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Building Confidence Notes

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1 Building Confidence Notes
The 10 “Planks” of confidence

2 Three Things to Remember
Stage Fright feels worse than it looks. The audience is on your side. Remember, public speaking is the #1 fear so they DON’T want to be in your shoes. Your speech is not a performance. It’s a sharing of information.

3 C is for CONTENT Have facts and information in your speech.
It’s not just about your opinion. Be able to back up what you say. Why does this build confidence? Because you know what you are talking about is acurate.

4 O is for ORGANIZATION Put your speech in outline form at least one day in advance. Do not write your speech out word for word but make sure your information is in the correct order and neat.

5 N is for NOTES Put your speech outline on a note card and have the note card ready for delivery. Don’t put too many words on the card. Don’t have too many cards. Don’t READ the cards. Glance only.

6 F is for FRIENDLINESS Smile!  Guess what? The audience will smile back and that will ease your stage fright. Convey a positive attitude by using appropriate body language.

7 I is for Impression It is a fact that 55% of what the audience thinks of you is decided before you ever open your mouth. That means they are looking at your body language: posture, facial expression, level of energy and enthusiasm, etc. So, dress and groom appropriately and be POSITIVE.

8 D is for DEDICATION Practice, practice, practice! Practice out loud.
Practice in front of the mirror. Practice your gestures and platform movement. Practice in front of a friend or family member (make eye contact too!). Use imaging.

9 E is for EMPATHY Know your audience and speak to their interests.
Use vocabulary they understand. Choose topics they to which they can relate.

10 N is for NEWNESS Be original in your speech.
Supplement your speech with stories, quotes, facts, statistics, visual aids (pictures, objects, etc.). Not having newness is like not having salt on your French fries...rather dull.

11 C is for CONVICTION Choose to speak about what you believe, about topics that are important to you as well as your audience. Knowing and liking your topic makes you more confident and more interesting. Be passionate about your topic.

12 E is for Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is directed energy. Your energy should be directed toward showing your audience that you are happy to be speaking to them. That means: Smile Positive body language Straight posture Project voice

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