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1 МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ОБЩЕОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНОЕ УЧРЕЖДЕНИЕ МОУ «ГИМНАЗИЯ» Г.МЕНЗЕЛИНСКА РЕСПУБЛИКИ ТАРАРСТАН Работу выполнила: ученица 10 класса Новикова Зульфия Руководитель проекта: преподаватель Елхова Г.Ф. 2010 год

2 My Menzelinsk, adew, adew! I cant stay here long. Here are some funny lines for you My love to you is strong. Be healthy, all your parks and streets And the horizon lazy. Let all lieutenants and soldiers Make beautiful girls crazy… Musa Jalil

3 1. to study and deepen my own knowledge from the history, geography of my native town; 2. to represent my town as a tourist centre (or a town of excursion) to the tourists from different parts of the world; 3. to research the problem of tourism in our region; 4. lingvistic – to improve my language skills.

4 Every person in the world has his own Motherland, but besides he has his own Malaya Motherland. It is a place where he has been living from his birth. As for me, I have such a place too. It is Menzelinsk. Now Id like to tell you about it. I hope youll be interested in its history, climatic conditions and so on.


6 There are a few versions of the name Menzelinsk.One version says, that many years ago one man lived in our place. He had a daughter, who was a wonderful,as wonderful could be.

7 She loved one poor young man. The father didnt want his daughter to marry the poor man. He ordered to throw him into the river.

8 Servants fulfilled his order. Unhappy girl came to the river and cried bitterly and said Мин елыйм. Мин елыйм. That means, I am crying. I am crying. Thats why our town is called Menzelinsk.

9 Menzelinsk is a town in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia,located on the Menzelya River (Kama's basin), 292 km (181 mi) east of Kazan. Its total area is about 1923 square km. Population is 16730 people: russian-49,3%; tatar-46,8%; maris- 1,7%; chuvashy-1,2%; mordvinians-0,5%; Armenian people-0,3% the Ukrainian-0,2% Menzelinsk Kazan mordvinian

10 * Now Menzelinsk is very big, rich, beautiful and interesting town. It has a lot of wonderful buildings, sport centries, cultural places, places for rest. * Id like to see Menzelinsk as a tourist centre and I propose my suggestions and ideas.

11 I would like to suggest excursions on three routes: 1. excursion to the historic places of my town; 2. excursion to the cultural places of my town; 3. excursion to the sport centres.

12 Nicholas Cathedral was ruined during Soviet period. In the middle of the 17 th century there had been a wooden church in Menzelinsk fortress. Exactly at the place it had been situated at the beginning of the 19 th century it was built stone Nicholas Cathedral. Building of the cathedral started in 1807 and was consecrated in 1813.

13 On April 29, 1938 the presidium of the Town Soviet of peoples deputies decided to close the cathedral and give the building to Menzelinsk agricultural technical school. On July 1940, it was given to be used as a cinema then there was a mill department. As the result the church chapel and foundation were destroyed. At present time it is made efforts to give back to Nicholas Cathedral it is former beauty.

14 The next attraction is the Mosque. Mingaray Sitdikov gave a square for building a mosque. In 1910 two-storied brick mosque was built. It was opened on October 26, 1911. The mosque is situated in the center of our town and one of the tallest building.

15 Railroad Bridge was built at the beginning of 20 century by the order of Katherine the 2-nd. One spanned metal bridge on two stone abutments is situated in the Eastern part of the town. It is the monument of industrial architecture. Katherines bridge is the symbol of our town.

16 The house of M.S.Seitbattalov is on the Lenin street, one of the central street of the town. The merchants house of M.S.Seitbattalov was built at the end of 19 century and now it is the historical sightseeings of the town where you can find the Administration of Menzelinsk region here.

17 It was built in 1882 by the landowner Gorbushin as a hotel for merchants. Since 1902 it was a female grammar school with 7-years term of training then it was called as a gymnasium. In 1934 the school was named the school of Molotov. Since 1965 it was named the first secondary school with 10-years term of training. In 2001 the old school was reconstructed.

18 Cultural life of the town is rich enough for the regional centre. There are three museums -the museum of local lore with the exibitions from the history of the region; - Musa Jalils museum in the Pedagogical college; - Rashit Garays museum in the gymnasium.

19 The museum was founded in 1991. You can find a lot of unique things from the history of our town and region. There are four halls: - the hall of nature; -the hall of the ancient history; -the hall of the XIX century; -the exhibition hall.


21 There are three large parks in the town: Victory Park, Central Park and Park named after a well-known Tatar poet Musa Jalil. The most popular place for recreation is Central Park with the memorial to defenders of native land. For the lovers of nature and sport a pine-tree forest is an attraction.

22 Sport is very popular in our town. Many things are being done to help children and grown-ups to keep good health. In my town there are sport centres as: - sport centre Yubileiny where you can visit swimming- pool, sport halls for cycling and aerobics;

23 - Ice-palace Yunost where you can skate, ski, play hockey and relax;

24 - tennis hall Olympus, where you can play tennis(big or table tennis);

25 -Aeroclub of Menzelinsk, where you can jump with parachute. It is one of the extreme kind of sport!

26 At the end of our excursion of my town tourists can visit different cafés where they can eat tasty national dishes of different kind of kitchen (tatar dishes, armenian dishes) and relax here. For your attention there are cafés Oazis, Aladdin, Odzun, Menzelya.

27 We asked our students about the tourism in our town and they gave us some answers. The number of participants: students of the 9 th, 10 th, 11 th forms – 50 students. Questions: 1.Would you like to see your native town as a tourist centre? 2.What sights of the town do you want to show to the tourists? 3.What historical place of the town would you tell to a stranger about? 4.If you had an opportunity what changes in your native town would you suggest?

28 Their answers… 1.Yes – 50 students (100%), No – 0 students. 2.Among the sights there are: a)the museums of the town (Musa Jalils museum, local lore museum) – 48 students (96%) ; b)Katherines bridge – 35 students (70%) ; c)Tatar Drama theatre – 32 students (64%) ; d)Nicholas Cathedral – 27 students (54%) ; e)Mosque – 26 students (52%) ; f)Sport centres – 21 students (42%). 3.The best known historical place of the town is a)Katherines bridge – 22 students (44%) ; b)Musa Jalils museum – 15 students (30%) ; c)Tatar Drama theatre – 9 students (18%) ; d)Nicholas Cathedral – 4 students (8%). 4. a) to build some entertaining places for the youth and the modern hotels – 28 students (56%); b)to improve the conditions of the roads and to build the pedestrian pathes for the cyclists – 13 students (26%); c) to keep the ecological status and purity of the town – 9 students (18%).

29 I want Menzelinsk to become a very attractive town for tourists and so I have a dream to open the travel agency in my small town. The mission of the enterprise consists of development of the cultural level of the population and creation of the good mood through visiting architecture and sights. My thoughts are: - to open the travel agency Menzelinsk; - to show and advertise the sightseeings and historical places of my town through radio and TV programmes; - to create and to sell the souvenirs with the symbols of our town; - to publish the leaflets (booklets) with information about the historical sights of the town; - to use Mass Media as a source of information about the cultural, sport events of the town. The next task is to find a rich sponsor for my dream project.

30 - My travel agency Menzelinsk represents on the market service consisting of visiting historical places. - You may choose one of the excursion routes.

31 If I were a guide I would suggest the excursion of my town on three routes (look at the booklets)… The first route – historical route… 1. Nicholas Cathedral (Musa Jalil street); 2. the Mosque (Lenin street); 3. Katherins bridge (Lenin street); 4. The local lore museum (R.Lyuksemburg street); 5.The building of school(School1, R.Lyuksemburg street); 6.The house of M.S.Seitbattalov (Administration of Menzelinsk, Lenin street). турагенство

32 The second route – cultural route… 1.Rashit Garays Museum in the gymnasium (Izyskatelei street); 2. The local lore museum (K.Marks street); 3. Cinema centre (K.Marks street); 4. Musa Jalils museum in the Pedagogical college (M.Jalil street); 5. Tatar Drama theatre (M.Jalil street) турагенство

33 The third route – sport route… 1.Aeroclub of Menzelinsk; 2. Tennis centre Olympus (Izyskateley street); 3. Ice- Palace Yunost (Izyskateley street); 4. Sport centre Yubileiny (Communisticheskaya street). турагенство

34 I hope youll like my town too. Welcome to Menzelinsk! Thank you!!!


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