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2006: Sharing the Highlights We feel fortunate for the experiences of the past year, but grateful most of all for the warmth and richness that your kinship.

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1 2006: Sharing the Highlights We feel fortunate for the experiences of the past year, but grateful most of all for the warmth and richness that your kinship brought to our life -- whether we were able to be with you, or simply kept in touch across the distance. Thanks for asking to enjoy the highlights of our year…so, here goes!

2 In January, Judy took bodhran classes, to learn a bit about Irish drumming (witting prelude to a spring adventure) and launched big study on homeland security for the Consulate General in New York. JJ traveled to Texas for reunion of a special Air Force group In February, we celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 13 th with surprising but apt visit from Geoff Buerger (who introduced us 24 years ago!) whilst in town for a job interview. Judy, in Ottawa for business, spent an evening with Ann Mowat in Ottawa watching Robert McLardy in a Little Theatre production of Quartet, and a few days in Toronto for the Niagara Womens Network. Snow surprised DC on Feb 11th. Judy on a rare ski adventure, guest of Pam Heilman at Holimont, in Ellicottville, NY Winter (not normally Judys favourite season) found her literally climbing the walls, as she took up a new sport…

3 In March, JJ was shepherd to a delegation of Japanese officials (and later in the year briefs Shintaro Abe, the Japanese foreign minister who months later becomes Prime Minister of Japan). The group eventually tired of Japanese food (Delegation Politely Begs, No more Bento Boxes!), and travels with them and Judy on an especially chilly day for a battlefield tour at Gettysburg. Judy finished the homeland security study, and took a very cold day to join the support crew flight-testing an experimental aircraft payload. Her key job was to stand alongside the runway and signal to the pilot, during the takeoff run, whether the airplane looked safe to lift off, or had splaying landing gear, or things falling off it, according to the instructions. (All went well.)

4 In April, JJ began co-hosting a weekly radio call-in show about cars; hes also given a lifetime award for service to American debating. And he was pursued by a new potential employer. From left, Nat, Grandpa Gene, Aaron, Dad Dave, Aunt Brie, and Uncle JJ. Nephew Aaron convened a rare gathering of Gertlers, on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah – the first of his generation of the family -- in Wilmington, Delaware. JJ expressed affection for his co- host, Warren Brown, car columnist for the Washington Post.

5 Judy began April as a woman of letters, speaking at the CAMSC conference in Toronto and attending the CADSI showcase in Ottawa. She finished the month in Ireland with Marie & Thomas Stamp, including a international dance festival (Swan Lake like youve never imagined!), historic estates and bars… And how our garden grew! Vibrant colours came from a fall bulb planting in 2005, inspired by conversation with Jessie Hislop in Calgary Above and underneath earthworks older than Stonehenge, at Knowth Above as guest musician at the Brazen Head, Irelands oldest pub. Below, a vista at historic estate Powerscourt. Thomas & his mom, Marie Judy at St Stephens Park

6 May brought us once again among the guests of the folks at Mazda for a weekend of pre-season beach at Rehoboth. They had a Mazda Speed3 there but just to look at, not to drive. Our steed for the weekend was a CX-7 (for those keeping track. Im not sure how JJ does that, let alone how he can parallel park any of the cars, first time, every time.). 3 Generations of Lorne: Lorne Joseph, William Lorne, and now Simon Lorne In late May, Judy climbed Old Rag Mountain in Virginia with visitor Leah Hawirko, who had introduced Judy to climbing in 2005. The trail features 3 miles of scrambling over huge boulders, and amazing stairway cut into rock – made by the National Park Service. They enjoyed the summit, as you can see below! Judy & JJ made a quick trip to Norfolk for Katies masterfully arranged retirement ceremony for Gen Chuck Simpson. Judy stayed on to visit with Sam Jelinek in Williamsburg.

7 On June 3 rd, Judy was honoured in Hamilton, Ontario by McMaster University by induction into the Alumni Gallery, and events including an interview and dinner, to which Dad escorted her, with the University President. Bradts marked the occasion all together (first time since Fiona Woolley was christened in 2001!), including at a dinner afterwards for family and friends, hosted by Mom, Dad and Arlene. A very special weekend!

8 June continues… Judy was off to Halifax, where she rode the dunker (that is, was submerged, inverted, and successfully escape-trained with Albert Bohemier, President of Survival Systems of Dartmouth) while in town for the Forum for International Trade Training. And she visited briefly with Steve Coughlan and Dale Darling. Home renovations, begun in April, were finally completed, the best of which include a pair of Solatube skylights in the parlor, a heated master bathroom floor, and a screened porch out back. Come and enjoy them with us, eh?

9 Curtains for Us (and more)! July returned Judy to Dallas as speaker and national Premier Coach with 2000 members of eWomenNetwork, where she spent in-person time (and had fun!) with her Virtual Assistant, Dawn Middlestead. Official Conveyance and Uniform for the Summit Insight July Road Trip! After months of climb training indoors (including sprained ankle), Judy climbed real rock for the first time, at Great Falls Virginia, high above the Potomac River with climbing partner Linda Robinson. They both just loved it. (More, please!) Like last year, Judy spent a week in southern Ontario (road trip, unlike last year), with business, family and friends. Mom came south with her to visit for a few days (including trying out Judys climbing gym – go Mom!) and making a set of bathroom sheers, timely complement to the renovated bathroom. Apparently this was the last of a four-part ritual: Mom has now made curtains for each of her kids.

10 Aaaaaugust….aaaah…. Annual visit to our little island in the Grenadines. Judy managed to turn her other ankle on an uneven path there. Upside: she has no ankles left to sprain. JJ surrendered to those who were pursing his talents, and in mid-August began a new job in Rosslyn, VA, where he now runs the defense policy shop for the Aerospace Industries Association. Judy traveled to teach in Quebec -- Rimouski and Riviere du Loup. Visit with Claudette Lemieux, including Montreals Jean Talon market was amazing (shopping or shooting pix)!

11 In September, Judy celebrated her birthday in several ways: out with climbing pal Linda, dinner one evening and hike next day with JJ. Judy returned to Toronto, where Dad caught her act speaking at the Excellence in Entrepreneurship conference. The visit also included a new client (the Department of National Defences research lab), and Conros, a Canadian company that makes all the US Postal Services retail mailing products. The Birthday Festival concluded at Woolley Wonderland Farm with Mom and Karen and Glenn and Fiona. (Picture at right features excellent bed-heads before 6 am departure for home…)

12 October found Judy in Winnipeg (visits include John Robinson, Manitoba Aerospace Industry, Red River College, and Composites Innovation Centre)… JB becomes official Goddess of the Rocks, with women climbers at New River Gorge, West Virginia. A buffalo followed Judy home from Winnipeg. Airport security issued him his own boarding pass in Montreal. Honest! JB was twice in Ottawa, to teach for Canadian Commercial Corporation and as panelist for the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries. She visited Ann Mowat & Robert McLardy, Andrew Taylor & Gaye Nixon, and She-Who-Does-Not- Sleep, the young Rebecca Taylor. Airport billboards seen only in Washington DC…

13 In November … Judy traveled to Tucson to moderate a panel on border security technology and takes the second day to hire a guide and climb nearby Mount Lemmon, topping off a great year of clambering experiences… We visited the National Zoo on a chilly, rainy day before a quiet Thanksgiving dinner together at home…everyone there looked like they had already HAD their dinners… Judy finished up the last week of November back in Ottawa as panelist for the Conference Board of Canada, while JJ was the featured alumnus in the Homecoming Edition of campus rag, the Amherst Student.

14 December was blessedly more quiet than last year on the business front, with project wrapping up and a steady demand for proposals for new ones. Delaware Gertlers came south and Brie north from Charlottesville to DC for a Hanukkah feast & fun. As you read this, were off to BC for a few days, returning to DC for a couple, and then will close out the old year and ring in the new with Bradt family in Toronto. 2007 begins with Judy in Albany for a conference and JJ leading a US delegation to India for an international air show. We send you our every wish for your happiness and health, and earnest invitations to come visit! Fondly, Judy & J.J. Keep up all year long… The Bradt family blog gets lots of action – visit often!

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