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Welcome to Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton, Ontario

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1 Welcome to Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton, Ontario
Established as a congregation in 1859

2 Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton
Front view of Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton

3 Our Mission Statement Knox Presbyterian Church, Tiverton, exists to provide Christian worship, guidance, education, and fellowship suitable for all people. We desire to be a practical, caring, and concerned church with a special regard for those who have particular physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. We seek to be a prayerful congregation.

4 Our Mission Statement While seeking to promote and maintain good communication within our existing membership, we also wish to be a welcoming church -- extending an invitation to new people in our community, people with no church connection, and those who may not have maintained their connection with the church -- in hopes that they might become part of our worship and fellowship.

5 The Beauty of Knox Tiverton
Our church is situated on the main street. The present church was built in 1900. The “Access Project” in 1992 saw the construction of an addition to our church that would make it accessible to everyone. The manse is located beside the church. It is a bungalow style with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a finished basement.

6 Knox Church, from parking lot

7 Knox Presbyterian Church manse

8 What do we value? Our congregation…….
strongly believes in the power of prayer enjoys sermons that are applicable to our everyday lives as Christians values a minister who has a presence in the community and is involved in the lives of the people of the church

9 Knox Presbyterian Church, sanctuary
Interior view of Knox sanctuary Knox Presbyterian Church, sanctuary

10 2008 congregational picnic

11 The Children of Knox The children of Knox are small in number but faithful attendees. The children attend Sunday School during the regular church service. The Sunday school has a Christmas pageant every year. Baptized children are welcome at the Lord’s Table.

12 Chime choir. Sunday School

13 Children’s activities at 2008 congregational picnic
Sunday School. Children’s activities at 2008 congregational picnic

14 Important Worship Services
The Advent Season and Christmas Eve Winterfest Lenten services Decoration Day service at cemetery Teeswater Cropshare service Remembrance Day service Mission Sunday Youth services

15 Remembrance Day service

16 Teeswater Cropshare service

17 Groups within Knox Church School Nursery Kirk Session
Board of Managers Ladies’ Aid Society Women's Missionary Society Choir Chime Choir

18 Mission Work Recognizing that we are a part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and are members of the Reformed Family of Churches, we support missionary endeavours both within our community and in the world beyond. For example: The WMS recently purchased a sewing machine that was sent to Guatemala. Knox fundraises for the Teeswater Cropshare. The Sunday school supports Sleeping Children Around the World. The congregation participates in White Gift Sunday at Christmas.

19 Sunset on Lake Huron

20 Tiverton is a small but growing village of approximately one thousand people located on the eastern shores of Lake Huron. This congregation consists of approximately 200 members and 200 adherents. The people are predominantly farmers or hydro workers at nearby Bruce Power. We also rub shoulders with a growing Amish community.

21 Why come to our community?
Small town, close-knit community Beautiful parks and nature trails, close to Lake Huron and beaches Local medical centre and other local health services

22 Knox in the community We are truly a community church -- taking an active part in Fall Fairs, Winterfest celebrations, skating parties, Christian Faith Festivals, etc. We are also involved with the seniors’ residence in our village and provide free bus transportation to worship services. We eagerly reach out in fun and informal ways to the community.


24 Our Hope for Our Future To welcome a dedicated and energetic minister who... has a dynamic leadership style is approachable and compassionate enhances the worship and spiritual life of our people is a strong presence in the lives of our youth fosters a sense of stewardship enabling us to continue our mission work both within and beyond the community.

25 Our Benediction Each Sunday, our worship service closes with the song “Go Now and Pass It On”. As a church family, we believe that this is how we should live our lives as Christians. We know that “the love of God surrounds us, and now we must pass it on”.

26 Thank you for considering Knox Presbyterian Church in Tiverton, Ontario

27 Come and see for yourself…
sunset Sunset on Lake Huron Come and see for yourself…

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