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By: Maeghann Alexander

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1 By: Maeghann Alexander
Parody of Nike ad. By: Maeghann Alexander

2 Parody of Nike ad. You’re running because you want that raise, to be all you can be, but it’s not easy when you work sixty hours a week making sneakers in a Indonesian factory and your friends disapear when they ask for a raise. So think globally before you decide it’s so cool to wear Nike.

3 Pathos When you see this ad what emotion strikes you?
Will this ad effect your decision to buy Nike?

4 Pathos This photo makes me angry and sad when I see it. You look at the product like Nike and you think they are cool shoes that are stylish and comfy, but nobody looks at the lives of those who make them. It make me sad because this photo gives me inside on those peoples life, not making much money at all. I will definetely think twice before I buy Nike. I don’t want to fund this shoe if the people who make them struggle to make a living.

5 Ethos Adbusters campaign “aniti sneakers”

6 Proportion Proportion matters:
Did you notice how her feet are in the foreground while her body is in the background? Some words are bold are different colors. These are the important words the words that makes us think. The girl in this ad is barefoot. Why is she not wearing shoes? Is this for a reason?

7 Proportion In my opinion the girl isn’t wearing shoes because she is going against Nike. She is not going to promote something that is so selfish.

8 Parody of Nike ad. Adbuster challenges Nikes vision of “cool”.
Key concepts in this picture being running, work, and being cool. Do you agree with Adbusters campaign do you think they are making a difference on peoples outlooks about Nike?

9 Parody of Nike ad. I completely agree with this campaign. It has made me do some serious thinking about my vision of cool. The shoes might look cool on the outside but the story behind them makes me not want to wear them.

10 So What? This picture is important because it sends a message. It makes us think of our vision of cool. It ask us to look at the difference between the laborer and the fit person. It gives us incite on the people who make these “cool” shoes.

11 Interesting Fact. Rhetorical Vision by: Wendy Hesford has a shocking picture that is also appart of the Parody of Nike campaign. It states every shoe Nike sells that Nike makes $250 and the sweatshop makes 83 cents.

12 Interesting Fact

13 Parody of Nike ad Whats your vision of cool?

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