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Grade One French Immersion Program Night James W. Hill Public School January 6, 2011.

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1 Grade One French Immersion Program Night James W. Hill Public School January 6, 2011

2 Core French - Grade 4-9 (mandatory for all students) Early French Immersion - Grade 1-12 (all geographic areas) Late French Immersion - Grade 7-12 (located in Burlington.) There are 3 programs:

3 Optional program Starts in Grade 1 50% French and 50% English 10 French secondary credits for French Certificate Early French Immersion Grade 1-12

4 “One country – two languages. It is Canada’s great legacy. To get the most out of life, I encourage you to learn and enjoy French.” Ken Dryden Former NHL all-star, Former Minister of Social Development, Liberal MP

5 What is a French Immersion School? ) James W. Hill is a school where students receive instruction in French and in English (50/50). We promote and support learning in both languages and about both Canadian cultures.

6 Why Start in Grade One? The kindergarten year in English allows the child… to develop social skills. to learn routines. to use English in a school context.

7 Early French Immersion: promotes greater oral mastery of the language supports the developmental process of second language learning encourages risk-taking and academically challenges students Please note: your child will not be bilingual by the end of grade one!

8 Is the French Immersion program appropriate for my child? Does my child… handle new situations/change and transitions using positive strategies demonstrate a curiosity and willingness to explore and experiment with language listen effectively take appropriate risks in unfamiliar situations demonstrate independence and a love of learning explain a story or events in proper sequence … continued

9 Ontario Curriculum Integrated curriculum is a focus - Students spend 50% of their day with French as the language of instruction. Expectations for subject areas (e.g. Science) are the same for French Immersion and English students. Learning Skills

10 What is our curriculum? The Ontario Curriculum includes learning expectations for: language (English and French) * mathematics (English: grades 1-8) science & technology (French: grades 1-8) social studies (French: grades 1-6 ) ‏ history and geography (French: grades 7 & 8) ‏ the arts (music, drama, dance) (English / French) ‏ health and physical education (English / French) ‏ * a curriculum support document for use in Halton schools outlines the expectations for the 50/50 immersion program and aligns to the Ministry’s French Immersion Curriculum

11 What is the Halton grade one French Immersion curriculum? By the end of grade one, students will… use French most of the time to talk about familiar topics using simple vocabulary and expressions in very simple phrases and sentences during daily interactions with teachers and peers listen, react and respond verbally (most of the time) or with gestures to French speakers and to brief, very simple spoken texts and media works (5 to 10 minutes in length) on familiar topics

12 express orally very simple facts, ideas and opinions on familiar topics (2-3 sentences when sharing informally and in presentations) ‏ demonstrate an understanding of a variety of simple books read to them, through actions and oral responses identify, recognize and use the vocabulary and the language knowledge appropriate for this grade in communicative language activities in oral communication (listening & speaking) and throughout the curriculum (e.g., Life Systems and Daily & Seasonal Cycles in Science) ‏

13 How do the languages support each other? Through an integrated curriculum: teachers meet regularly to support student needs subject connections both languages used regularly – announcements – student-teacher communication – peer communication

14 read story books with CD from library in English and French subscribe to French picture magazines or sign out material from library watch a DVD with French choice and select the French option listen to some French music check information on CPF (Canadian Parents for French) How can parents help their child with the transition to French Immersion?

15 Preparation independence and confidence indoor/outdoor shoes appropriate attire (physical education and Q.D.F.) ‏ students need to bring their imaginations and willingness to learn pencils, crayons, and other materials will be provided LABELS! LABELS! LABELS! donations of tissues, baggies and paper towels are always appreciated! toys are best left at home

16 Where do I find out more information? Our website will have more information about: French Immersion program transportation materials for grade one communication (school and grade one) summer activities parent tips volunteering

17 Registration forms should be submitted by next Friday, January 14, 2011. Registration Information

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