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Presenting a Professional Image in a salon

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1 Presenting a Professional Image in a salon
Unit 102

2 First impressions are important and our appearance forms part of that first impression. Depending on the salon’s image to what may be suitable dress, some salons have a uniform or dress code. A professional appearance sets a good standard for your working life and a qualified therapist will give clients confidence in your ability.

3 Professionalism To work in a successful and busy salon there are codes of conduct which must be followed at all times in order to provide a professional service to your clients. Professional success is based on the following rules and professional standards:

4 Be friendly and give a courteous service to all clients.
Be loyal to your employer, colleagues and the salon. Be dependable, punctual and fulfil your obligations. Adopt a cordial manner when greeting your clients. Use appropriate language at all times. Apply strict security measures. Keep clients records secure Believe in your products and services. Comply with all relevant legislation and the rules and regulations laid down by your salon. Practice the highest standards of hygiene at all times. Make a good impression and cherish your reputation.

5 Professional Organisations and Bodies
It is considered good practice to join a professional organisation or body once qualified. This registration gives you professional status and recognition and protects the public from untrained therapists. There are many advantages to joining a professional body. 1. It provides an opportunity to up date skills and knowledge. It gives professional status. Builds trust and respect between organisations and the medical profession. Professional indemnity and liability insurance is made available at preferential rates. A list of the organisations members is made available to clients.

6 Professional Organisations
The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists C.I.B.T.A.C B.A.B.T.A.C FHT- Federation of Holistic Therapists H.A.B.I.A C.I.D.E.S.C.O Professional Beauty

7 Professional Magazine’s
Professional Beauty Magazine The Guild of Professional Therapists Health and Beauty Salon Professional Nails

8 Professional beauty therapist image
Clean pressed overall No jewellery except a wedding band. 1 pair of stud earrings. Clean, brushed hair tied off the face and neck. Low heeled, closed in shoes. Clean tights and stockings every day. A light day make up to be worn every day. Short, clean unvarnished nails. Shower or daily bath, use of anti perspirant. Avoid eating anything spicy or curries. Never chew gum in the salon. Cover cuts and abrasions with a waterproof dressing

9 Main Services available
Manicure Pedicure Waxing Artificial nails Make up Facials Aromatherapy massage Electrical facials Epilation treatments Body massage Eyelash and eyebrow treatments Reflexology Heat and water therapy Indian head Massage Hot stone therapy Electrical body treatments Body wrapping Tanning Treatments Steam and Sauna

10 Occupational Roles Beautician Beauty Therapist Make up Artist
Electrologist Nail Technician Manicurist/ pedicurist Masseuse/ Masseur Aromatherapist Reflexologist Complementary Therapist Cosmetic Consultant Sales representative Receptionist Salon manager Teacher Trainer Cruise liner Therapist on airline

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