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Promotion – show material – door prizes, displays.

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2 Promotion – show material – door prizes, displays.

3 Started in the 1600s when gentlemen would send nosegays to their love one or who they courted.

4 Send bride a mailing – see newspaper for engagement announcements.

5 Working with other professionals, photo – studios, bakeries, salons, tuxedo shop, catering companies, department stores, jewelry stores and bridal registries.

6 A person experienced in sales and knowledge about flowers, etc

7 See page 338

8 Name Address E-mail Phone Number Time Location Bride Attendants Ceremony Flowers Reception Flowers Rehearsal Dinner Other Decorations

9 Bouquet= round, cascade, crescent (full skirt and/or long train). Throw away

10 Generally modified version of the bridal bouquet. Hair pieces Maid of Honor= a little bigger

11 Chaplet Basket

12 Grooms: a little different than others Fathers, stepfathers, ushers, grandfathers, brothers, vocalist, clergyman, servers, people helping, and ring bearer.

13 Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, helpers, hostess, vocalist, servers, etc. Going away corsage.

14 Size Height Architecture

15 Altar Bouquets -Candelabras -Processional Aisle -Pew decorations -Aislelabras -Canopy or Arch: very traditional for Jewish weddings. -Arch for recessional

16 Types Head Table (Very important) Cake Table (Very important, Cake Top) Gift Table Buffet Table Punch or champagne Table Guest Table Table skirt decorations

17 Hand tied bouquets for bride and attendants

18 Floral Needs Rental Options Price Payment Terms

19 Bride Bridesmaids Flower Girl Grooms Boutonniere Corsage (all other females) Groom Brides Bouquet Boutonnieres Mother Corsage Grandmother Corsage Decorations for Ceremony

20 Classical - arm bouquet (calla lilies) Traditional - round or cascade Contemporary - clutch bouquet- single stem or many stems- crescent.

21 Wired Bouquet holder with lace

22 Basket Wreath Prayer Book Bible Fan Parasol Muff

23 Placement of Flowers at Ceremony and the Reception Delivery


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