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Communion with Christ and with One Another The Eucharist.

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1 Communion with Christ and with One Another The Eucharist

2 The Language of Communion Communion is a relationship......union with It implies both the gift of self and the reception of the other person Because it is a relationship of persons, it tends to involve the whole self - body, mind, spirit, emotions 04/06/2014250th International Eucharistic Congress

3 Eucharist as Communion The first Eucharist was a moment of particular intimacy, between Jesus and His disciples, which involved talking & listening, giving & receiving; word, bread, wine and even the washing of feet. The whole event was communion The event comes to an end, but the communion goes on 04/06/2014350th International Eucharistic Congress

4 Become what you Receive In all of the Sacraments we tend to place the emphasis on the event; The Baptism The First Communion The Wedding but the importance of the Sacrament is in what happens to us, (what we become ) Members of Gods family; the Church The Body of Christ Husband & Wife ; family; one flesh 04/06/2014450th International Eucharistic Congress

5 The Challenge of the Congress To help people grow into a spirituality of Communion Understanding the gift they have received Becoming that gift for others (including the readiness to be blessed, broken and given ) 04/06/2014550th International Eucharistic Congress

6 Communion and Mission Through the gift of Jesus which we have received, we are drawn into communion with one another and entrusted with mission: Family Community Reconciliation Justice and peace Liturgy Care of the sick Work for youth 04/06/2014650th International Eucharistic Congress

7 This Life and the Next We are joined in Communion with those who have gone before us The saints The faithful departed who have been nourished at the same table of Gods Word and the Bread of Life The image of the eternal banquet and all who seek you with a sincere heart (Euch. Prayer 4) 04/06/2014750th International Eucharistic Congress

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