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Huhtamaki Company Presentation

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1 Huhtamaki Company Presentation
28 August 2012 Huhtamaki Company Presentation August 2012

2 Huhtamaki – A global consumer packaging company
GROUP May 2011 Huhtamaki – A global consumer packaging company March 17 2

3 Fundamentals of Huhtamaki
Specialized in consumer packaging Three core knowhow areas make 85% of net sales Paper cups and containers -- paperboard key raw material Flexible Packaging and Films -- plastics as key raw material Molded fiber based products -- recycled fiber Global presence with more than 15 years of experience at key emerging markets Restructuring, cost reductions and operative focus brought good financial position and infrastructure to grow March 17

4 Geographically Organized
4 Huhtamaki in 2012 EUR 2.0 Billion in net sales 2011 14,000 People employed 61 Manufacturing units 31 Operating countries Key Figures Globally Organized Films Flexibles Molded Fiber Geographically Organized Disposables Businesses North America Foodservice E-A-O Flexible Packaging Films Molded Fiber Reporting Segments 26% 23% 28% 12% 9% Share of Net Sales* * 2011, Other Activities 2% March 17

5 Huhtamaki Films – A leading supplier of specialty films
GROUP May 2011 Huhtamaki Films – A leading supplier of specialty films March 17 5

6 Facts 2011 Growth Further improve competitive position
In North America With Global Hygiene accounts Globally in B&C Further improve competitive position New business development approach Further differentiation through innovation Continued focus on costs and efficiency Prisma Pack acquisition Net sales 2011: MEUR 177.0 March 17

7 Growth in emerging markets
Prospect 2012 Planned growth Dynamic growth in Asia-Pacific & Americas, mainly with global hygiene accounts Moderate growth in EMEA Key Initiatives Utilize global capabilities locally Continue focus on costs and efficiency Integration of Huhtamaki Filmes Brasil Growth in emerging markets March 17

8 Geographical footprint in 2011
Sales* by geography Plant locations Germany US Thailand – start mid 2011 Brazil – September 2011 * Based on 2011 figures March 17 8 8

9 EUR 177 Million in net sales
Huhtamaki Films in 2011 Facts 2011 EUR 177 Million in net sales People employed Manufacturing units Served countries Consumer Industrial Pressure Sensitive Business Segments Share* 35 % 39 % 23 % * Of net sales 2011, 2 % Others March 17 9 9

10 Release Film Market Positioning Huhtamaki Films Market Positioning
Americas EMEA Asia Pacific Trends and drivers Pressure Sensitive Market leader in Tape applications Regional growth in Americas and Asia Pacific Industrial Focus B&C Market leader in release applications B&C Translate success stories into new applications Consumer Focus Personal Care Market leader in printed and siliconized single wrap films for sanitary napkins Region Strongest market growth in this region March 17 10

11 Integrated Management System
ISO 9001 : certified Quality Management System ISO 14001:2005 certified Environmental Management System HACCP confirmed Hygiene Management System OHSAS confirmed Work Safety Managment System March 17

12 Integrated Management System
12 Integrated Management System Secure Constant Quality through: REACH and product safety Raw material specifications with selected suppliers Customer oriented and agreed material specifications Process control by inline quality control during production Continuous Improvement through: Daily quality meetings Total Product Management (TPM) Business Excellence: e.g. 6-Sigma, 5S Customer Complaint Management System (CCM) March 17

13 Summary Acquisition of leading Brazilian hygienic films manufacturer
Start-up of Huhtamaki Thailand Improvement of cost position Exciting pipeline of new products Global innovation leader March 17 13

14 Huhtamaki Films production sites
Brazil CAMAÇARI GROUP May 2011 Huhtamaki Films production sites March 17 14

15 Huhtamaki Films Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Production site and center of excellence in Forchheim, Germany 160 years of experience build our platform for applications in the market segments : Building & Construction Health Care & Pharma Personal Care Pressure Sensitive Specialty Packaging Technical Markets March 17

16 Huhtamaki Films, Germany
Center of Excellence Laboratory Evaluation of chemical formulations and interactions Pilot facility Customer oriented process and application studies March 17

17 Huhtamaki Films, Germany
Capabilities Film production Multilayer blown film Multilayer cast film Simultaneous oriented cast film Film converting Silicone coating, single / double side Embossing (inline & offline) Printing (with inline siliconization) Laminating March 17

18 Huhtamaki Films Inc., USA
18 Huhtamaki Films Inc., USA Production site in Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA) since our platform for applications in the market segments : Building & Construction Pressure Sensitive Personal Care Technical Films Focus on engineered Solventless release films Surface films Strength films March 17 March 17

19 Huhtamaki Films Inc., USA
Blown Films & Silicone Coating Focus on PP films with multi layers and constructions Flat and Embossed films Silicone coating, single/double side March 17

20 Huhtamaki Films Thailand Ltd.
New production site in Samutsakorn, Thailand as platform: To penetrate and grow the hygiene market with printed and siliconized single wrap applications for sanitary napkins and panty liners Greenfield site to factory Completion within 180 days Built up area approx. 2,000 sqm Full production 2012 with mio sqm capacity Hygienic Plant for Hygienic Products March 17 20 20

21 Huhtamaki Films Thailand Ltd.
Capabilities UV-siliconization and flexo print Fully and partial siliconization Synchronized back side print March 17

22 Huhtamaki Filmes Brasil Ltda.
Production site in Camaçari, Brazil as platform: To penetrate and grow the hygiene market in South America With backsheet and single wrap applications for sanitary napkins, baby diapers and incontinence products March 17 22 22

23 Huhtamaki Filmes Brasil Ltda.
Acquisition of the leading Brazil-based hygienic films manufacturer Prisma Pack in September 2011: Complements our global network of production sites Expands our product range Strengthens our ability to serve global key customers from a local supply position Leading position globally in films for hygiene applications March 17 23 23

24 24 Thank you! March 17

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