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Essential Oils Offer A Complimentary & Safe Approach

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1 Growing Up Healthier with Essential Oils Safe & Natural Choices for Kids of All Ages

2 Essential Oils Offer A Complimentary & Safe Approach
A great addition the healthy choices you make for your family Good for the planet! Easy to use at home and to learn Only need a few things to get started Compliment, vs conflict with medically-prescribed drugs “One drop of essential oil, performing some task of healing, falls into the pool of general knowledge, and ripples out, touching others. This is how aromatherapy is today. The ripples are getting stronger, and spreading further, because aromatherapy works.” ---Valerie Ann Worwood, author of “Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child”

3 Why Use Essential Oils for Your Children’s Healthcare?
Allows you to take back some control over their wellbeing Reduces and eliminates application of harmful synthetic chemicals in OTC remedies More powerful than herbs Saves time getting to/waiting for doctors Many emergency health needs can be resolved immediately!

4 Powerful, Medicinal Properties
Analgesic Antibiotic Antibacterial Antidepressant Antifungal Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Anti-parasitic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Antiviral Astringent Decongestant Digestive Disinfectant Diuretic Expectorant Immune System Strengthener Sedative/Relaxant Stimulant Essential oils have been used for 1,000’s of years for medicinal purposes. Each oil has a multitude of chemical constituents that provide medicinal value, typically 5 – 8 different things it can do to help in healing. This is a “laundry list” of just some of the therapeutic qualities essential oils hold. Most all oils are antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic-----so you can be comfortable passing along the bottle and trying it as you are naturally protected by its content. In our presentation you’ll see some of these listed on each oil I’m going to share with you. Each oil has MANY of these properties. For instance…Peppermint is: - an Analgesic for pain relief - Anti depressant for the psyche - Anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints - Anti-spasmodic for muscle contractions - Decongestant for lungs - Digestive for the stomach - Expectorant for the respiratory system - Stimulant for the mind Essential Oils Have Been Used for 1,000’s of Years!

5 What is in your Medicine Cabinet?
Toxic load? Recalled products? Unwanted side effects? Expired products? Synthetic solutions that often don’t work! (REMOVE THIS SLIDE IF YOU DON’T WANT IT THERE) When I became familiar with some of health concerns essential oils could address instead more effectively and naturally than using over-the-counter remedies, herbal remedies and prescriptions…. My friend pulled her “stash” out of her medicine closet….and look what she found! This is just for 2 people…. stomach problems colds & flu asthma and allergy remedies warts & skin cracks antiseptics dental help pain relievers sunburn pain and insect bite relief WOW!! Here’s what you also need to keep in mind. All of these products have an expiration date. The essential oils I am going to share with you tonight will literally last for GENERATIONS if you keep the lids tightly sealed. The citrus oils last about 30 years. But compared to having to toss out all these synthetic solutions….natural essential oils make a GREAT long-term investment! Can’t we consider choosing something healthier for our health and the health of our clients?

6 What is an Essential Oil?
Natural aromatic compounds in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Nature’s Living Essence! Up to 70 times more potent than dried herbs: ONE drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! For those of you who are not familiar with essential oils, let me tell you about these powerful drops of plant extract. Essential oils the natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They are usually steam distilled , but some like citrus oils are cold pressed from rinds. This picture shows you a Peppermint leaf on the left. On the right you see a magnification of the leaves with the small oil sacks on the leaf surface. To create Peppermint essential oil, they harvest thousands and thousands of pounds of leaves and compress them in a vat and steam is run through the plant material. The water and vapors move through a piping system and at the end of the distillery process you get 2 things – floral water for perfuming, and essential oil to tap off for health use. Essential oils are the LIVE essence of the plant. Unlike herbs which are dried, essential oils carry all of the active chemical constituents that the actual plant has itself. This is why they are so therapeutically powerful. Think about what a plant has to do in nature to survive? It has to be able to fight off the elements, disease, contamination by insects, trampling and more! These same characteristics are available to us in essential oils as live, plant extractions. dōTERRA Essential oils are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED---1 drop of dōTERRA Peppermint oil is the same as 28 cups of Peppermint tea! Peppermint

7 Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World
ONLY doTERRA is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oil Quality is CRITICAL! PURE—Every batch GCMS tested, 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers SAFE—Highest quality sourcing POTENT—Standardized active compounds So what is a CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE oil or CPTG? dōTERRA guarantees that each bottle of their oils is completely PURE, SAFE and POTENT They perform two sets of laboratory tests on both the sample batch and the final batch of each oil they distribute. These tests are performed by an independent laboratory. The tests are called GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY and MASS SPECTROMETRY. The Gas Chromatography test tells them exactly what constituents are in the oil. The Mass Spectrometry tells them if anything was added to the oil such as any plants with pesticides, the wrong plant, or even fillers a distiller would have added. Any oil that fails to meet the dōTERRA templated standards, is rejected!! This is SOOOOOO important and what makes dōTERRA unique. In fact, they stamp all their oils with this CPTG code to help you be assured that these oils are SAFE and have only the compounds they are intended to have. dōTERRA offers a natural healthcare alternative….therapeutic grade essential oils. Their essential oils are a wonderful compliment to your current healthy lifestyle choices like eating right, exercising, restful sleep and more. What I also love about essential oils is that in this 15 ml bottle (hold one up)….there are 250 drops of oil. Since we only use 2-5 drops per application, that means you have as much as 125 “doses” in one small bottle. I think you’ll discover what a cost-effective and powerful, natural health tool dōTERRA’s essential oils can offer as we share them with you. Also note that dōTERRA’s oils are undiluted, and therefore VERY concentrated and strong drops does the same thing therapeutically as 10 of another brand! Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World

8 3 Simple and Safe Models for Use
Aromatic Diffusion Purify rooms or change emotion Diffuser Drop in hands Drop on tissue Spray on a surface or nearby Just open/smell from bottle Topical Application Apply directly to skin or in a carrier oil Internal Use In a capsule, under the tongue, in water or honey There are 3 ways we can use essential oils. The first is by Aromatically Diffusing oils. Let me start by saying that we typically use anywhere from 2 – 5 drops of an oil per application. So no matter what method you use, that is the quantity you typically use. Like the unique dōTERRA Lotus Diffuser I have running over here (point), we can diffuse oils into the air to benefit everyone who is breathing in the area. This particular diffuser is fantastic because it has a small device inside it that vibrates at 10,000 vibrations a minute, creating this misting effect. We all know oil and water don’t mix, so as the water molecules are being fractionated into mist, the essential oil is riding on the mist into tiny particles that we can take in through our nose to effect our entire system. You don’t have to have a diffuser like this to take in oils aromatically though. You can put a drop on your hand and cup it around your nose and inhale. You can put a few drops on a kleenex or cotton ball and put it in your car vent. You can add it to a spray bottle and squirt it into the air. You can simply open the bottle and in hale the beautiful scents. Whichever method you choose---when you inhale an essential oil, your body takes the scent in through your olfactory system. This creates change in the limbic system which is thought to be the primary part of our body where emotion is generated. So, we use oils to effect MOOD or EMOTION and because we’re taking oils in through our lungs when we breathe, they effect our RESPIRATORY system. The second way we use essential oils is by applying them TOPICALLY. This is how most people are familiar with oils or scents. We can put a few drops of an essential oil into a base carrier oil or lotion and apply it to our skin or feet. Many of these oils we can apply “neat” or undiluted directly to the area of concern. We use oils topically for both the local effect ---like aching feet, a headache, or sore muscles. But once we apply the oil to our tissue, the body begins to move the therapeutic value throughout our system and we therefore effect the entire body system in time. The third way to use oils is INTERNALLY. Tonight we are serving you LEMON WATER….which is one of the ways you can take in the powerful therapeutic effects of essential oils. Just a drop in a glass of water and you’re getting all the value of hydration and antioxidant protection in one….plus it tastes good! You can put a few drops of essential oil in a vegetable capsule (like this one) that you get at the health food store. You can put drops right under your tongue Add them to water, any beverage. The reason we take oils internally is to target the internal organs such as our DIGESTIVE system, our MOUTH, our THROAT, or organs such as the LIVER and our UROGENTITAL TRACT. Oils taken internally will have a rapid effect as they hit our blood stream quickly. Very safe and gentle Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose Dilute with oil, not water Check for skin sensitivity with first time use

9 Suggested Oils Application
Great, natural way to bond with your child throughout their life! All oils require repeat application every 3-4 hours Always store oils safely – on high shelves! Infants – highly diluted Best choices: diffuser, on feet diluted OK to apply to torso if highly diluted Toddlers + Young Children Under 6 = ¼ normal dosage Under 12 = ½ normal dosage Best choices depend on area of concern: Diffuse, apply to feet, dilute and apply externally Ok for internal use in water or capsule if they can swallow it Ears – drops onto cotton ball – wipe around outside of ear. Cotton ball in ear. Teenagers + College age same as adult dosage and application

10 Infant Care

11 Toddlers

12 Young Children

13 Teenagers

14 Off to College

15 Traveling

16 Education is Key Get a few great reference books
Attend other classes offered in our area Listen to webinars from experts on line

17 EMPOWER So, in summary tonight…
You have a CHOICE in how you take care of your health and the health of your family. Choose to empower yourself to take healthy actions with dōTERRA essential oils. Apply the right oil solution to each need through learning more about the oils. Connect with those you love as you apply the oils. And help yourselves by building your natural immunity. ©2009 dōTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC

18 How do I get Started? A variety of dōTERRA essential oils Fractionated Coconut Oil A Diffuser Good reference book Plus a willingness to learn and be proactive in a natural approach to your family’s wellbeing!

19 Thank you for joining us and helping your children grow up healthier with dōTERRA essential oils and products … a true “gift of the earth”! Thank you for your attention today. Take a look at the oils that interested you on the charts we handed out at the beginning. Let’s hand out the information about purchases for you to choose what kit you’d like to go home with tonight.

20 Ways to Buy Customer Preferred Customer (August)
Purchase products at full retail price No commitment or obligation Preferred Customer (August) $ 10 fee - no purchase requirements 20% off Retail personal account There are 3 ways to buy: You can pay retail prices as a Customer You can become a Preferred Customer and receive a discount off of Retail Or if you really want the BEST possible price, you would choose to be a Wholesale Customer or Independent Product Consultant dōTERRA is a Multi-Level Marketing company. You can buy and use the products yourself. And for those who are interested, you can share the products with others and build a part-time or full-time business. Wholesale Customer/IPC Loyalty Rewards 25% discount off retail prices Opportunity for Compensation/Commissions Special Promotions

10%- 30% FREE Loyalty Rewards Program Sponsor Other Wholesale Members and Earn Sales Commissions Personalized Website FREE Online Tools Special Promotions! Since most people decide to buy at Wholesale, let me explain what you get after you buy your initial Enrollment Kit: You get 25% off of all retail prices You can earn another 10-30% in free product credits You can sponsor other wholesale members and earn sales commissions You’ll get 2 free websites – one where people buy their products from you, and one where you place your own wholesale orders Of course, you will also hear about a LOT of great new promotions on products that are offered regularly.

22 The Rewards Program just makes sense!
Buying a little each month makes natural wellbeing affordable!! Earn FREE Product Credits each month you are enrolled Minimum 100PV order to earn commissions and bonuses Use your Rewards to: Build your collection of oils month by month Buy gifts of health for others Lifelong Wellness Pack ……. Essential Skin Care & Hair Care is now available at REDUCED prices Oil of the Month Club-125pv by the 15th get a free $10-$12 gift You can change the order and the date your Autoship is sent to you each month if you want so you can build your collection of oils and replace oils you use frequently, each month. Your credit card is charged ON the date it ships. Products are delivered right to your door via FedEx Ground. If you choose to start taking the Lifelong Wellness Supplements I mentioned, you’ll get a 40% discount with a 3-month commitment. Autoship is a great way to SAVE and add the products you want over time.

23 (You Buy at Wholesale Prices/25% discount)
Wholesale/Independent Product Consultant Kit Options (You Buy at Wholesale Prices/25% discount) There are a variety of kits from which you can choose ranging from $150 to $2,000. We’ll hand out the details in a minute.

24 Great Income Potential!
Weekly Fast Start Bonus – Upfront Income Monthly Power of 3 Team Bonus Monthly Unilevel Commission Structure Monthly Retail Profit + Preferred Customer Commission Leadership Bonus Pools If you are looking for a meaningful part-time or full-time income, or a way to pay for your oils each month and think dōTERRA may be for you, I’d like to tell you more later. For now, let me quickly explain the business opportunity with dōTERRA. There are WEEKLY and MONTHLY Bonuses and Commissions

25 FREE Retail Website For Your
Customers & Friends Here is an example of the website you will get to send your Customers or Friends where they can buy products at Retail Prices. You’ll earn a commission on any thing they buy of 25% - the difference between the Retail prices they pay and the Wholesale price you pay.

26 Now that you’ve heard about dōTERRA oils and products and the powerful therapeutic health effects they offer, we’d like to tell you how you can purchase these oils you’ve experienced today.

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