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Vision How can we make the world a more loving, happier place? Please let me know! But, here are my thoughts.

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2 Vision How can we make the world a more loving, happier place? Please let me know! But, here are my thoughts

3 Step 1 Write about how concretely to achieve love and happiness in all aspects of ones life 120 or so articles on my website 37 main books Translated into many languages

4 Step 2 Publicise the website And the books 100,000 site visitors per month at present, growing rapidly Do this talk!

5 Step 3 Concrete action Raise money for charity Help people make money for themselves White Knight Corporate Raider (investment fund)

6 Life Issues Articles on: Marriage, separation, astrology, bringing up children, love, natural disasters, caring, death, relationships, sex, mental disorder,… How to maximize the value of your business, what to invest in,… 50 articles and many books All aspects of life covered

7 Health Issues Articles dealing with topics such as: Diet, yoga programmes, vitamins and minerals, exercise, sex, nudity, diabetes,… 20 main articles and many books All aspects, many ailments, covered

8 Yoga and Religion Articles on: The Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, whether to chant, all aspects of yoga, prayer, happiness 35 articles and many books What is yoga: Doing your duty selflessly (karma yoga) and helping others (bhakti yoga)

9 All Aspects of Life Covered How should you clean your teeth? Dental floss and an electric toothbrush Should you be celibate? No. Make love once per day If the topic is not covered, please let me know!

10 My Books, 1-3 A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness I show both men and women that you can lead a happier life more peacefully than you think A Storybook for Children Light, love and happiness Astrology and Dream Analysis Your astrological number. The messages from your dreams. The system of Allah

11 My Books, 4-6 Economics A practical, simple, book on this old science Final Thoughts Various chapters on love and happiness Future World What is a reasonable view on the main factors impacting you over the next 20 years?

12 My Books, 7-9 God Predictions. You need to decide Health What a to do. What to do. What not to do How to Bring Up a Child What it needs. How to give it. What to do

13 My Books, 10-12 How to Teach Your Child English A better method How to Teach Your Child General Knowledge Most of what it learns it does not need. Here is what it does need How to Teach Your Child Maths Maths made simple and complete for very young people, by a mathematician

14 My Books, 13-15 Human Being Self Analysis Kit Exactly how well do your sex organs, your body, your emotional centre and your mind function? Indian Marriage How can you achieve a long lasting happy marriage? Indian Philosophy and Religion Indian philosophy is to do with helping you achieve your purpose in life

15 My Books, 16-18 Lessons from Animals Your immune system is badly damaged. Why is this not true for wild animals? MUSIC TO BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD What to listen to My Book of Paintings Lovely paintings to heal your emotions

16 My Books, 19-21 Natural Medicine What will help you and what will not Oxford University In this world, only Swiss Universities are worse. Why knowing this is important to you Perfecting Your Emotional Energy Sphere You need to tackle the root cause, the single emotional disease that is adversely impacting you

17 My Books, 22-24 Perfecting Your Love Energy Sphere You need to search for love. It does not in this age fall on your lap. It takes time and effort Perfecting Your Mental Energy Sphere The perfect mind absorbs the information you need, analyzes it with dispassion, and decides Perfecting Your Physical Energy Sphere Is your body fit and strong, healthy? Are you happy with it the way it is?

18 My Books, 25-27 Perfecting Your Sexual Energy Sphere Your need an active sex life with your marital partner. What steps are needed to achieve this? Physics What a to do. The absurdities in modern physics. The true laws of physics Science New sciences to help the world

19 My Books, 28-30 Spiritual and Religious Journey All of your energy spheres need to be satisfied. You need to start with your sexual energy Stories for Children Lovely stories to make them forget about TV, computers and other modern horrors The 108 Heads of Lord Patanjali I use simple mathematical logic to show that the Yoga Sutras are a trap for scholars

20 My Books, 31-33 The Eight Sacred Texts of India I show that these were constructed carefully to impress and influence Indias Persian rulers The History of the World There is a single reason for the whole of the history of the universe, from its beginning The Psychology of the Mind In this book I present original thoughts on how you can understand yourself

21 My Books, 34-36 Western Philosophy I summarise what it is Yoga Philosophy and Practice Discusses in a practical way, Bhakti, Hatha, Jnana, Karma (Kriya), Kundalini (Iyengar) and Raja yogas, the nature of the soul and God, and choosing your path in life Yoga: The Iyengar Way, Part II What the postures are for and when to do them

22 My Books, 37-38 Your Self and Mind Today, the mind itself, the self itself, is going wrong. I explain what you can do to help yourself Hundreds of Delicious Vegetarian Cookery Dishes by my mother Silva Mehta Details of print, audio and ebooks availability see my website, Bookstore page

23 Action Step 1, writing, is complete, (I think!) I need volunteers for translating the work Step 2 is what I need from you now: inform others that whatever issues they have, information on how to tackle them is available Step 3 raising money for charity or investing for yourself (White Knight)

24 To Help/Find Out More Google Shyam Mehta or Loving Heart Centre Amazon and my website for info on my books Email me at

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