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P ERSUASIVE S PEECHES E FFECTS OF T ECHNOLOGY ON THE Y OUTH T ODAY United States History Ms. Girbal Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

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2 P ERSUASIVE S PEECHES E FFECTS OF T ECHNOLOGY ON THE Y OUTH T ODAY United States History Ms. Girbal Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 W ARM - UP (2-12-15) “I HAVE A D REAM ” M ARTIN L UTHER K ING J R. Some things to consider… What are the words that stand out as you hear and read this speech? What do you feel when you read and hear this speech? What do think Martin Luther King Jr.’s message was about? Did you get his message/ point across? How did he do it?

4 W HAT IS A PERSUASIVE E SSAY ? A persuasive speech is a specific type of speech in which the speaker has a goal of convincing the audience to accept his or her point of view. The speech is arranged in such a way as to hopefully cause the audience to accept all or part of the expressed view.

5 GUIDELINES & STANDARDS A successful persuasive speech should… open with a clear statement of the issue and your opinion be geared to the audience you’re trying to persuade provide facts, examples, statistics, and reasons to support your opinion answer opposing views show clear reasoning end with a strong restatement of your opinion or a call to action A successful presenter should… convey enthusiasm and confidence stand with good, but relaxed, posture and make eye contact with the audience include gestures and body language to enhance the presentation incorporate visual aids effectively Delivery

6 W HAT IS E VIDENCE ? A body of facts or information offered as proof that a belief or statement is true Types of evidence Statistics Quotes from experts Personal experiences Anecdotal (stories) Studies Surveys

7 Steps for Planning and Drafting Your Speech 1. Clarify your position. How do you feel about the issue and why? 2. Find support for your position. What research will you have to do to back up your case? Where can you find that information? Which evidence will help you make your point most effectively? 3. Identify your audience. What do your listeners already know about the issue? What is their stand on it?

8 Steps for Planning and Drafting Your Speech 4. Consider how to grab your listeners’ attention. What startling statistics, amusing anecdotes, or intriguing questions can you use to hook your audience at the beginning? 5. Decide how to present your arguments? How can you organize your arguments so they have the greatest impact? Do you want to begin with the argument your audience will probably agree with and move to more controversial points? Would starting with the strongest argument—or ending with it—work better?

9 2 Practicing and Delivering Your Speeches The best way to practice your speech is to present it aloud—again and again. Try speaking in front of a mirror so you can evaluate and improve your posture, gestures, eye contact, and use of visual aids. You might tape-record a practice session so you can critique your voice quality and effectiveness.

10 Steps for Delivering Your Speech 1. Use your voice effectively. Speak loudly enough to be heard, but vary your pitch and tone. 2. Maintain eye contact. Look directly at a member of the audience while you speak, moving your eyes from person to person.

11 Steps for Delivering Your Speech 3. Incorporate gestures and facial expressions. Let your emotions show in your face—particularly in your eyes and mouth. 4. Use visual aids. Organize your information into charts, graphs, or drawings that will reinforce your message. Make sure your materials are large enough and clear enough that everyone in the audience can read them.

12 Y OUR A SSIGNMENT … Put together a persuasive speech on whether you think technology is more BENEFITCIAL or HARMLFUL to the youth today. Rules and guidelines You need to have at least 2 reasons as you why you believe what you believe You must use at least 2 pieces of evidence to support each of your reasons= 4 piece of evidence You speech needs to be between 2-3 minutes You will be typing up your speech You will be presenting your speech to the class next week on Wednesday (February 18 th ) You do NOT need to memorize

13 W HAT WILL YOU BE GRADED ON ? Content of you speech Did you favor one side? Did you present your reasons for picking your side? Do you have evidence to back up your reasons? Presentation Delivery of your speech- did you use your voice effectively? Did you use hand gestures? Facial expressions? Eye contact Engaging the audience Keeping to the assigned time (between 2-3 minutes)

14 C LASSWORK AND H OMEWORK (2/12/15) Brainstorm on the topic Which side are you going to take on the effects of technology on the youth today? I think/ believe that technology is more BENEFITCIAL than harmful to the youth today I think/ believe that technology is more HARMFUL than beneficial to the youth today What are the two reasons? Start looking for evidence to support your reasons (articles, facts, quotes from experts, person experiences) Bring in your completed Persuasive essay map to class on Tuesday and we are going to start writing your speeches.

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