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Team Handball Team Sports 1.

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1 Team Handball Team Sports 1

2 HISTORY Although its popularity spans the globe, the Olympic sport of team handball is just emerging in the United States and often suffers an identity crisis. Most of the world calls the game "handball," but in the U.S. there is already another game with that name. Participants and spectators alike enjoy the fast continuous play, the body contact and the goalie saves as both teams -- each of which are composed of 6 court players and a goalie -- use their natural athletic skills of running, jumping, throwing and catching. Team Handball had its origins in Europe in the late 1920s, about the same time basketball was developing in the United States, and today enjoys great popularity throughout the world.

3 HISTORY The International Handball Federation (IHF) consists of 136 member nations and 12 million registered players. A men's Handball competition was included on the Olympic calendar at the Munich Games in 1972, after a 34 year absence, followed by the inclusion of women's competition in the Games in Montreal. During this past quadrennial, the U.S. Women won the Pan American Games and finished 8th in the Olympic Games in Atlanta. The U.S. men finished 4th in the Pan American Games and a very respectable 9th versus an excellent field in Atlanta.


Goals Pinnies

6 HOW TO PLAY There are 6 court players and 1 goalie
Game begins with a center throw-off, aka, throw-on determined by a coin toss Regulation game length is 2-30 minute halves A player scores by shooting the ball into a goal Each score is worth 1 point Change of possession every time a team scores The game is won by the team with the most points after time has expired

7 TEAM HANDBALL SAFETY In a regulation game of Team Handball players need to wear proper athletic shoes and clothing Players need to be aware of all surroundings making sure to not come into contact with another player Make sure Team Handball court is free of debris, for example, any water spills Practice proper communication, for example, speaking loud enough for teammates to hear offensive or defensive strategies.

Putting the ball back into play after it has crossed one of the sidelines. Both feet must be touching the surface outside the sideline. The throw may be made by one or two hands in any matter. The method of putting the ball in play at the start of the game and after a goal is scored

9 SHOOTING A scoring attempt made when a player reaches the throwing arm parallel above shoulder and snaps the wrist and gathers power from the lower arm by jumping into the air and releasing the shot for the goal.

10 DEFENDING The process of preventing the other team from scoring; using the body to block or screen players, with raised arms to guard and block shots, while maintaining position between attacker and the goal

11 PENALTY THROW A shot attempted by any offensive player when that player is prevented from making a clear goal scoring chance by a foul or unsportsmanlike conduct from another player

12 FREE THROW A throw awarded to the opposing team when the other team is in violation of certain rules of the game

13 REFEREE’S THROW A ball bounced by the referee to restart the game after simultaneous infractions by members of both teams and when a game is interrupted

14 GOAL AREA LINE Arc (usually 6m out) around goal that only the goalie can be in. Players may jump into area to shoot, provided they shoot before landing.

15 7M LINE Line for free throw after a major penalty, creates one-on-one with goalie.

16 9M LINE Is also called the free throw line. Is the closest a free throw can occur from if an infraction occurs between the goal area and the 9m line. All other free throws are taken at the point of the foul.

Throwing the ball to another player in a variety of ways CHEST PASS BOUNCE PASS A two handed pass that begins from the chest A two handed pass that bounces once before reaching the intended player OVERHEAD PASS A two-handed pass that begins over the head; usually done with force

18 A one armed overhand pass
PASSES BASEBALL PASSES SIDEARM PASS A one armed overhand pass Similar to baseball pass except ball is released three quarters to the side to avoid defender

19 One handed or two handed underhand pass
PASSES SHOVEL PASSES HANDOFF PASS One handed or two handed underhand pass Similar to quarterback handing ball off to a running back in football. Receiver forms a pocket for the ball

The ball is simply rolled along the floor to a teammate when all other passing lanes are blocked Player jumps over or around defender to throw ball baseball style to another player

21 PASSES CORNER THROW When the offense puts the ball in play after ball goes out of bounds by the defense

22 GOAL When the entire ball crosses the goal line inside the goal; a goal may be scored from any throw (free- throw, throw-in, throw-off, and goal-throw). All goals are worth one (1) point (Scoring)

23 PASSIVE PLAY An illegal attempt to keep the ball in a team's possession without making a recognizable attempt to attack and to try to score (free-throw awarded to the other team)

24 Used when the goalkeeper is out away from the goal
TYPES OF SHOTS JUMP SHOT LOB SHOT The most popular shot because a player may jump from beyond the goal area and is allowed to land inside the goal area, as long as he/she throws the ball before landing Used when the goalkeeper is out away from the goal

A simple throw from a standing position. Set shots are also used for all penalty shots. One on one with the goalkeeper. The shooter must stand with both feet behind the penalty line and keep one foot stationary during the shot.

The only player allowed in the goal area. He/she may defend in anyway except he/she can only use feet and leg below knee line when the ball is coming towards the goal. Member of the handball team actually playing on the court, except the goalie.

27 DRIBBLE The skill of bouncing the ball and moving forward. After dribbling a player is allowed 3 steps and 3 seconds to throw or shot the ball

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