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French Extended Grade 7 Mlle Ponton

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1 French Extended Grade 7 Mlle Ponton
Bienvenue à la classe 225! French Extended Grade 7 Mlle Ponton

2 Welcome! This little slideshow is just to introduce my approach, my teaching philosophy, some aspects of the programme as well as my expectations. You also received a little package that went home on September 18th. Please review it and do not hesitate to contact me!

3 Pourquoi apprendre le français?
Because learning a new language is fun! Because it’s an asset for the future (especially in this increasingly competitive market for jobs). Because it develops linguistic abilities that are transferrable to other languages. Because it’s a way to learn about a new culture. Because French is a beautiful and charming language. 

4 The Extended French Program
Half of the day happens in English and the other half is in French. Students know which subjects are taught in French (blue) and in English (red). By the end of Grade 8 students will have had over 1500 hours of French.

Art, drama and dance Health History Geography

Media studies Science and technology (Mr. Malisani and Mrs. Ponton) Mathematics Music (Mrs. Darrigo) Physical education (Mr. Wolch)

7 My expectations are that:
Students are respectful of others and promote mutual respect. Students are responsible for their behaviour and actions. Students always put their best effort forward and ask for help when required. Students have all materials and be ready for learning daily.

8 My expectations are that:
Students actively participate in class activities and discussions. Students complete daily homework and submit assignments on time. Students interact in French. Students have fun and are engaged in the learning progress!

9 My Teaching Philosophy
To promote mutual respect. To provide a safe and comfortable environment that endorses cooperative learning as well as independence and responsibility. To convince students that learning is fun. To integrate subjects and encourage students to make connections to themselves and the world. To respect and promote different learning styles and give students the tools to succeed. To develop social skills of students and to invite them to find their talents and passions. I value a good work ethic and constant efforts.

10 Your role is… To talk with your child about school in an encouraging and positive manner and to support them in their studies. To communicate with the school and to get in touch with me whenever you have concerns or questions. To review your child’s agenda and the class website on a daily basis. To sign all quizzes, tests and other returned assignments to monitor your child’s progress. To ensure that your child comes to school on time, well rested and ready to learn daily.

11 A little bit about me… I was born in Montreal and went to French school from kindergarten until the end of high school. I was taking Enriched English classes from Grade 6 until Grade 10. I worked at an overnight camp in Ontario for 4 summers and truly improved my English skills then. Finally I studied Social Sciences at Dawson College in Montreal, followed by a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at McGill University. I have taken French as a Second Language Part 1 and 2 and will be completing my specialist (Part 3) this year.

12 A little bit about me… I love traveling, surfing, downhill and cross-country skiing. I enjoy spending time outdoors canoeing, camping, swimming etc. I love drawing, painting and visual arts in general. I enjoy having delicious meals with family and friends. Cooking and eating are two of my favorite things to do. 

13 Thank you Let’s have a great year!

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