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SOLVAY and PCC Division General Presentation

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1 SOLVAY and PCC Division General Presentation
2013 PCC Division

2 Overview: Overview of Solvay Group A leader in Chemistry
The PCC Division: Functional Additive High-Tech Calcium Carbonate Production Sites Industrial Process Grades Applications Innovation Strategy Socal® Up Vision: 3 pillars PCC Division

3 Overview of Solvay Group:
Innovation Culture Founded in 1863 by Ernest Solvay in Belgium 29,100 people worldwide with presence in 55 countries 40 % of sales in emerging countries Diversified customer base in markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and environment and electronics Among the world leaders in selected markets and products, generating over 90% of sales in businesses where it has # 1,2 or 3 global positions Strategy of sustainable and profitable growth by investing in high value added activities and new products with low energy footprint Acquired: Specialty chemicals company Rhodia on 7 September 2011 US based Chemlogics on 7 October 2013 (the following information do not include this acquisition) Listed on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange in Brussels and Paris Selected as member of Dow Jones Sustainability Index on 16 September 2013 PCC Division

4 Overview of Solvay Group:
Executive Committee PCC Division

5 Solvay: A leader in Chemistry
(1) Sales 12,4 Ebitda 2,067 Employees 29.100 (1) From continuing operations PCC Division

6 Solvay: A leader in Chemistry
New Group increased scale and leadership: 12.7 #1, 2, 3 global positions > 90% of combined sales Leadership Segment Global Market Position Description Specialty Polymers High-Performance Engineering Polymers, Fluorinated Polymers Polyamide Materials PA 6.6 polymers and intermediates Consumer Chemicals Specialty Surfactants, Phosphorus Chemistry, Diphenols for vanillin Advanced Materials Silica, Rare Earths Systems Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide Minerals Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate Sales (2012, EUR bn) #1 #2 12.4 2011 2012 PCC Division

7 Solvay: A leader in Chemistry
Complementary end-markets portfolio: Polyarylamide PARA for mobile phone housing Liquid Crystal Polymer for electrical/electronic connectors PA, used in an increasing range of everyday applications High-strength Amodel® Water pump impeller PTFE Impregnated laminate for printed circuit board PA in high-end power tools Ixef® polyarylamide in a shaver Energy efficient window profile in PVC Connectors for lead free soldering PCB with High Temperature PA LED housing with higher thermal conductivity PA Mini Circuit Breaker with halogen and red phosphorous- free PA Window Profile for HQE building with low thermal conductive PA Wire & Cable Tecnoflon® Transparent Polysulfone in home appliances Wire & Cable Cross-linkable polyethylene PEX Electronics Appliances, Machinery, Devices Construction PCC Division

8 Solvay: A leader in Chemistry
We accompany our Clients’ Growth Worldwide A balanced geographical split, focused in growth markets: Western Europe North America Asia / Pacific Rest of the world (2) 43% 17% 26% Latin America (1) 40% of sales from emerging markets 14% Solvay Regional Sales Split Includes Eastern Europe Includes net sales and other revenues PCC Division

9 Solvay Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) is a mineral additive
delivering specific properties like opacity, rheology, calcium supplementation and reinforcement performances through controlled modification of crystal structure and particle size Additive Opacity Rheology Reinforcement Ca additive Properties Emerging functions Applications we serve Paint Sealant Underbody Coating Emerging applications Specialty Paper Healthcare & Food Ink Polymer

10 PCC Division: Functional Additive
Calcite Scalenohedral: Calcite Rhombohedral: Aragonite Needles: The variation of specific processing parameters: Allows the production of PCC with different crystal structure and particle size ranges Provides customers with Functional Additives delivering key performance to end-products Solvay = Specialty PCC Expert With excellent Know-How PCC Division

11 PCC Division: High-Tec Calcium Carbonate
Broad Range of Products + With Cross Knowledge Various Applications Ground Precipitated GCC PCC Crystal Structure Particle Size Fine / Slurry Ultra Fine Focused product serving diversified specialty end-markets PCC Division

12 PCC Division: Production Sites
Lostock (UK) Rheinberg (Germany) Coated Ultra Fine WINNOFIL® Dry Fine SOCAL® Ebensee (Austria) Coated Ultra Fine / Dry Fine SOCAL® Giraud (France) Four Plants = Process control expertise + Quality commitment & Certificates Coated Ultra Fine / Dry Fine SOCAL® PCC Division

13 PCC Division: Industrial Process
3 4 Filtration Drying Disagglomeration Paper Bags Big Bags Bulk Loading Mechanical Processing Storage and Packaging Silo Mill Dryer Filter Agglomerated PCC PCC Cake Natural Gas 1 2 Calcination CaCO3  CaO + CO2 Precipitation Ca (OH)2+ CO2  CaCO3 + H2O Coating + Fatty Acids CO2 Storage and Preparation Chemical Processing Slaking CaO +H2O Ca (OH)2 Tank uncoated Tank coated Sieve Limestone Storage Facility Limestone Lime Milk of Lime (MOL) Hydrated Lime Sieved Limestone Kiln Slaker Coated / Uncoated PCC Suspension Impurities Separation PCC Suspension H2O Fatty Acid Additives Carbonator PCC Division

14 PCC Division: Technical Grades
Fine grades Uncoated SOCAL® P2, P3, N2R, 92G * Dp (nm) 180 – 500 Loss on drying (g/kg) ≤ 5 Brightness (%) ≥ 96 D50 (µm) * 1,45 – 1,95 Residue on sieve (ppm) ≤ 600 Ultra-Fine grades Uncoated Coated SOCAL® 31, UP SOCAL® 311, 312, 322, U1S1, U1S2 WINNOFIL® S, SPM, SPT * Dp (nm) 40 – 100 40 – 130 SBET (m²/g) * - Loss on drying (g/kg) ≤ 10 ≤ 6 Coating (g/kg) YV (Pa) 60 – 130 Residue on sieve (ppm) ≤ 500 ≤ 250

15 PCC Division: Food Grades
SOCAL® R1E FG, S2E FG CaCO3 Assay (%) 98.5 – 100.5 Loss on drying (%) ≤ 2 Acid insoluble substances (%) ≤ 0.2 Fluoride (ppm) ≤ 50 Cadmium (ppm) ≤ 1 Arsenic (ppm) ≤ 3 Antimonium, Copper, Chrome, Zinc, Barium (ppm) ≤ 100 Lead (ppm) Mg and Alkalimetals (%) SOCAL® manufacture based on HACCP SOCAL® comply with Food Chemical Codex

16 PCC Division: Healthcare grades
SOCAL® P2PHE, E2PH. Eur Identification: Carbonates Positive Identification: Calcium Substances insoluble in Acetic acid (%) ≤ 0.2 Chloride (ppm) ≤ 330 Sulphate (%) ≤ 0.25 Arsenic (ppm) ≤ 4 Barium Absent Iron (ppm) ≤ 200 Mg and Alkalimetals (%) ≤ 1.5 Heavy Metals (ppm) ≤ 20 Loss on drying (%) ≤ 2 CaCO3 Assay (%) 98.5 – 100.5 SOCAL® manufacture based on GMP SOCAL® comply with European Pharmacopeia

17 PCC Division: Fine Applications
Main Applications Key Benefits Brands Paint SOCAL® Opacity (hiding power) Brightness: Reduction of TiO2 Low sheen, matt surfaces + New Grades = UP and 92G Healthcare & Food Dissolution properties for effervescence Calcium source Neutralising agent Effective anti-caking Specialty Paper Control of opacity and bulk Brightness Improved porosity 8 Grades

18 PCC Division: Ultra Fine Applications
Main Application Key Benefits Brands Sealant & Plastisol Sealant: Rheology control Reinforcement Plastisol: Rheology control Viscosity stability SOCAL® WINNOFIL® + New Grade = Socal® UP Polymer High gloss surface Processing aid effect, faster gelation Reduction of plate-out Improved impact strength Ink Low / medium gloss Rheology control for high-speed printing Increased pigment efficiency Reduction of plate wear (low abrasion) 9 Grades

19 Solvay PCC: Commercial Organization
Thierry GRANGE Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Esma HASCELIK Business Analyst Olivia PERSYN Global Technical Marketing Manager Sales Gaelle RODARY Technical Marketing Manager Ultra Fine PCC Claudia STOCK Account Manager IT; CH; TR; Export Rasik RAYTHATHA Account Manager NAFTA Shamila PEDRINIS-AKBARALY Technical Marketing Manager Ultra Fine PCC Yannick CAPRON Account Manager BE; FR; NL; PT; ES; UK Joe LUO Account Manager CN; ID; MY; SG Dejan STANKOVIC Account Manager DE; AT; DK; FI; SE Ingrid NYSSEN Sales Coordination

20 Our Innovation Strategy: Approach
Focus on customer & market needs: With Customers involved in 1st steps of the process To develop products fitting with market expectations now and in future Based on: Expertise in PCC production: Broad range of product and know-how Knowledge on various end-applications: Paint, Sealant, Plastisol… Research & Technology: New development & process improvement Technical Marketing: End-applications and market needs expertise Successful with Socal UP ! Up to 60% of TiO2 substitution in paint

21 Our Innovation Strategy: Focus
New Developments concentrated on: Key functionalities: Opacity and Rheology New applications Substitution of high value additives Existing products improvement To support our customers, we benefit from: 2 Application labs (Giraud, F & Rheinberg, D) with strong expertise R&D center (Giraud, F) with pilot plant to test industrial process of new grades

22 SOCAL® UP: An innovative PCC for Paint Industry
Excellent opacity Up to 60% of TiO2 substitution (1:1) Significant cost savings (up to 40 % of fillers package) Innovative Morphology Better sustainability with 80% CO2 footprint reduction Vs TiO2 01/04/2017

23 Delivering financial return
Our Vision : Three pillars Strong customer focus Delivering financial return People engagement - Customer-centric innovation - New applications - Geographical deployment Target 0 accident Management & people model with a focus on people engagement, people challenge & feedback, collaboration « Generating the financial means for our development»

24 Conclusion: We offer: Thanks to our:
High performance products and services Wide range of grades (specialties) On a consistent basis Thanks to our: Expertise (know-how) People competencies throughout the Solvay PCC organization Applications knowledge Will to innovate and to develop new things PCC Division

25 For more information, please visit our website at:
For any type of inquiry, please feel free to contact us at the following ”All technical advice and recommendations provided, if any, are intended for use by persons having the appropriate education and skill.  Solvay and its affiliates shall not be liable for any use or non-use of such advice and/or recommendations. Users of our products are solely responsible for the design, construction and operation of their own facilities as well as to finally determine alone the suitability of any product supplied or any information on this product for any particular purpose and its manner of use, the compliance with any relevant legislation, regulation or applicable standards and whether any patents or other intellectual or proprietary rights are infringed”


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