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ™ (CPTG™) which means they’re beyond organic, verified pure, free of fillers, pesticides, and foreign contaminants. Every single batch is third-party tested. Plants are grown and harvested in their natural habitats. Potent-standardized active compounds. Return to TOC 6/44

8 Top 10 Essential Oils The oils to follow are the most “essential” essential oils. These 10 can replace OTCs in your medicine cabinet and should take care of most health problems Return to TOC 7/44

9 Lavender All Things Calming
Diffuse in a room or apply topically to calm anxiety and soothe emotions Apply topically to soothe irritated skin and lips Massage on back or bottom of feet and apply a drop to pillow at bedtime Apply immediately to help calm reaction to a bee sting or bug bite 8/44

10 Lemon Clean and Freshen
Add a drop to honey to soothe a dry or sore throat Diffuse in a room to neutralize odors and elevate mood Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances Take internally with water as an antioxidant and detoxifier 9/44

11 Peppermint Cool and Invigorate
Use with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse Inhale deeply to invigorate lungs and increase alertness Add to water in a spray bottle and mist body when overheated Apply to neck and forehead with Lavender to calm headaches 10/44

12 Melaluca (Tea Tree) First Aid for the Skin
Apply to skin blemishes and rashes as part of a daily cleansing program Use with shampoo or conditioner for healthy scalp and hair Apply to feet and toenails after showering, swimming, or working out 11/44

13 Oregano Natural Immune Support
Take several drops in an empty gelatin capsule for periodic immune support Dilute and apply to bottom of feet of kids and adults as a natural defense Use internally as part of a monthly cleansing regimen for GI health 12/44

14 Frankincense Exclusive Oil from Oman
Use to clean and dress minor cuts and sores Use with a carrier oil for beautiful, radiant skin Apply to bottom of the feet or use internally to support immune function Use with Lavender and Peppermint to calm stress and headaches When in doubt, use Frankincense! 13/44

15 Deep Blue Muscle and Joint Support
Apply directly to tired, aching joints Rub on muscles before and after exercise to reduce discomfort Use with a carrier oil for a therapeutic deep-tissue massage 14/44

16 Breathe Respiratory Support
Apply topically to chest and neck to help clear lungs and sinuses Diffuse or add to humidifier at bedtime for more restful sleep Apply to chest or bottom of feet for seasonal respiratory discomfort 15/44

17 DigestZen Digestive Support
Rub on stomach to ease digestive discomfort, nausea, or motion sickness Take internally at meal times to support healthy, comfortable digestion Apply to bottom of feet of children to help ease digestive issues 16/44

18 OnGuard Natural Defense
Diffuse in a room to eliminate airborne pathogens Dilute in spray bottle to clean doorknobs, telephones, and other community surfaces Dilute and gargle morning and night as a protective mouth rinse Take several drops in an empty gelatin capsule for added immune support 17/44

19 Family Physician Kit Make over your medicine cabinet today! You can get started with all 10 of these oils conveniently packaged in the Family Physician Kit. Find the kit here. Return to TOC 18/44

20 Single Oils Restorative and calming Sooth sore muscles/joints
Ease breathing Lovely fragranced, citrus oil Calming properties Return to TOC 19/44

21 Single Oils Stimulating High antioxidants Improve circulation
Aid digestive system Help curb urge to smoke Close relative of cinnamon Calming properties 20/44

22 Single Oils Add flavor when cooking Aids digestion Antioxidants
Stimulating Cleansing Aids with aches and pains 21/44

23 Single Oils Soothes monthly menstrual discomfort
Mood-enhancing properties Powerful antioxidant Pain reliever, especially toothache Disinfecting properties 22/44

24 Single Oils Digestive support Supports healthy insulin response
Clears breathing Ease tense muscles Supports localized blood flow 23/44

25 Single Oils Helps calm coughs Eases breathing Relieves indigestion
Aids any digestive trouble Balancing 24/44

26 Single Oils Soothes skin Tempers minor aches and pains Calming effects
Eases indigestion Calms nausea 25/44

27 Single Oils Uplifts mood Cleansing Invigorating Soothing
Regenerative effects 26/44

28 Single Oils Supports healthy digestion Soothes aching muscles
Stimulating Refreshing Cleansing 27/44

29 Single Oils Calming Soothes tired, stressed muscles
Supports respiratory & nervous system Most expensive and rare oil Calms nerves Eases stomach discomfort Supports mood 28/44

30 Single Oils Cleansing properties Calms the skin
Aids in wound and tissue repair Grounding Balancing 29/44

31 Single Oils Calming and soothing to the body
Helps support a healthy inflammatory response Helpful for digestive issues Useful for muscle aches and pains 30/44

32 Single Oils Smoothing effects on skin Mood-enhancing properties
Helpful for digestive issues Soothes muscle aches and pains Helpful for acne 31/44

33 Single Oils Relaxing Helps increase focus Comforting
Soothes muscle aches and pains 32/44

34 Single Oils Energizing Revitalizing Increases awareness
Soothes muscle aches and pains 33/44

35 Single Oils Mood uplifting Calming Return to TOC 34/44

36 Oil Blends doTerra has unique and perfectly combined blends of CPTG™ essential oils to meet a list of common health issues: from grounding to soothing to invigorating, you’re sure to find a blend to meet your needs Return to TOC 35/44

37 Oil Blends Massage Blend Relaxes muscles Calms tension
Soothes irritated tissue Increases circulation Grounding Blend Creates a sense of calm and well-being 36/44

38 Oil Blends Invigorating Blend Elevates mood Reduces stress
Joyful Blend Elevates mood Increase vitality 37/44

39 Oil Blends Cleansing Blend Eliminates odors and contaminates naturally
Calming Blend Relaxing Promotes restful sleep 38/44

40 Oil Blends Metabolic Blend Helps manage hunger Calms stomach
No stimulants/diuretics Repellent Blend Repels insects better than synthetics Coverage that lasts up to 6 hours 39/44

41 Oil Blends A Blend for Women
Blends with your individual chemistry to create a beautiful and unique personal fragrance Contains rose, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, cistus, vetiver, ylang ylang, cocoa, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli Detoxification Blend Supports healthy liver function 40/44

42 Oil Blends Soothing Blend Soothes achy joints and sore muscles
Deep, penetrating, sustaining results Topical Blend Solution unfriendly to bacteria and microbes Apply to facial blemishes, itchy scalp, unsightly bed nails and feet, and other affected areas 41/44

43 Oil Blends Anti-Aging Blend Renewing, rare oils
Protect and nourish skin while reducing inflammation Helps sustain smoother, more radiant, and youthful skin Focus Blend Enhances focus Supports healthy thought process 42/44

44 Oil Blends Monthly Blend for Women Balances hormones
Manage PMS symptoms and transitional phases of menopause Tension Blend Eases tension and discomfort associated with headaches Provides calming comfort Return to TOC 43/44

45 Ready to Try doTerra? Find all the oils here.
If you’re interested in purchasing the oils at a discounted price, learn more here. Return to TOC 44/44

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