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Why Do I Have To Do This? (I love that question!) Tom Winiecki Mott Road Elementary School Fayetteville, NY.

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1 Why Do I Have To Do This? (I love that question!) Tom Winiecki Mott Road Elementary School Fayetteville, NY

2 Teaching in Isolation? Never again! Organize all that you teach, so that it has some connection to something else in your curriculum

3 Teaching in Isolation? Why put your kids in a position to stop and start their learning? – Were finished with football. Boy, am I glad thats finally over! – Oh man, I loved basketball. Why cant we keep going?

4 Have you ever had a student like this… Lacks skills Lacks motivation to develop any skills Hides in the back of the group, hoping that you dont notice them Doesnt want to be there

5 Your perspective changes… Its not, Whats wrong with this kid? But rather its, What do I need to do to show them that this is important to him? – Give them a reason to: Become motivated Want to be there Want you to notice them

6 Tie everything together Show them how it all fits

7 Start out talking about the obvious (getting sweaty) – Your response… Good! – Tired muscles today = stronger muscles tomorrow – SWEAT TROPHIES

8 Make every class a part of your Fitness Unit! Why do we teach things like soccer, volleyball, snowshoeing, Frisbee, or jump rope? Why limit yourself to teaching fitness topics only with stations and task cards?

9 Teach them how to make these connections Dont ASSUME that they will do it by themselves Connect the activity with you to their playing on their own time – Play longer at recess without having to stop and rest – Youll be the one that wants to keep going while the rest of your friends want to stop!

10 Teach them how to make these connections Take your pulse/check your heart: If you hit the target/If your heart is going fast, then: – You WILL be stronger tomorrow


12 Teach them how to make these connections Parachute – What muscles did we use with the parachute? – What other things do you like to do where you need strong arms? – Its a good thing we used the parachute today, so you can have stronger arms tomorrow!

13 Connect Fitness to Academics Take advantage of current research Dont limit it just to the kids – Other teachers (AM walk done in all 3 buildings) – Principal Director – Superintendant – Parents exercise_and_your_br.cfm

14 Put pictures anywhere that will take them!


16 Be Clear With Kids… Is not a magic pill It will allow you to concentrate more, IF you pay attention once back in your next classroom

17 Take the initiative to bring other subject matter into your instruction Make it fit your needs first! – Spelling lists/math facts help your kids learn dribbling… Keep their eyes up to see and spell their words for the week Oh, and by the way, they also reinforce learning in spelling and math

18 Teach to Connect Skills to Each Other K-2: Overhand Throwing Motion – Stand Sideways – Step with Front Foot – Throw with Back Hand (Make an L) – Follow through to Target Once you learn this, you will be able to do anything this year where I give you an object for your feet, or hands!

19 Add bulletin board shots


21 Throw a Ball…

22 Kick a Ball…

23 Hit a Volleyball…

24 Shoot a Hockey Puck…

25 Shoot a Basketball…

26 Throw a Lacrosse Ball…

27 Hit a Baseball…

28 The Same Thing Goes For Catching! 4 Part Rubric: 1.Look At It 2.Reach For It 3.Grab It 4.Pull It In Makes it easy to zero in on individual weaknesses Plus, once they can learn this, they now can…

29 …know how to catch anything that comes there way

30 Its the Same For Catching Look at it…

31 Reach for it…

32 Grab it…

33 Pull it in…

34 When You Teach Control… Dont teach them basketball, or soccer, or hockey. Rather teach to concept of control with different objects. –Control looks like: Keep object close to you Keep your speed at least a jog Can change directions if needed Now you can make their learning more meaningful

35 Use Similar Activities to Teach Common Skills Partner Chase –Use with passing/catching anything you may use –Able to stress individual parts of catching within context of activity Doesnt take long to organize Aerobic activity: use to stress fitness

36 Success, Try Again Divide gym in half –Success/Try Again Allows kids to work on skills at their own pace –If they succeed they go to the success side –If not, they go to the try again side Lets you focus on individual instruction for those that need it.

37 Use This In The Middle School As Well Build on elementary level learning Apply to middle school concepts Team Passing – Move to open space – Applied to different activities Net/Wall – Moving an opponent with proper footwork/follow through Volleyball Tennis Badminton Pickleball

38 Movements may have different names, but moves are very similar Square pass/flat pass (soccer) down and out (football) L cut (basketball) – Apply skill to activity they may like at some point in the year (Soccer may not be your thing, but this concept can be applied when we use basketballs later this winter.)

39 Net/Wall Introduce body positioning and its effects on performance Teach skills (different strokes, hits…) in this context How do I line up my body to hit the ball to a certain spot? It doesnt matter what piece of equipment you are teaching with, the concepts are the same!

40 How do I adjust my body position to hit to a certain spot ?

41 Personal Performance/Fitness Middle School – What training methods can be used to improve performance? Take what you already teach here – F.I.T.T. Principle – Muscular Strength – Muscular Endurance – Flexibility – Cardiovascular Endurance

42 Weight Room/Fitness Stations – Have kids apply knowledge of equipment to an activity they are interested in. Skateboarding Snowboarding/skiing – Have them come up with list of muscles/movements they would need to do a particular activity. – Design a program for that activity based on principles you have taught them.

43 Now You Have an Answer When They Ask… Why do I have to do this? I dont like soccer anyway. Im never going to be a basketball player anyway, why bother? Can I rest, Im too tired. Im too sweaty, can I get a drink now? Can I go to the nurse?

44 Tom Winiecki twiniecki/index.cfm?subpage=7759 twiniecki/index.cfm?subpage=7759 (315) 692-1761

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