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AIGA Risk Reward conference San Francisco Oct. 6-8.

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1 AIGA Risk Reward conference San Francisco Oct. 6-8

2 Keynote Speaker: Frank Gehry

3 The iterative process of design demands involvement from the client Celebrate the dialogueScare the client

4 Keynote Speaker: Frank Gehry Have the risk become a creative virus Collaboration. It moves him further than he could by himself

5 Ayes Birsel: The future of the workplace Intersected with design is team building to incorporate: passion, egalitarianism, and respect.

6 Ayse Birsel: The future of the workplace Beginning of exploration: Making abstract models Demonstrating ideas is the best way to explain new ones Make it simple, make it economical

7 Ayse Birsel: The future of the workplace Momentum = Participation x Velocity Have design move fast In collaborating, you give freedom to the design

8 Ayse Birsel: Resolve Design is a balance between exploiting our expertise and exploring the diversity of possibilities.

9 Laura Guido Clark: Colors, Finishes and Automobiles Start from the beginning and throw out all pre-conceived notions Walk a mile in the customers shoes; see things from their eyes Look for input from magazines, museums, nature, anywhere

10 Hillary Billings: Brand Building

11 W Hotels, high-tech style, service and comfort Red Envelope Pottery Barn Boutique Hotels known for their style and comfort: sheets, accoutrements, amenities, flair Evolution from Captures the emotion of giving gifts. Catalogue re-designed first. Site design followed suite.

12 P Kelly Mooney: Understanding The Online Consumer Universal demands for creating successful relationships from users to a brand …

13 P Kelly Mooney: The Ten Demandments 01. Earn my trust. (8 seconds to endanger trust.) 02. Make it easy. (Make it fast.) 03. Put me in charge. (Empowerment.) 04. Play fair. 05. Inspire me. (Think dimensionally.) 06. Listen to me. 07. Overdeliver. 08. Stay with me. 09. Get to know me. 10. Remember me. More on the 10 Demandments

14 What happens when you break the 10 Demandments? Took the wrong Risks. Ignored Bandwidth.

15 37 signals: E-Normicom Nametron 3000 37 Nothing says innovation and cutting-edge like having a curved swoosh in your logo

16 Final thoughts… Ask questions Carry a sketchbook Tell good stories Play well together Create relationships Earn Trust Make eye contactMaster ChaosObserve life

17 So… What risks did we take?

18 Sampled Mysterious micro-brews Risk: Feeling bloated Reward: Newfound appreciation for Old Style

19 So… What risks did we take? Took pictures from a moving trolley Risk: Losing Arm to oncoming traffic Reward: Did not lose arm

20 So… What risks did we take? Networked while meditating Risk: Blurring the lines between Schmoozing & Zen Reward: Good Karma for everyone

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