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Wedding project Adult living 5th hour.

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1 Wedding project Adult living 5th hour

2 Invitations $410.20-for a 150 invitations

3 Flowers Brides Bouquet-Chocolate Brown Calla Lilies, and Buttercream Roses. -$ Grooms boutonniere-A double calla lily boutonniere to match the bridal bouquet with matching filler and a tiny bow.-$9.75-1 Maid of honor-A stunning silk handheld wedding bouquet with no calla lilies only roses in buttercream and chocolate brown rose-$ Groomsman-A single calla lily boutonniere with brown ribbon.$6.75x2

4 Flowers Fathers boutonniere-A single calla lily boutonniere with brown ribbon.-$6.75-1 Mothers corsage-Wedding flowers in a double calla lily corsage in brown.-$

5 Centerpieces Head centerpiece-Long and low table centerpiece, perfect for the head table, and alter.  This table centerpiece is approximately 3 feet long and approx 6 inches high.-$ Guest table centerpiece-Round centerpiece perfect for tables with guests.  This table centerpiece is approx 10 inches in diameter.-$ table pieces

6 Favors Hand Decorated Bride And Groom Mini Cake Pop Favor. Set of 12-$54.00x13set Unique Celebratory Wedding Poppers set of 12-$15.60x13 sets

7 Ceremony The ceremony will be in a Christian church. After the ceremony the bride and groom will walk down a lighted path and stand together under beautiful oak tree with lanterns – free thanks to family and friends.

8 reception The reception table will have beautiful purple and blue and sliver table decorations with a long clear beautiful vase. the table with cost at $75x20tables.

9 Brides dress Strapless satin bodice with beaded embroidery, organza ball gown skirt, and chapel train-$850.00

10 Grooms tuxedo Canterbury style black on black with white underneath-$745.00

11 Cake White lacy creamy icing with a red velvet center. with four layer tears.$567.00

12 Transportation 1948 “Silver Wraith” Rolls Royce . $900,00

13 Honeymoon The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is easy to reach, economical, and blessed with a bevy of sports and natural offerings as well as a thriving nightlife. Surrounded by the bright blue sea, the "land of wood and water" has six mountain ranges, 120 rivers, 200 miles of beaches, 25 indigenous bird species, 3,800 flowering plants of which are unique to Jamaica -- and over 500 types of ferns.

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