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Intramural Volleyball captain’s meeting

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1 Intramural Volleyball captain’s meeting
Presented by the TCNJ Intramural Department

2 Intramural Staff Deborah Simpson
Director of Intramurals and Club Sports Ed Dean Assistant Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator Anthony Johnson Intramural Assistant Scott Wagenblast Intramural Assistant

3 T-Shirt Color Policy Teams are required to wear color-coordinated shirts for their athletic contests Scrimmage vests will be given out if two teams are wearing the same color

4 Roster Form Rosters will be accessed on
Captains can manager their rosters from their team site All participants must create an account on IMleagues. In order to play in the playoffs, all team members must be on the official roster before then! Teammates can be added to the roster at game time Make sure all contact information is correct! If we cannot contact a team representative you may miss important information and subject to forfeiture

5 Insurance Students are required to have health insurance in order to participate in Intramurals

6 Proper Attire No jewelry of any kind! Soft casts are permitted
This includes necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, rubber bands, nose rings, belly rings, etc. Jewelry cannot be taped down No bare feet, flip flops, or open-toed shoes Soft casts are permitted Knee braces are permitted with protective covering and approved by the on-site Intramural Supervisor

7 Captain’s Responsibilities
Inform team of intramural rules Available online at Proper sign-in with intramural supervisor 15-30 minutes before game TCNJ ID card: No Exceptions!! Team schedules, standings, rules, rankings, updates, photos, announcements will be available on website Team captains will be ed or called for special circumstances (cancellations, forfeits, etc.) Will be posted online first, so check before calling WEATHER CANCELLATIONS CAPTAINS WILL BE NOTIFIED

8 Leagues Men’s A (Competitive) Men’s B (Recreational) Women’s
Co-Recreational (Co-ed) Participants can only play on one (1) like gender-team and a Co-Rec team Ex. Male can only play on a Men’s A team and a Co-Rec team, not on both a Men’s A and Men’s B teams

9 Volleyball Season Season will start Monday, March 4th
Games will be played Monday and Wednesday, 7-11pm All games played at Student Rec Center Teams may play 1-2 games per week Captains will be notified and ed when schedule is available Please arrive minutes early to sign in for your game

10 Forfeits Entry fees ($25) can be turned tonight at the Captain’s meeting No Cash! Checks payable to The College of New Jersey

11 Eligibility All students, faculty, and staff may participate in the Intramural program. A student is defined as a person enrolled in The College of New Jersey that is paying a student activity fee. All part-time students and non-matriculated students who have been assessed an activity fee are eligible to participate. Faculty/Staff members may organize their own teams. However, they may play on the same team with students as well. Teams using illegal players will be suspended!

12 Eligibility Ex-Varsity players will be permitted to participate in intramurals under the following guidelines: An ex-Varsity player is defined as any player who won a varsity letter In the A-league only 3 ex-Varsity players will be allowed per team Players who participated in varsity sports more than 5 years ago are not considered varsity athletes any more Individuals who are participating in a collegiate sport for the current season will be ineligible to participate in that intramural sport

13 Protests PROTESTS INVOLVING JUDGEMENT CALLS BY AN OFFICIAL WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! A protest can only be made based on rule interpretation or player eligibility. All rules can be found on the Intramural webpage. Protest must be put into writing and sent to Intramural Director and Assistant within 24 hours of the contest.

14 Player Ejection Participants who are ejected from their contest must meet with the Intramural Director and Assistant Coordinator before they are allowed to play in another contest Penalty can range from sitting out halves/games and suspension of a specified date

15 Volleyball Rules Each team shall consist of 6 players. Players rotate clockwise. A match consists of the best 2 out of 3 games. Games are played with rally scoring (point awarded on each play) with the first two games going to 25 with a cap of 30 points The 3rd game will be played to15 points. After that points a team must win by 2 points. A point shall be called when the receiving team fails to return the ball legally to the opponents court. The captains shall toss for service and courts. The winner of the toss may elect to take first service or the court. The teams will switch courts at the end of each game of the same match.

16 Volleyball Rules Honesty in officiating makes the game more enjoyable for all. Keep the game moving. Anyone playing or assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be ejected from the game a subject to suspension for one calendar year from all intramural and recreation activities.

17 Volleyball Rules Serve shall be made by the back right player who must stand with both feet behind the right back line of the court. The ball must be served over the net into the opponents court with one hand (open or closed). When a served ball touches the net, passes under the net, or touches any player, surface, or object before entering the opponents court, a side-out shall be called. The ball is out of bounds when it touches any surface or object outside of court. The ball striking the boundary line shall be considered good.

18 Volleyball Rules Any ball other than a serve may be played from the net, providing the player avoids touching the net. When a ball momentarily comes to rest in the hands or arms of a player and is not clearly hit he shall be considered as catching or holding the ball. A player may only touch the ball once until another player has played it, unless the individual contacts the ball simultaneously with another player. Players may not touch the net under any circumstances.

19 Co-Rec Rules A maximum of 6 players may be on the floor at one time. The recommended number of males is 3 and females is 3. At least 3 females must be on the court at all times. A female must touch the ball before it can be returned over the net. No spiking or blocking a served ball.

20 Free Agents If you do not have a team, please meet down front.
Captains who need additional players, please meet down front as well.

21 Thank You! Best of luck this season! Feel free to contact the Intramural Department at any time during the season.

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