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Go for it J8A. They went to Inner Mongolia on their last school trip. Did they see any…? Did they ride…?

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1 Go for it J8A

2 They went to Inner Mongolia on their last school trip. Did they see any…? Did they ride…?

3 Class 1 visited the aquarium. Did they see any sharks? Were there any…?

4 Pair work: Did they…?

5 Pair work: Zheng Hes hometown Did they / you…?

6 Grammar focus: General sentences in past tense: They went to the zoo. Did they go to the zoo? Yes,they did./ No, they didnt. We visited the aquarium yesterday. Did you visit the aquarium yesterday? Yes,we did./ No, we didn t. There were some dolphins in the aquarium. Were there any dolphins in the aquarium? Yes there were./ No there werent.

7 Exercise : 1, __ Tom__ (help) his mother clean the yard yesterday? 2. On my last day off, Mary __ (sleep) late. 3. They __(have) a school trip last Sunday. They __ (visit) the Great Wall and __ (meet) a lot of foreigners. 4. --___ (be) there some water in the glass? I want to drink some. --No, there ___ (not be). Please buy some. 5. There __ (be ) a lot of fish in the lake a few years ago, but now there __ (not be) any. 6. I __ (buy) a souvenir on my school trip. I __ (give) my cousin as a gift yesterday. 7. --___ Mary __ (go) to the school trip last week? -- No. she ___ ( not do). She __ ( be ) ill in bed.

8 Key words for Oral English composition: Last summer, parents, fishing, swim, seafood, souvenir, have fun.

9 Key words for Oral English composition: Last school trip, terracotta Warriors, souvenir

10 Exercise: Complete the sentences. A: Did you ________ ( ) yesterday? B: No, I________( ). A: Did you _________( )? B: Yes,of course. A: _____________( )? B: No, there werent any sharks, but there were _________( ).

11 Using the correct words to complete the passage. do, watch, visit, have, go, buy, be, take, walk, see Dear Clive: How ___ your school trip? ___ you have a good time? I __ a very fun day over the weekend. First I ___ the Visitors Center and ___ a movie about seals with my family. Then we ___ many souvenirs at the gift shop. After that we ___ to the zoo. We ____ lots of interesting photos there. Finally we ___ home. We were very happy. ___ you soon. Your friend Tony

12 Home work Write a short composition about your last summer holiday. At least 5 sentences.

13 1.What do you do on weekends ? 2. What do you like doing most on weekends ? 3. What do you dislike doing most on weekends ? 4. Do you often have free time to do something relaxing ? 5.Life is colorful, we need time to enjoy it.But now we have to study hard and try to get the happiness from the study. Questions:

14 Group work: Talk about what she/he did last day off. Finish the chart: NameWhat did you do last day off? Tom Mary Kate

15 Fast reading Dear Li Hua: How was your day off ? Did you have a good time? I had a great day off. My parents took me to the Summer Palace. We met a lot of foreigners and I took some photos with them. I also talked with them in English. We visited some famous palaces and from the guide I knew a lot of history knowledge about China. I think Chinese people are so great and intelligent. They could build so beautiful and excellent buildings in the old days without any modern machines. At the gate of the palace I bought some books and souvenirs. I will show you when you come to my house next time. Write to me soon. Yours, Zhang Li

16 Lets think What did Zhang LI do last day off? 1.__________________________ 2. __________________________ 3. __________________________ 4. __________________________ visited the Summer Palace took some photos visited some famous palaces bought some books and souvenirs What does Zhang Li think about the palace and the Chinese people? What did she know from the guide? What does she think about her day off?

17 Pair work : try to use the following words to write a letter to Zhang Li and tell her something about Li Hua's day off. key words: boring, slept late, did homework, helped her mother do some laundry, babysit her little cousin, cook dinner, tired.

18 Exercise: My last day off ___(be) terrible. In the morning it ___(be) sunny. So my parents ___(take) my sister and I ___(go) for a picnic. We ___(be) happy when we ___(hear) it. We ___(sing) all the way. The weather ___(be) cloudy when we ___(get) there. My father and my sister ___(go) fishing in the river for two hours but they ___(catch) nothing. My mother and I got ready for our lunch. How bad! When we were eating,it ___(begin, rain) heavily. We ___(be) wet. We ___(have) to stay under the big tree. When the rain ___(stop), we went home sadly and now we all ___(have) a bad cold. How sad we are! Think it over

19 Reading Plans for the next day off Its Friday afternoon, and all the workers at the factory are thinking about their plans for the next day off. Milton wants to work in his garden. Diane wants to go hiking in the mountain. Carmen and Tom want to play tennis. Jack wants to go water-skiing. Kate wants to build a tree house for her children. And Roy and his family want to have a picnic. Unfortunately, the employees at the Liberty Insurance Company are going to be very disappointed. According to the radio, its going to rain cats and dogs all the week.

20 NameMiltonRoyDianeKateJackCarmen and Tom Plan After the reading fill in the chart. Try to think

21 Home work: Write a short composition about your last day off. At least 10 sentences.

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